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Today's Belize News: October 1, 2013 #473749
10/01/13 06:06 AM
10/01/13 06:06 AM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP


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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 5
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

San Pedro Town resident critical following stabbing incident
Authorities on Ambergris Caye are investigating a stabbing incident which has a man in critical condition at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH). The victim is 29-year-old Elbert Swift also known as DJ Chabo, a resident of San Marcos Area. The incident occurred shortly after 6PM on Friday September 27th on Barrier Reef Drive in San Pedro Town. According to San Pedro Police, Swift was standing at the corner of Barrier Reef Drive and Black Coral Street in front of an internet café when he was approached by a male person of dark complexion. The person was learnt to be Javiel Hamilton also known as Blackhenoh, a Jamaican artist living on Ambergris Caye. It is alleged that Hamilton approached Swift and an argument ensued ending in a fight.

Lions Roar
Authorities on Ambergris Caye are investigating a stabbing incident which has a man in critical condition at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH). The victim is 29-year-old Elbert Swift also known as DJ Chabo, a resident of San Marcos Area. The incident occurred shortly after 6PM on Friday September 27th on Barrier Reef Drive in San Pedro Town. According to San Pedro Police, Swift was standing at the corner of Barrier Reef Drive and Black Coral Street in front of an internet café when he was approached by a male person of dark complexion. The person was learnt to be Javiel Hamilton also known as Blackhenoh, a Jamaican artist living on Ambergris Caye. It is alleged that Hamilton approached Swift and an argument ensued ending in a fight. According to police during the fight Hamilton pulled out a sharp object and inflicted a stab wound at Hamilton and fled the scene. He returned a few minutes later and ran towards Swift with a small knife and inflicted two more stab wounds then ran into an alley off Barrier Reef Drive, making good his escape.

Ambergris Today

Paint Belize Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month!
The month of October is observed as Breast Cancer Awareness Month and this year the office of the Special Envoy for Women and Children is embarking on a national awareness campaign called Paint Belize Pink. To bring heightened attention to breast cancer, households and particularly businesses are being asked to put pink light bulbs and/or decorations outside their buildings in a show of solidarity with cancer patients. This campaign is to send a message to cancer survivors, persons battling with the illness and those who have lost loved ones, that they are not alone in their struggle. All Belizeans are encouraged to light a pink candle in honor of those who have lost their lives; light the outside of homes and businesses with pink bulbs in a show of solidarity with those still battling cancer and to wear a pink ribbon in celebration of those who have survived.

Pic of the Week: Island Surfer Boys Enjoying Island Life
Here is another follow up to last week’s picture of the week – Enjoying the Simple Things in Life. Two island surfer boys having a blast enjoying the last day in September. A hot day indeed, but what better way to cool off than jumping into the cool waters of the Caribbean Sea - Island life at its best. – photo by Gerry Badillo

Teen Talk: Working on your Self Esteem
In this week’s Teen Talk I want to talk about self-esteem as low self-esteem is very common in teens. There are some people who view themselves as ugly, fat, etc. It is true that it is more common in girls than in guys but that does not mean there aren’t boys that feel the same way. So what are some causes for low self-esteem? Well, in my personal opinion it would be bullying. There are a lot of people who would tease you with different hurtful things; some examples would be someone calls you fat, ugly or dumb. Also, the bullying is not always from your class mates or from people that go to school with you, a lot of teasing especially about weight come from your own family. They may not even notice that they are actually hurting your feelings; they probably only want to make a quick joke.

Misc Belizean Sources

Benque HoC Duodecennial Anniversary
The Art Fiesta for the Benque HoC's 12th anniversary was this weekend. The Institute for Social and Cultural Research got some good pictures. "Benque House of Culture (NICH) celebrated their Duodecennial Anniversary with an Art Fiesta and Latin Musical Concert this past Saturday. Various artisans showcasde their work and products. Various musical performances included the Benque Viejo Marching, the Benque Marimba Academy, Caracol Group and Rompe Rajas Band. Here are a few shots! Institute of Archaeology (NICH) Belize"

UB Patriotic Day
September is over, so here's one last album from the September Celebrations. The University of Belize had their Patriotic Day celebrations, and they recognized some outstanding patriots, and had poetry, song, and dress competitions. "Two Belizeans were recognised for being outstanding patriots at the University of Belize Annual Patriotic Day held on September 18, at the Jaguar Auditorium, Belmopan. They are Mrs. Arcadia Carillo, who served Belize for 55 years as a teacher. The other recipient of this prestigious award was Rowan Garel for inspiring others through his accomplishments towards making Belize a better country for the visually impaired. Both patriots were presented with plaques by the Deputy Mayor of Belmopan City Council, Mr. Joel Westby."

Candlelight Vigil at Cayo Welcome Center
The Purple Movement will have a candlelight vigil and walk at the Cayo Welcome Center Wednesday evening. Please go out and show your support for their cause. "We ask that everyone who attends bring their own candles and also wear purple and/or purple ribbon in solidarity of the cause. Feel free to bring along banners of your organization or any other memorabilia from other murder victims of criminal injustice. The Candle Walk will be start infront of the Welcome center, down to Hudson street, across the Hawkesworth Bridge, divert infront of the Social Security Building, onto GeorgePrice Avenue, across the small wooden bridge and back to the Welcome Center where a short service along with musical entertainment and presentations will be made."

Supa G at the Cayo Welcome Center
Supa G had his Una Noche Mas album launch at the Cayo Welcome Center Friday night, and it was standing room only. Great turn out and a great time was had by all. "Downtown was jumping last night. The largest crowd ever at the Cayo Welcome Center. Supa G had his Una Noche Mas album launch."

