A year ago, well-known Punta Rock artist, Supa G, stopped by 7News to promote his 14th album. Well, the General is back again, tonight, and he's announcing to the public that he's releasing #15.

What's different about this one is that it is his first full Spanish cross-over CD, complete with 11 songs, aimed at capturing the Latin American music lovers at home and from the neighboring countries. Here's how he explained "Una Noche Mas", and why you will enjoy it even if you don't understand a word of Spanish:

Supa G, Punta Rock artist
"I am releasing a brand new album "Una Noche Mas." It's my first Spanish Punta album because all the countries in Central America around us speak Spanish. I thought that was one of the best ways to get to these Latin people that may not really listen to the English or Creole Punta album that I have done. This is one of the best ways to do it in their language."

"Una Noche Mas" that's the title track for the album. "Una Noche Mas" is a song about a love story - talks about one more night. I am asking the girl to give me just one more night, so we can try work out the relationship."

"I had some people listen to this in Chicago and Los Angeles, we are talking about Garinagu and Creole people who don't understand a word on this album and they love it already. They really love the album. I think you don't need to understand what it is saying but the rhythm - this Punta drive on this album is awesome."

Supa G officially releases the album tomorrow at an event planned in San Ignacio. He plans to provide copies to all major music stores, and it is available for download via the ITunes Store.

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