A case of citizens’ detention has led to charges of theft being brought against three persons, including a 16 year old boy.

Their crime: stealing beans.

The trio was detained by a group of Mennonites from Spanish Lookout, Cayo District around on Sunday morning, after they were caught at the home of Norman Dueck, allegedly stealing beans.

Dueck told police that he left home to go to church around 9 am. Two hours later when he returned home, he noticed that a group of Mennonites were at his residence. They informed Deuck that they had caught three men in his property stealing beans.

Five 100-pound sacks of beans were reportedly removed from Dueck’s property by the alleged thieves.

The value of the stolen beans has been put at $1,250.

A fourth suspect managed to escaped into nearby bushes.

The suspects, identified by police as Benjamin Hurtado, 49, Jaime Moralez, 22 and a 16 year old, all of Los Tambos village, Cayo, are detained by San Ignacio police pending charges for the crime of theft.