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Today's Belize News: October 12, 2013 #474772
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10/12/13 05:26 AM
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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 5
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Caye Caulker Woman charged for cocaine possession
A woman living on the island of Caye Caulker was arrested and charged for the offence of drugs trafficking. 22-year-old Charlenne Young, a domestic of Back Street in Caye Caulker village was busted with cocaine when police were on patrol on Wednesday October 9th. According to Police sometime around 4PM on Wednesday, a team of Caye Caulker Police personnel were conducting mobile patrol near the Palapa Area on Front Street when their attention was drawn to a woman acting suspiciously while with a group. One of the female officers proceeded to search the lady, later identified as Young. A search on the person yield three small transparent plastic bag containing a white powder suspected to be cocaine hidden in Young’s brassiere.

National News: More scandal unravels at the Immigration and Nationality Department
The scandal involving the former Minister of State in the Ministry of Immigration and Nationality Elvin Penner is heating up again. Attorney Arthur Saldivar disclosed on Monday October 7th that 150 nationality applications were leaked out from the Immigration and Nationality Department and shows that the embattled Penner processed and signed all applications and they all contained inconsistencies. The latest revelation came on the deadline set by the People’s United Party (PUP) for Penner to resign or face recall. PUP initiates the recall of Elvin Penner On October 2nd, the Opposition PUP’s Party Leader, Francis Fonseca wrote to Penner advising him to resign as standard Bearer for Cayo North East by Monday October 7th, or face a recall by his constituency. “If you fail to resign…by 5PM on Monday October 7th, the PUP along with the electors of that division will initiate your recall as the Divisional Representative of Cayo North East Electoral Division in accordance with the Recall of Elected Representatives Act No. 20 of 2010” wrote Fonseca.

Hol Chan Marine Reserve receives $199,500 grant from PACT
Hol Chan Marine Reserve, working through the Belize Fisheries Department, was awarded one of six grants given out by the Protected Areas Conservation Trust (PACT). The grant award ceremony took place on Monday October 7th at the Belize City House of Culture, where the Ambergris Caye based Hol Chan Marine Reserve was awarded $199,500. A total of $736,769 in new project grants was given to six different groups in the country.

Counting the ways to spend your days on Ambergris Caye: ACES “Crocodile Scientific Investigators” CSI Adventure (#2)
Looking for a once-in-a-life time experience? Do you enjoy educational, hands-on experiences? Do critters with big teeth scare and thrill you? Ranked as the #1TripAdvisor activity on Ambergris Caye, the American Crocodile Education Sanctuary/ACES team of experts are a non-profit organization permitted by the Belize Forest Department to conduct ongoing research and management of this magnificent, modern-day dinosaur. Join the team as they night “eye-shine” the mangrove lagoons for American crocodiles aboard the Swamp Thing. Learn all about these protected apex predators, the delicate mangrove and marine habitats of Ambergris Caye and other native wildlife in the area. Excitement adds to the experience when witnessing nail-biting efforts to catch, tag and release wild crocs. Croc rescues and releases often coincide with the evening. A great family adventure for kids and adults alike. Visit their website at or call 631-6366.

Ambergris Today

Seafood Market Opens in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye
Island residents, businesses and tourists can now enjoy the perks of shopping for seafood in one particular location and can be sure it’s the best products at great prices. San Pedro, Ambergris Caye now counts with a newly opened seafood market, the National Fishermen Producers Co-operative Society Ltd. So what can you find at the new sea food market? Products include Lump Crab Meat, Caribbean Crab, Shrimps, Scallops, Crab Claws, Salmon Fillet, Smoked Salmon, Squid Rings, Octopus, Fish Fillet and Whole Fish. Seasonal products include Spiny Lobster Tails, Market Cleaned Conch and Ground Conch. Barbara Bradley, Executive Secretary of National Fishermen Producers Co-operative Ltd, explained that presently they are accepting produce from local fishermen but only if they are taken to Belize City.

San Pedro Darts Team Receive Donation from Town Council
The San Pedro Darts Team will be hosting the 19th Annual Belize National Darts Tournament at the San Pedro Lions Den from Friday, October 11, 2013 to Sunday, October 13, 2013. Councilor Gaby Nuñez presented a check of $1,000 on behalf of the San Pedro Town Council to Melanie Paz of the San Pedro Darts Team. The money donated will go towards the purchasing of trophies, new dart boards and other items needed for the tournament set up. The Belize National Darts Tournament will bring in about 100 players and supporters to the event and everyone is invited to attend. The tournament commences on Friday, October 11, 2013 at 6p.m. There will be lots to eat and drink.