Roots Wraps and Smoothies Opens Today
Roots Wraps and Smoothies is open for business as of today. They'll be delivery only during lunch for the first few weeks, but will be expanding soon after. They'll deliver a healthy lunch right to you around Cayo. Looks like their juices are awesome too. Call 666-2889 to order. "Our juices are ready to go! * Carrot , Orange & Ginger * Clove Spiced Sorrel & Beet * Cucumber, Lime & Mint * Tamarind, Green Tea & Honey * Coconut Watermelon * Each Only $4.00"

Channel 7

Hon. Hulse Says Penner Was “Aggressive” In Pursuing Passports
On Friday night we told you about the blockbuster email that UDP Cayo northeast representative Elvin Penner sent to 7News. He told us that he'd been tricked by an impersonator to fast track a passport for Won Hong Kim. To quote, Penner, he says, quote, "having seen the picture who is said to be Wonhong Kim on the news…it has become clear to me that the person for whom I signed the application for could never have been Mr. Wonhong Kim. I can only assume that he was impersonating Mr. Wonhong Kim." It's one heck of a claim and Penner says he knew the man he helped, quote, "through business trips, even before I entered politics," He entered politics in 2007, but on the application he signed Penner says he knew Won Hong Kim for three years - which would go back to 2010 - so that's a major inconsistency. Penner says, quote, "The picture on the nationality document he presented to me, the Korean passport that he had with him and the passport size pictures that I also signed did not raise any suspicion since they were all of the same person. The person whom I knew as Mr. Kim."

Mayor Discusses Fate Of Deputy Chang
And while Penner's prints are all over the case of Citizen Kim, not so for UDP Deputy Mayor of Belize City Eric Chang. As we've reported, credible information from multiple sources tells us that he is the arranger of the passport for Won Hong Kim. Chang, a Taiwanese by birth is known to have business contact there, and is finishing up a three week trip to that country. He is scheduled to return on Thursday - and when he does, Mayor Darrell Bradley will be waiting for him. Today Bradley said his Deputy will have some tough questions to answer:.. Mayor Darrell Bradley "Let me say this that we have really emphasized the issue of accountability and transparency at City Hall. We will deal with this very severely and we will also deal with it very appropriately." "There is an investigation going on. Counselor Chang who is our Deputy Mayor is not in the country. He is due back in the country on October 3rd. When he comes into the country I will immediately have a conference with him, I will raise the issue with him, and I will get what his response is. I am awaiting a copy of the report that is being done in terms of the investigation from Immigration and based on those two things; speaking with Councilor Chang and the report from the investigation, and then we will take very swift and decisive action depending on the evidence."

Death Threats Made To Min Of Health CEO For Investigation Into Missing Money
And while this immigration scandal is still buzzing - the Ministry of Health is putting the brakes on an investigation into financial irregularities at the Southern Regional Hospital. That's after the CEO in the ministry of health Peter Allen received a death threat at his office today! Allen told us that he got a call this morning from someone identifying himself as "Mike Moss". He told Allen that he should calla press conference tomorrow to say that all the accounts at Southern Regional have been investigated and are in perfect order. Allen said he couldn't do that - and the caller told him that he must not want to live and that if he didn't he would be dead by the end of the week - and that there was a hit out on him. Allen received the call on his cell phone, and the number calling him matched the number of a call made to one of his ministry's financial officers the week before. In that case, the officer was called by a Mike Williams, who said he was from SIF and wanted to come to her home to do a survey. Another senior finance officer also got a call at the ministry last week. So, very quickly what was a routine internal investigation has gotten very dangerous for the Ministry of Health - and Allen says that's enough to make them stop. He says he has called the Financial Secretary to ask him to send in the Accountant General turning it from an internal to an external investigation.

Phillipina Female And American Man Killed In Roaring Creek
Tonight there is a double murder to report on that happened in the Another World Area in the village of Roaring Creek. The murders happened in a specific area known as "The Fall" about 100 yards away from a feeder road behind the Guanacaste Park. It involves a 25 year old female Philippina identified as Alry Rose Sardido and an American male, David Reichel. Sardido's body was discovered at around 11:30 on Saturday morning and pulled out the creek by 3 young men of the village who went for a swim that day. One of those men is currently detained as a suspect by police. Sardido was observed with a swelling on the centre of her forehead, abrasions to the upper right side of the head and the right side of the temple. A police search team was operating in the area looking for a second person after neighbours told police that Sardido was not alone that day. At about midday today, 2 days later, Reichel's body was found. Assistant Superintendent of Police and officer commanding Belmopan Police Station - Sinquest Martinez told us today that police believe the motive of the double murders is robbery. ASP Sinquest Martinez - OC, Belmopan Police "On Saturday around 11:30am Belmopan police responded to a creek in Roaring Creek Village where they saw a female person that was on the bank of the Roaring Creek river apparently dead. She was subsequently transported to the Belmopan Hospital where she was pronounced dead on arrival."

Guatemalan Killed In Jalacte
There was also a murder in Jalacte Village this weekend - that's the southern village in the Toledo District that borders Guatemala. It happened on Friday when a Guatemalan man turned up dead at the home of 61 year old Jalacte Villager Fernando Sacul. Sacul - who is himself a Guatemalan - allowed two of his countrymen - whom he barely knew - to pass the night at his home on Friday. SACUL left the home and when he came back only one of the men was there, and he told Sacul police had arrested the other man. But the next morning, Sacul's dogs started making a ruckus and when he checked the body of the next man had been thrown into some bushes. Jalacte is an unregulated border crossing and Belizeans and Guatemala move freely from one country to the other.

