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The San Pedro Sun

Stray dogs continue to be a problem
The San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) has expressed much concern over the problems caused by stray dogs on the island. Both residents and tourists have raised complaints about the increase of stray dogs, which in turn are affecting the sanitary conditions of Ambergris Caye. Relevant authorities have employed several methods for decreasing the number of stray dogs in the past, but have had little effect in the alleviation of the problem. In July 2012 the SPTC implemented an eradication of stray dogs via strychnine poisoning. This was quickly replaced with SAGA Humane Society’s “Dog Round Up” program due to the strong backlash from animal lovers who were opposed to this inhumane method of euthanasia. But as the complaints continue to increase, Mayor Daniel Guerrero is once again facing hard decisions on how to handle the problem. Mayor Guerrero expressed to The San Pedro Sun that the health and safety of the public is of great concern and that decisions will be made in order to control the situation. “Some pet owners are being irresponsible, allowing their dogs to wander and cause problems in the street. Many residents have complained to me about the feces on the beach and the garbage in the streets because of the dogs. We want to visit all options available to control the problem, but if little or no change comes to the matter we will be forced to revert to our standard method of eradication,” said Mayor Guerrero.

Saga announces October SNIP-a-thon
During the month of October Saga Humane Society will be hosting two different visiting veterinary groups to hold free spay/neuter clinics for the low income residents of Ambergris Caye. In addition to the free spay/neuters the teams will be doing additional canine distemper virus (CDV) vaccinations, and dog training sessions for public. The goal is to sterilize over 300 island pets during the month. Helping Paws Across Borders will be in San Pedro October 7-10. They will be bringing a team of 15 including veterinarians, vet techs and dog trainers. This group will focus their efforts on the neighborhoods of DFC, San Juan and Downtown. Because of limited space at the Saga clinic, a MASH (Mobile Animals Surgical Hospital) type clinic will be held in DFC at Mrs. Adaly Ayuso’s property. This will allow the medical teams to be closer to the animals and save the time and expense of transportation to the Saga clinic.

Misc Belizean Sources

Can you hear me now? JTF-Bravo tactical communication keeps service members in the field connected
For a forward-deployed unit, one of the most critical keys to mission success is the establishment and maintenance of clear communication with leadership. At Joint Task Force-Bravo, the responsibility of establishing that vital communication while in the field falls on the shoulders communication experts like Staff Sgt. William Lane, U.S. Air Force radio frequency specialist. "We provide the reach-back for the command and control cell for the forward-deployed team and their leadership to be able to communicate with the main joint operations center (JOC)," said Lane. "We set up a tactical operations center with every capability required in order to get the intelligence, oversight and communication needed to run the mission. We set up phone, Internet, and any required radio support. We're basically a one-stop shop for all of it." That one-stop shop capability was tested during a recent disaster response exercise, during which Joint Task Force-Bravo's Central America Survey and Assessment Team (C-SAT) deployed to Belize.

Metal Haven III Coming
Metal Haven III is happening in Benque on November 2nd. Ascenthium will be rocking Cancha Marshelleck. "The Biggest Rock/Metal event is here! Mark your calendars, and get ready for this concert! more updates will come as the days past."


BNTU Orange Walk Elects New Executive, Otilio Munoz Remains As President
The Belize National Teacher’s Union Orange Walk Branch held its first quarterly meeting today with the most important topic on the agenda being the election of a new executive. The purpose of the meeting was twofold: to inform Members on any new developments in the teaching profession and the election of a new executive to run the affairs of the union for the Orange Walk branch. While there were other topics in the agenda, the elections undoubtedly took centre stage and by the time the nominations were closed, the new executive was already in place.

OWTC To Host Miss Orange Walk Pageant
It’s been quite a while since a Miss Orange Walk Pageant is held in Orange Walk. But that’s about to change because on October 19th five talented Orange Walkenas will be vying for the prestigious crown. The pageant, which will be filled with entertainment, is scheduled to take place at the Multi Purpose Complex Building. The Miss Orange Walk Pageant; however, is no ordinary event. It is beauty with a purpose. Rozel Arana- Organizer Miss Orange Walk Pageant “It surrounds the theme Beauty with a Purpose; we are trying to kill two birds with one stone. Beauty, we need Miss Orange Walk to move on to Belize next year in July and normally every year we do it with a purpose and this purpose is whereby we give back to the community, so basically it is like a benefit. So last two years the pageant was basically giving the proceeds to the Cancer Society and then this year we are giving it to Disability, the Patsy Brown Special Aid Center here in Orange Walk Town. We have five beautiful young ladies from Orange Walk District. We have Miss Eleny Aguilar from August Pine Ridge, we also have Miss Kiesha Cummins, and we have Miss Dianna Balam, Miss Kimberly Selgado and Miss Beatrice Garcia.”