Misc Belizean Sources

I am Ramon's Video
A short video describing the rebuilding at Ramon's. In news from San Pedro, Ramon's Village says they're well on their way to recovery, and the management has set a goal to be fully reopened by the end of the year. They've been hard at work to rebuild the damaged parts of the resort, and in order to promote the reopening, they've started production on a video series called "We Are Ramon's" to showcase far along the resort has come since the fire, which destroyed 29 of its 71 cabanas. A press release from the resort pledges that the business place will be "back, bigger, and better than ever on December 20, 2013".

has been extended for another week (October 18, 2013).

UB Breast Cancer Awareness Day
The University of Belize had their Breast Cancer Awareness day on Wednesday. Paint Belize Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Oasis of Blessing at Octavia Waight
The Oasis of Blessing is today all day at the Octavia Waight Centre auditorium.

Boxing Entertainment in Cayo
Tonight at the Cayo Welcome Center the Belize Development Council and the SISE Town Council will be having a cultural night with Boxing and entertainment, including Airbender Ashanti Garcia performing.

Issues on Copyright and Related Rights
The Belize Intellectual Property Office (BELIPO), in cooperation with the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) is hosting a two-day workshop on "Issues on Copyright and Related Rights". The workshop is open to all persons who fall under the Copyright Act of Belize, including but not limited to: artists, photographers, architects, computer programmers, musicians, performers, graphic designers, writers, publishers, students, filmmakers, producers, directors, actors, and librarians.

Channel 7

Hundreds of Thousands Embezzled From Southern Regional Hospital, Administrator Suspended
Just last night we aired an update into the ongoing audit of the Southern Regional Hospital - where there have been rumours of substantial misappropriation of public funds. But, after the CEO Peter Allen spoke to us in the morning, later that evening when he was heading up to Belmopan he got a call from the Auditor General's Department. They had made dramatic and disturbing findings. This afternoon via telephone from Belmopan CEO Allen told us what they told him:.. Dr. Peter Allen, CEO - Ministry of Health "What they found was 3 cheques totaling $7,060 which were drawn from the hospital account which manages funds for NHI deliveries of babies at the hospital. They found 3 cheques totaling $7,060 w which was made out to cash or to the administrator Nasley Sommerville. What is more distressing is that they cannot account for 189 cheques." "With 3 cheques totaling $7,060 - 189 cheques of course may amount to very significant sums of money and it appears that somebody was running a separate checking system, so that there were multiple cheque books. This may well amount to very significant sums of money. You had mentioned figures in the hundreds of thousands and I think that may well turn out to be true."

83 Year Old Murder Suspect Gets Bail
Bail for murder is extremely rare, but so is an the case of an 83 year old charged for killing his wife. And so, tonight, 83 year-old Manuel Cucul, a resident of PG, is out on bail for murder after spending several months in prison for allegedly killing his 82 year-old wife, Maria Chen. Cucul's attorney, Kevin Arthurs, applied to the Supreme Court for bail, and the matter was heard by Justice Troadio Gonzalez today. Arthurs submitted that Cucul was diagnosed with dementia and amnesia. Arthurs told the court that given the rapid deterioration of his client's health, the medical staff at the Kolbe Foundation became concerned that he wouldn't be able to survive under the harsh conditions among the prison population.

Mayor Won’t Accept Chang’s Request For Extension
Belize City Mayor Darrell Bradley gave his Deputy Eric Chang until today to appear for a meeting with him. That deadline came and went without any sign of Chang. Chang did send the mayor an email earlier in the week asking for an extension to October 25th to deal with his ailing grandfather in Taiwan. Via text message, we asked the mayor if this had been granted, and late last night Mayor Bradley sent us a text message saying that, quote, "We are not inclined to grant any extension for his post as deputy and works councilor." End quote. Today when the deadline for Chang to show up had passed, we asked that mayor if any decision has been taken to move Councilor Chang. He told us, quote, "Not yet, council will meet next week…and then make a decision." Chang has not returned our requests for an interview. Is he in the country, or isn't he? Well, there are varied reports on that - with multiple phantom sightings. We don't know about any of that, all we can say is he hasn't presented himself to his boss, the Mayor.