Catholic Teachers Skip School Because Ministry Didn’t Pay Them
Today all Roman Catholic School Teachers in the Orange Walk district took a holiday. They're protesting because they didn't get paid as they should have on Friday. Apparently, there's a glitch in the system - caused by incomplete information sent to the ministry form the schools management. That stopped the payment at treasury which could not reconcile information with only a few teachers who had come off study leave and were going to full pay. But those few omissions stopped the pay for all catholic school primary teachers countrywide. A very major glitch - and today Minister Patrick Faber told the media that it's been worked out:... Hon. Patrick Faber, Minister of Education "Apparently what had happed is there are some teachers who were on study leave collecting 80% of their pay and so on and the submission from the management to the ministry for their payroll was to bring up some of these people back to 100% after completing their study leave. That required of course permission from the Teaching Services Commission and that permission was never sought. There was a check by our ministry, but it wasn't caught. It was submitted to the Treasury and the Treasury caught the problem and sent it back." "We had to send it back to the management and tell them that they need to get the permission from the Teaching Services Commission to get them added on."

Woman Cut Up In Domestic Dispute
So far tonight we've already told you about three homicides in Roaring Creek and Camalote. Well, there could have been another coming out of Roaring Creek after a woman was seriously injured in a domestic dispute. She is in the Intensive Care Unit at the Western Regional Hospital after she was viciously stabbed and her throat was cut by her fiance. The incident happened on Saturday night in Roaring Creek village. Joanne Longsworth was sleeping inside her home with her two young children when she was attacked by 31 year old Steven Gentle. According to police it was a domestic dispute. But family members told 7news that Longsworth was to marry Gentle but had cancelled the wedding and the relationship because of his abusive and possessive ways. Today Steven gentle was charged with Attempted Murder in Belmopan. ASP Sinquest Martinez - OC, Belmopan Police "Something likewise happened Saturday night in Roaring Creek village where this female Joanne Longsworth was cut to her throat and had several injuries because of a domestic abuse."

He Burgled Hon. Hulse’s Warehouse
2 weeks ago, 7News told you about Minister Godwin Hulse's warehouse being burglarized. Well the man who has been charged for it is 23 year old Marcus Mejia, a laborer from Boston Village. As we told you, Hulse reported to police that sometime between 11 p.m. on Thursday September 12 and 8:30 a.m. on Friday, September 13, someone broke into his warehouse at his home on the Western Highway and stole 1 welding machine, 6 electric motors and 2 blue phase machines, all to a total of $10,000. Police investigated for 2 weeks, and they eventually arrested and charged Mejia with burglary. Today, he was arraigned before Magistrate Clive Lino, who granted him bail of $1,000. His next court date is set for November 18, 2013.

Tourist From N’awlins Had Coke In Her Bra
Tonight, 29-year-old American national, Ashley Bossenmeyer a resident of New Orleans, Louisiana, has returned to her home country with a criminal conviction for drug possession in Belize. That's after she pleaded guilty to possession of cocaine in Magistrate's Court. On Saturday morning, at around 2:15 a.m., she was in the bathroom of Jaguars Nightclub on San Pedro, when a woman police officer decided to conduct a search on her. The officer ended up discovering a transparent plastic bag in the left side of Bossenmeyer's bra. She retrieved it, and inside she found cocaine. The officer escorted both her and the drugs to the San Pedro Police Station where the bag was weighed in her presence, to a total amount of 0.23 grams. As a result, she was arrested and charged with possession of controlled drugs, and she was arraigned today before Magistrate Sherigne Rodriguez. She wasted no time and pleaded guilty to the charge.

CARILED Wants Better Local Gov’t
CARILED, the Caribbean Local Economic Development Project held a Local Governance symposium at the Radisson today. CARILED is a Canadian funded organization dedicated to spurring economic growth in the Caribbean by enabling the environment for small business. Today's event was attended by mayors and municipal government staffers from all over the country and Minister of Local government Godwin Hulse explained what they were there to learn:.. Hon. Godwin Hulse, Minister of Local Government "Many people start businesses, many of them romantic. A lot of them failed because there is no proper structure. We have a good idea, we are excited about it, we run with it and then we crash." "One of the ways we needed to do this was to create an institutional structure to support the small entrepreneur. Today's program is to help to informed elected officials of that role because that way business pay more taxes - the town and city council get more taxes. They are able then to better improve their municipality and so it's a win-win for everybody."

Foreign Minister Addresses UN, Discusses Guatemalan Incursions
Today Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington addressed the 68th general assembly of the United Nations in New York. In his speech he addressed the fact that the Guatemalans backed out of the bi-national referendum - and discussed the pressures that their citizens continue to place on Belize's border. Hon. Wilfred Elrington, Minister of Foreign Affairs "The Guatemalan claim is a constant source of anxiety to our citizens as well to investors in our country. Furthermore, both our territorial and our maritime border regions have been suffering from depravation and environmental degradation in consequence of the wanton and sustained illegal activities of Guatemalan campesinos, fishermen and other criminal elements engaged in narco-trafficking, human trafficking, smuggling, illegal panning for gold, the extraction of xate and other exotic plants and animals, the illegal felling of timber and the pillaging of ancient Maya ruins. The felling of timber in our rainforests are contributing to the denuding of our mountains which result in violent flooding in the rainy season and the transmission of top soil, sand and silt into the sea; these soils are then ultimately deposited into our pristine barrier reef, choking and destroying the fragile eco systems therein."

