From June until August this year, a dot com’s customer support team fielded a total of 70,000 calls and 24,000 customer emails. As the summer holiday season has come to an end, the team have revealed their weirdest customer booking requests and it seems that some things that happen on holiday really are better staying on holiday...

From the saucy to the ridiculous the customer support employees have heard it all. Whether it’s asking for a holiday that will save a marriage, a booking code-word to disguise an affair or requesting co-ordinated soft furnishings and escort services, travellers are going to great lengths to ensure their holidays satisfy every desire – however off the beaten booking track.

The top ten most memorable and cheeky holiday booking requests received by the customer support team:

1. A bum complaint: One lucky customer service representative was sent pictures of a holidaymaker’s red buttocks following a horse-riding holiday in the Dominican Republic. The customer named the offending horse and suggested it be removed.

2. Foreign affairs: A customer requested not to be called back about his booking and suggested a code-word be used instead of his name because he would be travelling with his son’s wife – rather than his own.

3. Holiday SOS: In a contrasting relationship scenario, a desperate husband begged for a last minute holiday which was guaranteed to save his marriage.

4. Getting into hot water: A customer insisted on being told the exact temperature of the sea in Marrakech.

5. Plant sitting: One customer expected to arrange a house-visiting service to water her flowers while she was away, after the representative had been asked to organise a water bed for her hotel room.

6. Colour clash: A traveller issued a complaint to the customer support team after his holiday because the colour of the bed linen in his hotel had not co-ordinated with the curtains.

7. Nice package: Customer agents often get detailed and embarrassing questions about the contents and usage options of ‘surprise packages’ in rooms booked as part of a romantic deal. One customer specifically requested a ‘sensual room’ with a mirror on the ceiling.

8. Hotels with benefits: A customer called three different members of the customer support team, asking whether an escort service would be available at his hotel.

9. Holiday hassle: On returning from holiday, a jealous boyfriend called the customer support team to demand that a club entertainer who had looked at his girlfriend be fired.

10. Holiday crush: Also after a holiday, a customer emailed the team requesting the phone number of a pretty lady he had met while he was away – while failing to remember at which point in the trip he had met her.

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