Hulse Denies Visa Quota, PM Laments It
So is there a visa quota system for ministers or isn't there? It is a perplexing question - because there are mixed messages coming from Cabinet. On Wednesday, the Minister of Immigration flatly denied any knowledge of any such system. Here are his remarks:.. Daniel Ortiz "Can you tell us if there any such system?" Hon. Godwin Hulse "Absolutely none, I don't know where they got that information from. No minister is allowed to sell visas. Nobody in this country is allowed to sell visas. The process of getting a visa is applying to the Department. When you apply to the Department, there is a fee that you pay. The Chinese I think pays $2,000, Indians pay something else, and other nationals pay another price. You apply there and you get your visa." Daniel Ortiz "So you're saying categorically, that this system does not exist."

PUP Cayo NE Hopeful Says UDP Smothering Recall With Intimidation
And as much as Penner has embarrassed and pained the Prime Minister, as party leader, to keep his government together, Barrow has ordered his senior ministers to go and support Penner in Cayo northeast and campaign to block a recall effort. That support was rolled out on Sunday, in time to seriously dampen the PUP's recall petition drive. Landy Habet is the PUP Standard bearer who lost by only 17 votes to Elvin Penner in the 2012 general election - and he is the man who would face him or his successor in a bye election. Today he told us how the effort has been somewhat stalled:.. Orlando "Landy" Habet - PUP Standard bearer "On Sunday we were organizing a rally but we got some information early that the government people would be there trying to disrupt things to agitate something against it and so just about in the morning we found out that Mr. John Saldivar, the Deputy Prime Minister, the UDPs from San Ignacio - they had a meeting right beside where we were preparing for our activity. What we did was deployed the people out to do a house to house campaign. When we found out that the government was also doing a house to house campaign. but this was an anti-Penner petition campaign. The people are saying that they come in and they say that they came to apologize on behalf of Mr. Penner who is suffering from high blood pressure so he can't be here personally to ask for an apology. That's the campaign."

Man Critical After Iguana Street Shooting
When we left you last night, it was with the news that a man had been shot during the news - and was in a serious condition. Well, 28 year old Shane Vernon survived four shots but is in a critical condition. Vernon was shot in front of the home of his ex-common-law-wife late yesterday evening. It happened just before 7:00 Iguana Street. The 28 year old had gone to visit his child and was standing outside the gate wife when a gunman came from behind and opened fired. Vernon was shot 5 times to the upper right back, lower right abdomen, upper left back, the neck and to his right hand. We understand that he was not the intended target for last night's shooting. The shooting is believed to have been retaliation for a recent stabbing incident. Tonight he remains hospitalized in a critical condition.

UB Lecturers In Uproar After Secure Employment Replaced By 1 Year Contracts
Teachers from the University of Belize met with an attorney today to find out about the implications of a new contract system set in place by the Administration since the beginning of the month. Their concern stems from the fact that they are expected to sign 1 year contracts when many of these lecturers and professors, who have been at the University for over 10 years, believed that they had security of tenure. 7News understands that the 1-year contracts were handed to the entire teaching staff, and they are expected to sign on to these new terms of employment by Saturday, or risk being removed from the payroll. As we've said this comes as a big surprise to the long-standing teachers at UB because their ongoing communication, before this 1-year contract emerged, was that they have security of tenure based on their credentials, and their years of service.

Cabinet Smiles At Stake Bank, MOU Next
A few weeks ago, we reported that the Stake Bank and North Drowned Caye Cruise Tourism projects had gotten full environmental clearance. But, the matter is still before Cabinet - and is pending the signing of a memorandum of understanding with Government. But today CEO in the Ministry of Trade Mike Singh told us that it basically has the executive green light:.. Mike Singh - CEO, Ministry of Trade "We've been looking very closely at the project. There has been some request to Mr. Feinstein to make some adjustments and I will tell you the particular adjustments have to do with his request to develop Drowned Caye as a commercial island whereby you would have a tax free zone. There is of course a lot of concern by the domestic economy in Belize City that that would take away a lot of the business."

Norwegian Says Mayans Support Harvest Caye, Greg Ch’oc Says Not So Fast
In other Cruise port news, Norwegian Cruise Line says that it has gotten the support of twelve Mayan Villages in the south for the Port to call that they are proposing to build on Harvest Caye. As we showed you, the project has had its number of opponents who do not believe that mass cruise tourism should be opened up in the south, but according to NCL, 12 Mayan Villages have given public support for the project. A release from the company says that Mayan Leaders of these 12 villages were in attendance at a meeting on September 15, and they announced their support, urging other villagers who attended to support the project as well. These leaders reportedly explained to the villagers that the NCL development on Harvest Caye will give outlying villages the opportunity to provide fruits, vegetables, arts and craft to tourists without having to leave their homes for markets farther away than the island.

