Negotiations between the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association and the Belize Sugar Industries resumed today in Orange Walk but were then immediately suspended. The negotiations are in relation to a new commercial agreement between BSI and BSCFA and in relation to a payment to cane farmers for the use of bagasse by BSI and Belize Cogeneration Energy Limited, BELCOGEN. According to the association, to date provisional agreement has been reached in relation to some areas of the new commercial agreement. But in the case of the payment of bagasse, the association says that BSIís negotiating team is firm in not making any payments and so the association has requested in writing that BSIís negotiating team submit BSCFAís proposal for payment of bagasse to BSIís principals with the hope that BSIís negotiating team be instructed to negotiate some payment for the bagasse. When both parties met today, BSI still did not respond in writing to BSCFAís request. As a result, BSCFA requested a suspension of these negotiations, and also requested that BSI submit a response to BSCFAís request by this Friday to determine if and when negotiations would resume.