Hon Speaker Speaks On Finnegan/Baldermaos Garcia Dispute
It didn't make it into Friday night's news - but at Friday's house meeting, Speaker Mike Peyreffitte made a statement on the ugly back and forth between PUP Member for Belize rural Central Dolores Balderamos Garcia and UDP member for Mesopotamia Michael Finnegan. It happened over 6 weeks ago - but Friday was the first house meeting since. Peyrefitte said they both had done wrong:.. Hon. Michael Peyrefitte, Speaker of the House "The member for Belize Rural Central made essentially 3 comments about the Sergeant at Arms. One of them I found to be a legitimate concern and 2 of them unfortunate. The 3rd comment raised by the member for Belize Rural Central concern the Sergeant at Arms drinking a beer within the precincts of the National Assembly and other behaviors." "This I consider to be a legitimate concern for the member for Belize Rural Central if in deed these behaviors were true. I have spoken to the Sergeant at Arms and told him that while I have never seen him behaving inappropriately and no evidence has been brought to me to show that he has - he must make an extra special effort to not even appear to be behaving inappropriately."

Re: Today's Belize News: October 1, 2013 [Re: Marty] #473750
10/01/13 06:06 AM
10/01/13 06:06 AM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP

More News: Scroll up from here

Channel 5

Delay in teachers’ salaries…Ministry says oversight was cause of the hiccup
Primary school teachers across the country, employed under the Catholic Public Schools system, are tonight awaiting the processing of salaries through their respective banks, following a delay in the payment [...]

Teachers in the north stayed at home today; Faber says it was unwarranted
While the hiccup caused a delay in payment, there were teachers from several districts, including Orange Walk, who stayed away from their classrooms today.  Their abstention, says Faber, was unwarranted. [...]

Mayor Darrell Bradley comments on his deputy’s involvement in passport scandal
The current passport scandal involving the fraudulent issuance of an official Belizean travel document to imprisoned South Korean businessman, Kim Wonhong, in Taiwan has seen the dismissal of Cayo Northeast [...]

Update from Minister Hulse on investigation into passport scandal
The media also got an update from the Minister of Immigration himself today on the investigations into the passport scandal. But while Godwin Hulse commended the new and improved systems [...]

Double murder in the west is followed by a late evening killing in Camalote
The relative peace of the capital has been shattered by a double murder which it is believed occurred on Saturday morning. And by four-thirty this afternoon, another murder was reported, [...]

Woman almost killed in a domestic abuse incident in Roaring Creek
Alry Rose Sardido was murdered on Saturday, and later that night another woman from Roaring Creek narrowly escaped the same fate. Just after ten that night Police were called to [...]

Couple injured in traffic mishap on Philip Goldson highway; Javier Moody clings to life
Two persons were injured in a traffic mishap over the weekend in Sand Hill. Nineteen year old Javier Moody and his girlfriend lost control of a motorbike on which they [...]

Marcus Mejia charged for burglarizing Minister’s warehouse
A laborer of Boston Village was today charged for burglarizing the warehouse of Minister Godwin Hulse. Police believe twenty-three year old Marcus Mejia is the man who entered the Minister’s [...]

Foreign Minister Sedi Elrington speak on referenda at UN General Assembly
Belize’s Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington addressed the United Nations General Assembly this morning, where he spoke on the issue of the postponement of the joint referenda which should have been [...]

Belize City Council hosts a local economic development symposium
Today at the Radisson Fort George, municipal leaders gathered for a 2013 Local Governance Symposium being held by the Caribbean Local Economic Development Project. The CARILED Program is designed to [...]

Institute of Archeology receives a donation of equipment
This morning, a very significant donation was made to the Institute of Archaeology…thanks to a project called Making Tourism Benefit Communities Adjacent to Archaeological Sites. One of the objectives of [...]

Highlights of Weekend Sporting Events with James Adderley
Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   The PLB Belikin Cup opened the 2013 season with 3 matches nationwide in the 7 team semi-pro football competition. [...]


Foreign Minister Reports on Issues with Guatemala at the UN Assembly
The United Nations General Assembly continued on its 68th annual session today in New York. The theme for the session is The Post 2015 Development Agenda: Setting the Stage. Belize’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington addressed the general assembly this morning. HON. WILFRED ELRINGTON “At the end of the 1990s most countries were in dire straits as described by Kofi Annan, former UN Secretary General; over sixty percent of the world subsisted on two dollars or less per day; over one billion people were living on less than one dollar per day. Illiteracy was nearly at one billion; eight hundred million were chronically hungry; one in seven people on earth including two hundred million children and one point three million lacked even the most basic health, sanitation and education services. Today, thirteen years later and in the process of implementing the millennium development goals, the score card now reveals that while a minority of countries are showing commendable successes in attaining the millennium development goals, the vast majority of nations are still mired in poverty with scant or no sign of development; in that regard, Mr. President we note the disappointment that the rich countries haven’t even been able to bring themselves to honor their commitment to contribute zero point seven percent of their gross domestic product as official domestic assistance to poor countries and the resources provided by the international and other financial institutions and by private donors fall far short of what is needed by poor countries for the attainment of these laudable and most basic goals.”

Teachers Pay Delayed by Human Elements, Education Minister Says
The Ministry of Education and Catholic Public Schools sent out joint press release on Friday addressing the issue. The release says that although the payroll was submitted on time, there was an unforeseen glitch by the Catholic Public Schools prior to its submission to the Ministry. That glitch was not picked up until the Treasury Department did the final check last week. Whatever the case may be, the teachers did not receive their salary but according to Minister of Education, Patrick Faber, they will do so by tomorrow. Faber says that it was human error but cannot make any promises that it won’t happen again. HON. PATRICK FABER “There are glitches that come at the start of every school year; I think what caused the problem on this occasion was the fact that the management submitted some names that are on study leave receiving only a portion of their salary and now needing to be brought up back to 100% and they did not catch some of these errors fast enough for it to be corrected on time for the payroll for the Roman Catholic Church to be done on time but once these problems were there, I want people to understand that the ministry and the Ministry of Finance through the Treasury worked all weekend in order to try and rectify the problem.

