Jason Andrrews gives thumbs up to public apology, Louis Wade and Hon. John Saldivar

Plus TV’s owner and his former co-host were at the Supreme Court on Monday, October 7th, where they were seen with their caps in hand and tail between their legs as they publicly apologized to Hon. John Saldivar for speaking mistruths about him.

The matter had been called up for case management before Justice Abel, but before it could proceed, Plus TV’s owner, Louis Wade, notified the court that they were going to apologize to Hon. Saldivar. They were then given some time to finalize the apology. Shortly thereafter Hon. Saldivar spoke to the media. He explained that he was not seeking financial compensation in the matter since, “this was about my reputation, I am defending my name, it wasn’t about the money. I am not interested in getting any money from Plus TV or Mr. Andrews.” Hon. Saldivar explained that the entire matter was one that he found very offensive since he guards his name and reputation jealously and does not like when anyone tries to impute improper motives to his actions. He added that he was vindicated and was happy that the parties agreed with making the apology.

The apology reads as follows:


On the 24th January, 2013 a statement was made by PATRICK JASON ANDREWS and broadcast by PLUS TV LIMITED in relation to Hon. John Saldivar and his December, 2012 Christmas Assistance Program for the Belmopan Area that “it was a waste of 50,000 to continue having man like John Saldivar and his cronies drinking black label and wasting tax payers money and those monies are not going to the poor, they are not going to the needy.”

PLUS TV LIMITED recognizes and is satisfied that the statement made by PATRICK JASON ANDREWS and broadcast on PLUS TV LIMITED against the Hon. John Saldivar was wholly unfounded and wishes to express its sincere regret to Hon. John Saldivar for the statement made and to unreservedly apologize to him for any embarrassment and inconvenience which may have been caused to him by virtue of the publication of the said statement.

PLUS TV LIMITED takes this opportunity to unreservedly withdraw any allegations and imputations made in the statement against the character and integrity of the Hon. John Saldivar and undertakes to refrain from any further publication of the said statement.

As part of the apology, legal fees to the tune of almost $3000 dollars will have to be paid to Hon. Saldivar’s attorney.

The Guardian