The police department today issued a notice to holders of licensed firearms to ensure proper storage of these weapons.

The police department says it has noted with concern that there have been several incidents where licensed firearms have fallen into the wrong hands, especially children.

One case that was pointed out was in Ladyville village where the holder of a firearm traveled abroad and left the firearm at home.

The police say this practice is dangerous and can lead to the loss of life. Furthermore, the department says it is also “an irresponsible practice on behalf of the license holder.”

The statement from the police department reminds holders of licensed firearms that should they lose their firearm due to negligence that another license will not be issued to them.

The police department’s notice ends by appealing to holders of firearms to properly secure them, preferably in a metal safe.

And when traveling out of the country, the police department says the best thing for holders of firearms to do is to deposit the weapon at the nearest police station.

A receipt will be issued and upon their return the owner of the firearm can present the receipt in order to o retrieve their firearm.