Double Murder Near Waters in Western Belize
What started out as a regular day at the scenic fall area in Roaring Creek Village on Saturday morning for American, David Reichel and Philippino national, Alry-Rose Sardido ended in tragedy when they met their deaths violently. Sardido’s body was the first to be recovered on Saturday. Love News spoke with a village resident who told us off-camera what he saw. RESIDENT “I went to the store and they told me someone had drowned in front of us but we took it as a joke. When my friend and I went down there, we noticed a body on the ground; we went to investigate and I looked at the body and saw that from his neck up to his face was purple; it looked like somebody strangulate the woman; she hadn’t drowned, she was actually choked to death and she had two bumps on her forehead but it look like she got hit on the rail; probably somebody slammed her on the pipe rail.” Meanwhile, the body of the American, David Reichel, was discovered at around eleven this morning a few miles further upstream. Officer Commanding the Belmopan Police Formation, Inspector Sinquest Martinez, told reporters late today what they have gathered so far.

Villager Charged for Burglarizing Government Minister’s Property
Twenty-three year old Marcus Mejia, a laborer of Boston Village who the police believe was one of several persons who broke into the warehouse of Minister of Immigration Godwin Hulse, was charged with burglary when he appeared today in the # 6 Magistrate Court. Mejia pled not guilty to the charge. Magistrate Clive Lino offered him a bail of $8,000 and adjourned his case until November 18. According to the allegation, between September 12 and 13, Mejia and others entered the warehouse, located at mile 10 and a half and stole several electrical items amounting to $10,850.

Was Councillor Eric Chang Involved in Recent Passport Scandal?
The investigation into the passport scandal has been completed, sources say. Love News was made aware that on Friday public officers working in the nationality department were questioned and that the investigation has been completed. The findings of that investigation are currently being put together. So far, former Minister of State, Elvin Penner, has resigned and three public officers working in the immigration department were recommended to be suspended. In the midst of the scandal is Deputy Mayor of Belize City, Eric Chang, who purportedly was the one who facilitated Won Hong Kim to get the Belizean passport. Councilor Chang is in Taiwan and is scheduled to return to Belize on Thursday. But if the case maybe that Eric Chang is involved, will he be disassociated from the city council? Mayor Darrell Bradley says that as soon as Chang returns to the country, both of them will have a serious talk. MAYOR DARRELL BRADLEY “We have made requests for materials and we understand that they are producing a report in relation to the investigation. Councilor Chang is coming back into the country on October 3 and I am going to have a very serious conversation with him in relation to what his role is and based on the investigation and the response that he makes, we will take very serious and decisive action in dealing with the situation.

Tourist Busted in Night Club with Suspected Narcotic
Twenty-nine year old American tourist Ashley Rose Bossenmeyer, charged with the possession of point 23 grams of cocaine, pled guilty to possession of a controlled drug when she appeared today in court. She was fined six hundred dollars and was ordered to pay forthwith, in default 2 months imprisonment. Bossenmeyer paid the fine and she was released. The bust occurred around 2:15 a.m. on Saturday, September 28 in San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye. Police constable Arilee Young reported that when she searched Bossenmeyer, who was inside the female restroom of Jaguar’s Night Club, she found a transparent plastic bag containing a white substance in the left side of her bosom. She suspected that the substance was cocaine so she took Bossenmeyer into custody and charged her.

Catholic School Teachers in Capital City Upset Over Salary Delay
Today teachers of Catholic schools in mostly Belmopan stayed away from the classroom in protest of late salary payments. The decision was made last Friday after the teachers could not access their end of month pay for September. Usually the practice is that the last Friday of every month is given off so that teachers can travel and collect their pay and take care of their personal affairs. This, according to the teachers, is not the first time that it has happened and last Friday, they were not given a reason why they were not paid. So today the teachers, about roughly 100 teachers assembled in a closed-door meeting inside the George Price Centre for Peace and Development to chart a way forward and to discuss alternate ways they want their salaries to be processed. We found out late this evening that the closed-door session resulted in a majority decision to not return to the classroom until they have been paid. But that should be tomorrow because Principal Frances Avella of Saint Jude RC School in Camalote Village told Love News today that the General Manager of Catholic Schools, Sister Barbara Lopez, has promised via the airwaves that the teachers will be paid on Tuesday. Meanwhile, the teachers plan to meet again on Tuesday.

Woman Stabbed In Her Sleep; Man Airlifted and Hospitalised Following Stabbing Incident
Two separate cases of attempted murder have been reported in Roaring Creek Village and San Pedro Town. On Saturday around 10:00 pm police received information of a stabbing incident in Roaring Creek Village in the Cayo District; upon their arrival at the scene they saw what appeared to be blood stains on the front step of a lower flat house. Police later visited the Western Regional Hospital where they saw Joanna Longsworth with cut wounds to the right side of her lower face, lower neck, the back of her neck and her throat. Longsworth who could not speak due to her injuries reportedly wrote on a piece of paper that while she was home sleeping, she was awoken after feeling pain to the back of her neck. When she got up Steven Gentle was stabbing her in the throat. She said she heard two girls screaming out as Steven Gentle said to her quote “you wa dead” end quote. She further stated that the last thing she could remember was when she fell by the front door. Police have since detained thirty one year old Steven Gentle a resident of Roaring Creek pending charges for attempted murder.