Humanitarian Efforts Carried Out In Corozal: Mexico Is In Need
A few days ago severe rains lashed over Mexico's northwest coast prompting evacuations and adding to flash floods that have created chaos across the country and killed several people. Today well known organizations such as the HIV support group, Faith Base Christian Group and the Community Support Group from the Corozal District made a plea to the public to garner as much items as possible to send to our Mexican Brothers and sisters. Heading the initiative is Romero Magana who told us that the assistance received has been overwhelming. Romeo Magana – Organizer “Hemos recibido información que los Mexicanos necesitan nuestra ayuda y como no hemos visto respuesta alguna entonces estos grupos decidieron unificarse para poder recaudar alimentos, ropa y ayuda financiera para poder ayudar a los hermanos Mexicanos que sufrieron este problema de inundación. Estas donaciones serán recogidos en Belice por el Sub Secretario de Quintana Roo así estaremos seguros que las donaciones legaran a los que más lo necesitan."

Should We Go To The ICJ?Students Debate The Issue
Today students of Orange Walk Technical High School made an impressive presentation on the Belize/Guatemala territorial dispute through a debate. During the discussion, the pros and cons of going to the International Court of Justice, to once and for all settle the unfounded claim, were presented. Jahina Dominguez, Against ICJ “History has proven when the treaty was signed Belize was a part of Spain’s domain, a Spanish speaking country and motherland to Guatemala. When Guatemala gained his Independence it rightfully inherited was for Spain in the bases and Great Britain stole what rightfully belong to Guatemala in other words they took it by force.” Gustavo Rodriguez, Against ICJ “My esteemed opponent this is clearly stating that the British as the Creole would say them con yah and they neva own this territory, so they don’t have any right to call it their own.”

Corozalenos Speak On Passport Scandal
The fact that the Immigration Department is investigating its own house into the recent passport scandal in which South Korean National Kim Wong Hong was issued a Belizean Passport while in detention in Taiwan, has caused a public outcry. The issue is being kept very much alive. On a special Sitting of the Senate, Senator Lisa Shoman, representing the Opposition proposed that the senate launch a separate investigation into the matter. Minister of Immigration Godwin Hulse; however, disagrees and has stated that there is no need for a senate investigation. In reality the recent passport scandal has left more questions than answers and while several excuses are being given for the matter not to be criminally investigated, the Belizean people believe that all the powers of the law should be utilized to bring those responsible to justice. Today reporter Victor Castillo hit the streets of Corozal Town and found out what are the sentiments of Corozalenos on the matter.

International Hackers Find New Way To Make Big Bucks
Have you received a call from an international number lately, answered it or even called the number back and right after noticed that your credit was eaten out? Well, we must tell you that you were probably scammed. Over the last few days Smart and Digicell customers have complained about receiving strange international calls. This caused both companies to launch an investigation and what was found out is that international hackers have found a new way to make huge bucks. So how exactly does the scam play out? Smart’s Public Relations Officer Ian Courtney explains. Ian Courtney- Smart’s P.R Officer “Our customers have not really been affected by it but we have investigated the reports that we have seen in the media and stuff and what it appears if that there is series of what are called Premium- numbers that these scammers have gotten hold of and they are calling Belizeans and if you answer or if you call back or if you have a miss call then you are being charged a rate and we have seen up to five to six dollars a minute these charges are happening and it decreases your credit quickly.

U.S And Belizean Forces Destroy More Than 13 Million U.S Dollars Of Marijuana
The U.S. Embassy Military Liaison Office in Belmopan and Joint Task Force-Bravo partnered with Belizean military forces in a successful marijuana eradication operation in Belize from September 25th to the 28th 2013. Joint Task Force-Bravo provided aviation support, on-call casualty evacuation and tactical assault on objective insertion and extraction training for 38 Belizean military and law enforcement personnel who participated in the operation. The operation resulted in the Belizean forces destroying 22 marijuana fields across the country and approximately thirty seven thousand nine hundred and seventy mature marijuana plants with an initial estimated value of $13 million U.S dollars. In addition, the team also found and destroyed four pounds of marijuana seeds. The training involved the use of a caving ladder which is lowered from the helicopter in order to insert ground forces into an otherwise inaccessible area. In an interview conducted by the international media, U.S. Army Captain Fernando Martinez, Alpha Company Commander said quote "The Belizean Coast Guard SEALS, Belize Defense Forces, and Belize National Police Anti-Drug Unit all served as the ground force for this operation.” End of quote.

