The District Emergency Management Organization in Orange Walk continues to monitor the flooding in key areas in the district. While the waters slowly recede, as of the beginning of this week DEMO Orange Walk’s relief and supplies committee has been fully mobilized visiting four villages providing food supplies. Dalila Ical has the story.


“The Relief and Supplies Committee has been at work since Monday and up to around 9 last night was distributing food to residents in four villages in the Orange Walk District who have been affected by the swelling of the Rio Hondo River. NEMO Regional Coordinator for the North Elodio Aragon tells us more.”


“The water is down considerably and vehicles can go into both San Antonio and San Roman. So all the villages are now connected back to Orange Walk; we can go there by vehicles. Again what we have done the day before, yesterday and today was to get into the villages and issue supplies to every individual family bBecause some of them might not be able to go to work and some of them might have suffered a lot of losses and therefore at the least we can do is get in there and assist them with some food. So we have been there, we have delivered food to San Antonio, Santa Cruz, San Roman and Douglas. We took rice, beans, sugar, oil and flour.”


“Aragon says that undoubtedly the flooding has caused damage to the streets and will need reparation. While vehicles can now traffic the area; drivers of small vehicles are advised to traffic this area carefully. In reference to the flash flood in San Jose Village, again in the Orange Walk District, Aragon says the situation is under control.”


“It was a quick flooding but the water ran quick. So San Jose is ok we did not have to evacuate anybody.”


“We know of one family who had to be evacuated from their home as a result of the sudden flood but according to Aragon the family received assistance from other villages. Despite the unexpected incident Aragon says there has been no need to open shelters. NEMO is now working on sending public health officials to different houses and areas in the villages to avoid any possible outbreaks of diseases.”

In regards to the Corozal District, Elodio Aragon says that while the rains have been affecting the district, there have not been any major emergencies and everything is under control in that part of the country.