I could see myself ziplining every day – zipping high through the jungle canopy, flying like a bird. It’s an adrenaline rush that I would be happy to experience all the time. How I envy the staff at Chukka in Belize who get paid to do so every day. But I know that I can zipline during any free time I get, the adventure is pretty much at my own back yard, my Belizean back yard. So let me tell you how I got Zipped, Whipped and Dipped in Belize courtesy of Chukka Tours.

It’s Time To Play – Time to ZIP (zipline across Belize’s lush rainforest); Time to Whip (rappel down from atop the mouth of Crystal Cave); Time to Dip (into the cool waters of the Caves Branch River in a cave tubing adventure). This is Chukka’s Ultimate Adventure at Jaguar Paw, one of the most adrenaline-filled tours you can take in Belize located at Caves Branch.

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