VIP Supports Penner's Recall, PM Says He Will Not Go Down That Easy
Former Minister of State Elvin Penner has until Monday October 7th to resign as Area Representative for Cayo Northeast or face a recall. This is an ultimatum that the Leader of the Opposition, Honorable Francis Fonseca, penned in a letter sent to Penner on October 2nd. The road to a recall though, will not be that easy because the Government of the day will come out in full swing to defend Penner’s seat. Honourable Dean Barrow- Prime Minister of Belize “I am talking to you about the here and now and the fact of this recall mechanism and I am saying that in terms of the recall exercise yes. The party will rally around Elvin Penner. We believe that he deserves a second chance. We believe that we ought to help him persuade his constituents not to recall him. If the constituents decide otherwise, so be it."

BSI Says No To Compensation To Cane Farmers For The Use Of Bagasse
This morning the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association received confirmation from the Belize Sugar Industries Limited that the milling company will not be compensating cane farmers for the use of bagasse, a by-product of the cane which BSI uses to produce energy which is then sold to BEL. During the negotiations of the new Commercial Agreement, representatives of BSCFA requested that BSI pay cane farmers ten dollars per ton of Bagasse. On Thursday September 26th negotiations on the issue fell through when BSI informed BSCFA that they were not willing to share the revenues. Today the company official made their decision known in a letter sent to the Chairman of the BSFCA Committee Of Management, Alfredo Ortega. Alfredo Ortega- Chairman, BSCFA, COM “Recibimos su carta y en eso fuimos otra vez de ello y los puntos que tienen y siguen con su no.” Carmelita Perez – Reporter “Se está dando alguna explicación?”

The Belize Times

Resign or be Recalled – PUP says Penner MUST GO!
Opposition Leader Hon. Francis Fonseca has issued an ultimatum to discredited UDP Area Representative Elvin Penner: Resign or be Recalled. On Wednesday October 2nd Hon. Fonseca wrote to Penner indicating that he had until 5:00pm on Monday October 7th, to do what is in “the best interest of the people of Cayo North East” and resign. Failing that, Hon. Fonseca warned, “the PUP along with the electors of that division will initiate your RECALL”. Hon. Fonseca informed Penner that he has lost the trust and confidence of those he represents and so he has one last opportunity to “put the interest of the people ahead of the United Democratic Party”. Penner is involved in the fraudulent issuance of Belizean nationality and passport to a South Korean national, Kim Won Hong, who was in jail in Taiwan for allegations of being the mastermind of a multi-million dollar embezzlement scam. Penner was fired as the Minister of State in the Ministry of Immigration on Thursday September 19th, but there has been no move to investigate or prosecute him for his criminal actions.

Corruption Cover Up! – Da fool di talk, but da noh fool di listen
Prime Minister Dean Barrow and Minister of Immigration Godwin Hulse, the two persons who are presiding over the biggest scandal to date at the Passport and Nationality offices, have done their utmost theatrics to protect the image of the UDP and to not “bring down” or make “matters worst” for former Cabinet colleague, confessed wrongdoer Elvin Penner. Barrow, who has himself admitted that Penner did something so wrong that it warranted his forced resignation from Cabinet, is now pretending that Penner is only guilty of a small offense at the Immigration Department. Now it has become obvious that the only reason Barrow moved swiftly to remove Penner was to attempt to quell the tsunami of public outrage which is approaching nonetheless. Hulse who was boasting that there is “Absolutely no corruption in immigration” just a month ago, has been embarrassed and exposed by the incident yet he refuses to accept the obvious – that his new security system was breached at all sorts of levels with Penner’s involvement.

Hon. Elvin Penner, RESIGN OR BE RECALLED I write on behalf of the people of Belize, and in particular, the people of the Cayo North East Division to DEMAND your immediate resignation as the Member for Cayo North East Division in the House of Representatives of ...

Francis heralds “new chapter of the revolution” at PUP 63rd birthday
There was no standing room left at the historic Independence Hall as leaders and supporters of the People’s United Party (PUP) gathered to celebrate the party’s fulfilment of its 63rd year of service on Saturday September 28th. Over the past six decades, the PUP has had a riveting history which rivals others in the region and the world. It’s Leader Emeritus Rt. Hon. George Cadle Price, who passed away two years ago, was the last of the living Fathers of Independence of the Caribbean region. It is evident, then, that the history of the PUP dovetails, crisscrosses and runs parallel to the extraordinary political advances of Belize’s nationhood. Price and the PUP guided Belize through those important stages.