Police News: Robbery, Pistol In Park and Stolen Weapon
Mayeli Polanco, a twenty nine year old resident of San Pedro Town reported to police that she along with her husband were robbed in the town on Friday. The incident occurred at about 8:40 pm. Polanco and her husband, Luis Itzab were riding their bicycle on Sea Grape Street when they were reportedly approached by two dark complexioned men one of whom had an object that resembled a rifle, and asked them to hand up all their belongings. Polanco reported that she handed over seventy dollars and they took away Itzab’s Samsung cell phone valued at four hundred and fifty dollars and a black wallet valued at thirty five dollars which contained personal documents. Police continue to investigate.

Police Investigates Case of Pregnant Minor in Southern Belize
Police are investigating a case of carnal knowledge coming out of the Toledo District. On Friday a fifteen year old girl from Conejo Village, along with her mother visited the Punta Gorda Police Station and reported that on the nineteenth of July and on the nineteenth of August of this year, she had sexual intercourse with a man she knows. A medical examination conducted on the minor certified that she had been carnally known and is four weeks pregnant.


House of Representatives convened for the second and third reading of bills
It was quite the busy day in the nation’s capital on Friday; the House of Representatives convened for the second and third reading of bills, while outside the House, protesters gathered to demonstrate against the SIF/Dangriga Market saga. We’ll get back to the outcry on the...

PM responds to immigration scandal
The recent passport scandal at the Ministry of Immigration was highlighted at the Sitting of the House of Representatives. By now viewers are fully aware of what has transpired – that ultimately led to the resignation of now former Minister of State Elvin Penner and the recommended suspension of...

CGA explains payment delay
On Thursday evening, the media received a press release from Citrus Growers Association (CGA) with distressing news. The press release has to do with the annual full payment of Citrus Product Belize Limited (CPBL) to members of CGA and BCM (Belize Citrus Mutual). The press...

Protests in Belmopan as Minister of Economic Development commits to finishing Dangriga Market
The Dangriga Town Market Project lies abandoned while the Social Investment Fund (SIF) is seeking a new contractor. But the people of Dangriga are tired of waiting to enjoy a market that should either have already been completed or be close to completion. On Friday they...

PM discusses future assistance to Orange Walk Town Council
On Thursday we reported that the Belize Bank had frozen a $112,000 overdraft facility used by the Orange Walk Town Council – or more accurately, the Council led by a majority UDP group from 2009-2012, as well as others. Mayor Kevin Bernard told us on Thursday that it severely...

Dr. Marco Tulio Mendez highlights PAHO report on KHMH in House
13 premature babies died at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) over 20 days this past May, eight of whom succumbed to ent-ero-bac-ter cloa-cae, a common bacteria that proved fatal to their fragile systems. Despite the heavy attention given to the cluster of deaths and the protests and calls...


Time at one of my favorite beaches in Belize
When someone asks you to help schlep stuff and it involves a boat ride, that makes it a no brainier. As was the case with Lara last week, she needed extra hands to help move things around to be photographed for Lemon Crush Design Studio, her new wedding design, event rental and tropical chachka store. We all met up in town at Vilma Linda plaza to rifle through her studio and pull out things that would be good to photograph and started schlepping everything to the Seaduced boat that was parked at the dock in town by Ruby’s Hotel. With 6 girls we had the boat loaded and were heading off towards our destination fairly quickly. We headed north, cut through the lagoon side and traveled up the back of the island for about 15 minutes or so to one of our favorite spots. Most people will tell you Belize is not known for it’s beautiful beaches. While they may not be pristine soft white sand that some people prefer, we have some really great Gilligan’s Island spots accessible only by boat. It was one of these that Lara had chosen for her photo shoot. Understandably so as the clear shallow water stretches on forever and the area is peaceful, heavenly and adventurous all at the same time.

Expat in Belize: Moving to Belize and Working Remotely
I receive a bunch of questions each day…some about booking a trip, many about where to eat or what to see, some about moving to Belize but my #1 question? Can I get a job in Belize? Obviously lots of people dream of moving to a tropical location… but the working and making money part is the biggest hurdle. Jason Southwell is an expat who has been living and working in San Pedro for a few years now. You might also remember him from his afternoon of galavanting with 70 odd naked British soldiers. (View at your own risk.) Here he is with the rare clothed one.

A Sail of Two Cities As Portsmouth based HMS Lancaster Joins in Belize City Celebrations
Given the fact that Belize’s European and African settlement began with arrivals by boat (unless, of course, you subscribe to the various theories of visits by spacemen and other extra-terrestrials) it somehow seems fitting Belize’s sovereign shores were visited by the Portsmouth-based frigate HMS Lancaster, which took part in Belize’s 2013 Independence Day celebrations. In 1798 the early Belizeans were repelling a substantial Spanish naval force, and now 215 years later today’s Belizeans were welcoming a modern British naval vessel to help celebrate independence from Great Britain. Now, if that doesn’t show a certain maturity in international relations, we don’t know what does. The Lancaster is a Type 23 frigate currently on a six month deployment to the North Atlantic and Caribbean providing security to the region as well as conducting counter narcotic operations.