HOMOSEXUAL LAW IS HERE A Law legalizing homosexuality was introduced by the government at last Friday’s sitting of the House of Representatives. It is a slick and cagey move. It is ingenious and at the same time disingenuous. If the law turns out to be what it appears to be, homosexuals throughout the Caribbean and commonwealth countries as well as homosexuals in Europe and U.S.A. should finance the UDP government. Under the guise of pursing a law to protect children from sexual offenders, a section legalizing homosexuality has been sneaked in as one of dozens of amendments. The proposed law read out in the National assembly on the 27th September, 2013 is: “An Act to amend the Criminal Code Chapter 101… to make promises to reform the law in relation to sexual offences against children, abduction, kidnapping, procurement, incest, the age of criminal liability and witness protection…”

By G. Michael Reid The latest scandal coming out of the Immigration department is big and will probably not be as easy to sweep under the rug as all the others before it have been. This one has international implications and while our Prime Minster has tried to wave it off and applied a mild slap on the wrist of the man most responsible, it will probably take a whole lot more than that. The facts as they present themselves are pretty straight-forward and if ever a man was caught with his hand in the cookie jar, Elvin Penner has been! On September 9th, Elvin Penner, the Minister of State in the Ministry of Immigration, escorted a person of Asian descent to the Passport Office. Mr. Penner stayed until the person was photographed and processed and three hours later, had his driver pick up the passport. This is a process folks, that can take the “normal” person anywhere from several weeks to several years; even with all the proper documentation in place.

The Penner story is far from over. The UDP will try to fight the inevitable death of Penner’s political life. The prize of government is too addictive for them. Barrow has calculated that the skin of teeth that he won by in 2012 has disappeared. In the last television interview, Barrow who pretends to be untouchable and above even himself was bleeding. His head was tight and his options non-existent. It is was so clear that his exit plan is to defend those two seats despite what cost is paid from his already bankrupt moral authority. But there are a few things we need to point out. The first is that Penner’s crash of humiliation and criminality was predictable. The PUP tried to ring that alarm bell, and to be fair, the people of Belize responded to the warnings. The UDP subverted the democratic process and so here we are with a decomposing and disgraced Penner. See, Penner is Dean Barrow’s baby. Just as how Pablo Marin is a Barrow baby. So is the despised Gaspar Vega, Barrow’s baby. They are his creations. They are proof of the kinds of politicians that he chooses. Not too bright and not too full of integrity.

Belize Telemedia wins national women’s softball champs
Belize Telemedia won its 2nd national championship of the national women’s softball championships at the home of softball at the Roger’s Stadium in Belize City on Sunday, September 29. Telemedia won 8-1 by mercy rule against Roaring Creek as winning pitcher Kenisha Sutherland struck out 3 batters. Roaring Creek’s pitcher Leyandra Guy walked 4 batters and gave up 7 hits, while Roaring Creek’s diamond made 14 errors. Cacho came home in the 1st inning, and Rhys and Christine Jacobs came home in the 5th inning. Sutherland gave up 7 hits, the Telemedia diamond made 3 errors, but only Greta Davis scored for Roaring Creek in the 6th inning.

No goals in Belmopan Bandits vs. FC Belize match
In Belize City at the MCC garden, fans came away disappointed from a nil-zip draw between the defending champs of last year’s closing season the Belmopan Bandits and FC Belize. Man of the Match, FC Belize’s goalie Glenford Chimilio stopped 2 penalty tries by the Bandits’ top striker Deon McCauley, and frustrated the best efforts of Elroy Kuylen, Dennis Serano, Jerome “Jaro” James and Deris “Columbia” Benavides, who all got off shots at goal.

Belize Bank Bulldogs advances to basketball quarterfinals
The Belize Bank Bulldogs defeated the Central Health Region staff 65-57 to lead the Belize District firms’ basketball playoffs. Marcel Orosco led the Bulldogs with 19 points and 13 rebounds while Terique Gabb added 17 points, and Chris McGann scored 13 points and 7 rebounds. Central Health’s Wilfred Richards scored 15 points, Steven Wade added 12 pts, and Lonnie Trapp had 10pts. With the win, the Bulldogs joined the Belize City Council in advancing to the quarterfinals. COURTS Belize also advanced by eliminating the Heritage Bank Heatz: 63-59.

UDP’s $3m Corozal Bay convention
A lot of interesting information is being spilled from the recent SIF scandal. We now know what the UDP has been doing with the Social Investment Fund all along. We now know why only UDP cronies have been receiving contracts. And we now know how it ...

For a couple of weeks now I have been looking at the topic of church and state. Should the two be disconnected? Is the bible relevant today or is it outdated? I must ask you to keep in mind first of all that the word church is not necessarily what ...

Asia was trending in the news week as several nations have turned their attention to meeting the demands of that market. With a population of more than 4.1 billion people, it makes up 60% of the world’s current human population. That’s an exceptionally large number of potential ...

Economic Independence
By Richard Harrison The Hon. George C. Price et al set Belize on course to becoming politically independent in the 1950s’. The leaders of the country worked arduously to convince the people that this goal was achievable and worthwhile, and gathered around them the human and material resources that were required. ...

Truth or Consequences
By Dr. Angela Banner Joseph "Listen to me, my children! Be wise and have enough sense to follow the right path" - Proverbs 23: 15 This week's life lesson came from my greatest teacher on earth, my mother. Ms. Banner is a stern woman who raised us on three words: truth or ...

Total Recall
I would have to say that I am grateful to Elvin Penner for exposing his administration in one aspect. But there are more players in this dis-honorable game and Penner is but a “small fish in a big pond”. I think that in all the scandals Penner did the most ...

SCALES OF JUSTICE – Trying to fool the People!
By Anthony Sylvestre You remember Xerxes, the narcissistic king in the movie 300? Who thought that he was an all knowing, all powerful, invincible “god-king”? I think that Dean Barrow fancies himself to be a Xerxes, a god-king. Ah mean, which mortal leader acts the way he does and talks the way ...

The Abuse of Power and the Assault on our Democracy
By Norris Hall “The Abuse of Power and the Assault on Democracy” as a sub-title to a book, is very relevant, and succinctly so, to the rude and crude misconduct along with the dictatorial and arrogant attitude of a Prime Minister of Belize, and a government living too high ...

Shame and Disgrace
By Dolores Balderamos Garcia Belizeans were once again shocked and disappointed to hear of the incident which involved Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit of Dominica and the Belizean Coast Guard, which took place on the afternoon of Independence Day. We have of course only the official reports to go by, but if these reports ...

REFELECTIONS ON THE PUBLIC SQUARE – PUP: Proud History – Exciting Future
By Francis W. Fonseca On Saturday, September 29, 2013 the great People’s United Party celebrated its 63rd year of existence. Founded in 1950, the first 30 years of the PUP’s history is defined by the work and vision of our great leader, George Price. The peaceful, constructive revolution was focused on the creation ...

CitCo Sweetheart deals
Can the Mayor of Belize City tell us that the Arguelles Company has not been handpicked for yet another CitCo multi-million dollar contract? This time it’s the Commercial Center for a whopping $2.3 million. It appears that under the present Mayor, only the same rich and wealthy people ...

Cayo North East gets ready for Recall – “Penner Got To Go” Rally in San Ignacio on Sunday
The people of the Cayo North East constituency are waiting patiently for the recall process of disgraced UDP Elvin Penner to get underway. The PUP’s Orlando Habet, who lost the 2012 elections to Penner by a mere 17 votes and the returning officer’s refusal to ...

Dear Editor: After listening to the interviews given by the PM and Minister Hulse I am convinced that they are protecting Penner in this whole passport fiasco. The reporter from KREM RADIO is telling the PM that a fraud has been committed and he got arrogant to the fact. How can someone ...

I blame Hulse!
Dear Editor, The last time the Prime Minister checked with Minister of Immigration Godwin Hulse about the passport goings on, Minister Hulse’s response was “all in order sir”. But little did the people know that Penner’s hands were at work. What we the people want to know is how with all the ...

Barrow has fallen
Dear Editor, Dean Barrow has fallen. Fallen from grace to grass with no moral authority over his people nor his cabinet. It was clear that when he stood up last Friday to speak, by the tone of his voice he wasn’t too happy. He sounded guilty, knowing the Belizean people have ...

All Young People Deserve an EQUAL Opportunity
Dear Editor, Please allow me space to discuss the concept of equal opportunity for all young people in Belize, as Executive Director of Teens Belize Organization. Young people, as we all know, make up more than half of Belize’s growing population. They are the future of this nation. But the future is ...