The Breaking Bad Belize Belikin Beer Challenge Ends Today!
Yes, all good things must come to an end, and so it is with Breaking Bad and the Chaa Creek Belize Breaking Bad Belikin Beer Challenge. As first mooted in a blog post here earlier, one member of the Chaa Creek Communications Team graciously offered to shout a beer to the first person who arrived at the bar with the exact Belize reference quote from the next episode. For example, if you were quick enough on the draw on episode 512 to run up to the bar shouting “Hey! In last night’s episode Saul Goodman was saying, ‘We’re wondering if maybe this isn’t an Old Yeller type situation … Yeah, Old Yeller was the best, most loyal dog that ever was. I mean everybody loved that mutt. But one day he showed up rabid, and little Timmy, for Old Yeller’s own sake, had to uhh, well I mean you saw the movie…’ That’s what Saul said, right? And then Walter White replied;

“Beer on the Table” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.
It was my intention to publish an edition yesterday but it proved to be a case of the best laid plans … Saturday had started so well. Up and out on the veranda with my mug of coffee and the iPad by 04.30 hours. Knowing that the Spurs versus Chelsea game would be on TV at 05.45 hours I dispensed with my normal routine of reading The Times on-line first and instead concentrated on writing Saturday’s edition of the blog. I hadn’t quite finished the edition by kick-off time so moved inside the condo we are renting during our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize to watch Spurs dominate the first half and lead Chelsea by one goal to nil. Half time provided just enough time for me to complete and publish (sounds terribly grand doesn’t it but it is no more than clicking on an icon!) the edition and move back inside to watch Chelsea force their way back in to the game and secure a one all draw. A great result, both teams had dropped two points!

OUTSOURCE 2 LAC Argentina 2013
The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) is pleased to invite service sector SME’s in Belize to the third annual Latin American and Caribbean Outsourcing and Offshoring Summit – OUTSOURCE2LAC 2013, which will take place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, November 20 -21, 2013. The goal of the summit is to create an opportunity for participants to learn about current trends in the global outsourcing industry and to identify business opportunities in Latin America and the Caribbean. OUTSOURCE2LAC will create a unique opportunity to meet, network and engage with potential clients and trading partners with more than 500 service companies from around the globe including Latin America, Caribbean, Asian, European and North American. In addition, attendees can participate in business matchmaking services via individualized, pre-scheduled one-on-one meetings with companies.

Expression of Interest Notice Participate in FIHAV 2013
Caribbean Export Development Agency (Caribbean Export), within the framework of the 10th European Development Fund (EDF) Regional Private Sector Development Programme (RPSDP) will be assisting CARIFORUM firms interested in exporting products to the Cuban market in participating in the premier trade fair in Cuba, the Havana International Fair (FIHAV) 2013. FIHAV began in 1983 and the fair has, through the years, established itself as a significant exhibition with international reach and interest. In this, the 31st edition of the trade fair, FIHAV 2013 will provide more than 20, 000 m2 of exhibition space for approximately 4,500 exhibitors from more than 60 countries. The trade fair is also expected to host about 150,000 visitors.

A Traveler’s Guide to the Belize Healthcare System
Unexpected things can happen when traveling, so it’s a good idea to know a bit about how the local Belize healthcare system works. Belize is definitely not a country that first comes to mind when thinking about medical tourism; many areas are not at the same standards found in first world countries. However, there are some good aspects about the availability of medical care. How it works? Health care in Belize is divided into a very cheap but very basic government controlled public system, and an expensive but more dependable private system. Surgeries and other complicated medical procedures can cost as little as a few hundred dollars at the government-run hospitals, but the overall service is very rudimentary. For example, don’t expect private rooms; patient’s beds are in wards with shared bathrooms, and patients are expected to provide their own toilet paper. The biggest government-run hospital, Karl Heusner, is in Belize City, and has the widest variety of services and specialists available. Other cities and towns have smaller hospitals or polyclinics, which are much more basic facilities often staffed with nurses and an on-call doctor.

Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes
Wen I saw differnt versyuns o'pumpkin pie cupcakes poppyun' up un Pinterest…I deecided ta gif' 'um a try. I adaptid my tride an' true pumpkin pie recipe…an' we enjoyet t'results. Thay air like crustless mini-pumpkin pies.

Pineapple Tie Dyed Light Cake
In this video I do a variation of the Belizean Light Cake, but I omitted the milk and used pineapple juice instead. I used four different food coloring to create the tie dyed effect. This is a fun cake for a kids party or for Halloween.

International Sources

Why Belize Is A Great Place To Retire (5 Part Series)
Mayan ruins, spectacular waterfalls, lush rainforests, exotic wildlife, miles of unspoiled coastline, and the Western Hemisphere's longest barrier reef -- a paradise for diving, snorkeling and fishing. Belize is a Caribbean playground that is truly blessed by time, nature and culture. For many people, Belize is only the white sand beaches of the popular island of Ambergris Caye, with its world-class fishing, diving, and snorkeling. But Belize has so much more to offer. Let's start with a little history and geography...

Belize, Mexico work together to combat narco-trafficking
Belize and Mexico are discussing a security accord in response to an influx of international criminal organizations increasingly targeting the Central American country as a transshipment point for illicit drug shipments. Top diplomats from the neighboring countries met in late August to discuss an agreement that would beef up security along the 251-kilometer border, which largely snakes along the Hondo River. Mexican Foreign Secretary José Antonio Meade and his Belizean counterpart Wilfred Erlington visited the border and concluded a bi-national agreement on confronting narco-trafficking is a priority. “We both recognized that Belize is the portal, one of the first lines of defense in terms of the southern border, and … that is one of the topics we went into in some depth, and the commitment is there for us to work together to ensure that our borders are kept safe and secure,” Meade said during the meeting.

At UN, Belize chastises rich nations for abandoning global partnership for development
Developed nations have not honoured their commitments to provide the assistance poor countries need to achieve the global anti-poverty targets known as the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), the Foreign Minister of Belize told United Nations Member States today, stressing that the future development agenda must not suffer the same fate. Agreed by world leaders at a UN summit in 2000, the MDGs set specific goals on poverty alleviation, education, gender equality, child and maternal health, environmental stability, HIV/AIDS reduction, and a global partnership for development. “It is evident that for some inexplicable reason, the developed countries abandoned goal 8,” Wilfred P. Elrington told the General Assembly’s high-level debate, referring to the MDG on a global partnership for development. “We note with disappointment, that the rich countries have not even been able to bring themselves to honour their commitment to contribute even the 0.7 per cent of their gross domestic product as official domestic assistance to poor countries,” he said.

Belize: Police 'trained to handle crocodiles'
Apparently, the American crocodiles on the country's largest island, Ambergris Caye, are losing their natural instinct to stay away from man because people have been feeding them. This leads them into new territory where they're more likely to come into contact with humans and to attack if they feel threatened, reports the San Pedro Sun. It says attacks on humans remain rare but that the presence of raccoons and rats feeding on household rubbish is also drawing the crocs nearer to land, and there have been reports of several attacks on stray and pet dogs. So local officers went to the island's American Crocodile Educational Sanctuary for training in capturing "problematic reptiles", the Sun reports. Despite the increased threat to residents, the paper quotes sanctuary officials as saying the area's crocodile population has declined from a record 5,000 in 2005 to an estimated 1,000. Poachers who want the protected species' meat, teeth, skulls and skin are to blame, it seems.

IDB - Inter-American Development Bank : Presidents of Mexico, IDB open top event on Microentreprise in Latin American and the Caribbean
The Inter-American Forum on Microenterprise (Foromic), the region's top event for supporting and financing the sector in Latin America and the Caribbean, got underway today with the theme "The productivity challenge: financing dynamic entrepreneurship," with 1,800 participants from 50 countries. Opened by Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto and the President of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Luis Alberto Moreno, among other officials, the 16th edition of the forum began with a call for enhancing support for microenterprises and small- and medium-sized companies so as to boost job creation and the economies of the countries of the region. "The theme addressed this year by Foromic, 'The productivity challenge: financing dynamic entrepreneurship, coincides fully with the cross-cutting targets of this government and is part of the National Development Plan," said Peña Nieto. "Today, 15 years after the first Foromic, which coincidentally was also held in Mexico, the microfinancing industry has matured," said the President of the IDB. "At that time there were fewer than 200 microfinancing entities serving around one million clients. Today there are more than one million active institutions that serve nearly 20 million micro-credit customers."

Ethically produced Fair Rum
Fair Rum originates from Belize, located south of Mexico and east of Guatemala. Ethical production of the rum enables farmers to cover their production costs, live from farming, educate their children and build schools. The sugar cane used to create Fair Rum is grown using organic and sustainable farming methods on small farm plots. Each stalk is hand-harvested to maximise the yield and protect the land. The growers are all members of the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association (BSCFA) and work to fair trade standards. Fair works closely with The Fairtrade Foundation to ensure that it pays the farmers at a fair price by adhering to over 200 rules and guidelines.

Busted in Belize: Shaking Down the Cruise Ship Tourists
Dr. Ross Klein's Cruise Junkie and Local News Station 5 in Belize are reporting on the arrest of two cruise passengers who went ashore in Belize last week. Both young men were caught with small amounts of pot in Belize's "tourism village" and were arrested. As I have mentioned before in a prior article, Reefer Madness: Cruise Passengers Busted in Belize During Cruises, don't think that the police in Belize will look the other way if you are a cruise passenger and want to buy pot ashore in Belize. Even though the drug dealers will try and sell you pot and whatever else you want as soon as you step off of the cruise ship, Belize has a reputation of arresting, fining and/or jailing tourists for possession of small amounts of the evil weed.

Exploring The Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave in Belize
I rolled up into San Ignacio, Belize in a dilapidated old school bus without much of a plan, as I often do. This was the second half of my Belize adventure. The first half was a sun-soaked few days on the islands, but now I was in the jungle, where the real adventure is. I was itching to find something unique and exciting to do, so shortly after checking into my hotel I went on a mission to find what there was to do in this remote little city. As I walked out of my hotel I heard a call “Hey buddy, you looking for a tour? Jungle? River tubing? Mayan ruins?” Well that didn’t take very long, did it? Now normally I can’t stand these guys. I realize that they’re just trying to make an honest buck, but when I pass by every day for a week and they don’t get any less pushy I start to get pretty annoyed very quickly. This time was different though – I was eager for something to do and these guys were throwing opportunities at me. “Ok, so what do you got?” After debating what seemed to be dozens of available options I settled on a tour of Actun Tunichil Muknal, also known as the ATM Cave. It featured a jungle hike, cave exploration and an ancient Mayan sacrificial site, all lead by an experienced guide. Not bad for my first venture into the jungles of Belize.

Americans Living Off Their Retirement Savings Overseas
The average U.S. Social Security check is $1,230 a month for a retired worker. That may not seem like a lot–but when you retire overseas you can cut your cost of living. Below are stories from expats who did just that. Chuck and Jamie Bilbe, ready to retire in Florida, found themselves in a situation where they could not afford health care.  “We were concerned that our retirement savings wouldn’t see us through, so we began looking overseas for a place where our ever-shrinking nest egg might last longer,” says Chuck. Now they live in Corozal, Belize, their cost of living is much lower than it was in the States, but that’s not the greatest appeal. What they say they like most is the Old-World lifestyle. “Like Florida in the 1950’s,” they say. “We’re eating better, sleeping better and enjoying social activity much more now than we did before.”

Portofino Resort- Now with a new BEACH BAR!!
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Maruba Beach Klub and Spa is the premiere Secret Beach spa and restaurant located on the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean Sea at the center of Secret Beach, Belize
First Class Accommodations for the Budget Traveler
First Class Accommodations for the Budget Traveler

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