A little known very cool Ambergris Caye souvenir shop
Ambergris Caye is not known as a shoppers paradise and most repeat visitors have ‘seen it all’ when it comes to bringing home vacation gifts for friends and family. If you want something unique and handmade in Belize that comes with the added benefit of knowing that you are helping a good cause, Holy Cross Sewing Center is the place for you. This little known but very cool souvenir shop offers a good selection of wonderful bags, really cute dolls and jewelery. The sewing sisters Mirla, Catalina, Elsa, Aurora and Mayra can also do custom orders and alterations as well. The Sewing Center at Holy Cross Anglican School is located in North Ambergris Caye, on the other side of the Boca Del Rio River. You will see the Red Roofed school on the right school as you cross the bridge. Just head towards it and check in at the school office and they will direct to the Sewing Center.

Annual Waterways Volunteer work a Clean sweep to Eco – Success
What percentage of approximately 340,000 is 2,000? We’re terrible at maths, but we do know that it’s a pretty big size of the population when you’re talking about volunteers from a small country such as Belize. But some 2,000 people were estimated to have showed up for the 22nd Annual Coastal National Coastal and River ways Clean-up campaign that was held during the last Saturday in September, with those environmental stalwarts Oceana Belize and the Scout Association of Belize lending their considerable support and reporting a record participation country wide. The 2,000 volunteers worked on cleaning up sections of the sea, various lakes, lagoons, rivers and creeks, removing piles of debris and trash from the beaches and banks of Belize’s precious waterways and generally giving the ecosystem a much needed show of support along with very practical help. Why? Because it’s the Belizean thing to do.

Belize’s Most Beautiful Beaches
A country facing the Caribbean Sea, Belize offers beaches – plenty of them, and most uncrowded. For the most part, all you have to do is head south and get past the regular tourist trail of the Northern Cayes. All along the south coast, from Dangriga to the Placencia Peninsula, there are beaches on shore and offshore idyllic cayes or islands — a little something for everyone. Hopkins is one of my favorite places to relax. Located on the east coast, and a short drive from Dangriga, this five-mile beach is quiet, nicely lined with coconut trees and with plenty of local life around, as well as budget accommodations. Hopkins is also an authentic Garifuna village — so while you spend some days burying your toes in the sand, others can be spent sampling Garifuna dishes, taking drumming lessons or exploring local art in this unique Afro-Amerindian beach village.

What’s the deal with our obsession with sweet corn?
In Belize we grow up on sweet corn and here at Ka’ana we absolutely LOVE it. You can find it as a gelato and in some of our cocktails (Who doesn’t love Ka’ana’s signature Sweet Corn Colada?). Some people even add it to our fish tacos. Corn is grown successfully in Belize, with the Cayo, Toledo and some parts of the Orange Walk District being particularly successful. It’s sweet, it’s crunchy and definitely satisfying. The best part is that you can get it from anywhere – from street vendors or fine restaurants – in a variety of preparations. As kids we grew up eating “sugar-corn” ice-cream and popsicles. You can also get rich and creamy atole – hot or chilled. Here in Belize we love sweet corn smothered in butter or lime and chile – even dipped in cream and sprinkled with cheese! The Mayas adored it, today’s new generations still love it and you too can get your sweet corn fix whenever you visit us!

International Sources

Honeymoon ideas for adrenaline junkies to foodie couples
According to, meanwhile, rates in Hanoi dropped 32 per cent in the first half of 2013 compared to the same period last year, making the Vietnamese capital one of the site’s picks for the top bargain destinations of 2013. But if it’s a beach vacation you’re after, consider the island of Ambergris Caye in Belize, which is often passed over by Caribbean-bound tourists for its more popular neighbours. Consequently, the tropical island boasts lower price points.

The Power of Photography
Photographers use their cameras as tools of exploration, passports to inner sanctums, instruments for change. Their images are proof that photography matters—now more than ever. Thirty-four years before the birth of this magazine, the Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard sourly prophesied a banal fate for the newly popularized art of photography. “With the daguerreotype,” he observed, “everyone will be able to have their portrait taken—formerly it was only the prominent—and at the same time everything is being done to make us all look exactly the same, so we shall only need one portrait.” The National Geographic Society did not set out to test Kierkegaard’s thesis, at least not right away. Its mission was exploration, and the gray pages of its official journal did not exactly constitute a visual orgy. Years would go by before National Geographic’s explorers would begin using the camera as a tool to bring back what is now its chief source of fame: photographic stories that can alter perceptions and, at their best, change lives.