Garbage On Beach Causing San Pedro Headaches
3 Weeks ago, 7News told you about the island of garbage which washed up onto the shorelines of San Pedro and Caye Caulker. Well, 7News has received a complaint that the San Pedro Town Council has not done enough to clean up the beaches, which is still under those mountains of garbage. The individual claims that locals on San Pedro have been trying to organize themselves to make cleanup efforts but they need help, which hasn't been forthcoming from the Town Council. As a result, we contacted Mayor Daniel Guerrero today who told us that the person making that complaint is being unfair to the Town Council. He said that since this situation took place, his council has been working very hard to try to clean up, but according to Guerrero, for every few days of progress that they make; more garbage just washes up on the beaches.

The Return Of Ramon’s
And in better news from San Pedro, Ramon's Village says they're well on their way to recovery, and the management has set a goal to be fully reopened by the end of the year. They've been hard at work to rebuild the damaged parts of the resort, and in order to promote the reopening, they've started production on a video series called "We Are Ramon's" to showcase far along the resort has come since the fire, which destroyed 29 of its 71 cabanas. A press release from the resort pledges that the business place will be "back, bigger, and better than ever on December 20, 2013". The video series can be found at the Ramon's Village youtube page.

Trading Information for Trade
Today Belize launched its National Trade Information Network in coordination with the Caribbean Export and Development Agency. It's all about what the trade experts call Market Intelligence. David Gomez of Caribbean Export explained:.. David Gomez "The good this is for the entire Caribbean region this is then the first launch of any national trade information network across the Cariforum region. When you look at trade portals across the world, the one deficit all of them have is information on the Caribbean. The one challenge you always have is understanding what companies exist where or what types of products and services they are providing and who is doing what." Mike Singh - CEO, Ministry of Trade "Ideally it offer the kind of information on productivity, on availability of products, on policies, on value and volume of products that have move and available to be moved so that anybody making a decision on investment for instance let's say you want to invest in grain production and you need to understand what the current productivity of grain, what are the markets, what are the exports and it gives you a good idea whether the investment makes sense or not."

What’s In an Egg?
The second Friday in October is set aside for world egg day, and today, for the second year, the poultry association decided to organize a school feeding programme. They did it at Stella Maris where they used 400 eggs to cater 200 egg and bean burritos. We found out more:.. Orlando "Landy" Habet "This year we partner with BAHA and they came up with the bright idea to lets show people that eggs cannot only be consumed alone but egg is a product that is so versatile that it can be consumed with any other product, we are going to combine it with beans, tortilla, a banana each and also some milk." Jules Vasquez "is the consumption of eggs by the Belizean population still robust?" Orlando "Landy" Habet "Yes, as a matter of fact in 2003 -2004 the consumption was just a little bit over 110 eggs per person per year. In the last 6-7 years we have increased the consumption now to about 150-160 eggs per person per year."

Belize vs. Guat In Boxing
And eggs are a great source of protein for boxers - and the ones we met today at the Lion's Den boxing camp will need a lot of it. Tomorrow they are facing off against a roster of Guatemalan boxers. It's happening at the Welcome Center in San Ignacio and we went into the Lion's Den to find out if they are hungry for a victory over Guatemala:.. Clinton Tucker - Trainer, Lion's Den "It's about national pride, the pride of the gym, the pride of the boxers - it's all about pride on a whole." Alex Neal "The truth is that you feel a little nervous - I feel a little nervous but after I get into the ring and feel some punches and stuff, the lion in me just starts to get aggressive, hungry because I am always hungry to fight." Warren Davis "A little bit nervous, but still strong, ready to go, ready to take on this boxer. Whosoever come in front of me just have to man up and bring their best because I will bring my best also. I've been working out for a long while." Jules Vasquez "Can you prepare for an opponent that you don't know?"

A New Basketball Elite League
This weekend the Belize Basketball Federation is set to host a two-day basketball tournament in Orange Walk. 8 teams, including 1 from each district, will compete against each other to find out who is the best of the best among the elite ballers of the country. Today, President of the BBF stopped by 7News to tell us why you should view it as previews of coming attractions: Paul Thompson "The Belize Basketball Federation will be hosting a basketball tournament in Orange Walk Town this Saturday and Sunday. This tournament is for elite players and 8 teams will be participating. Teams from each district as well as San Pedro and Belmopan." "This tournament is being sponsored by the Area Representative for Orange Walk North and by BTL. This tournament is a preview to the elite league that the Belize Basketball Federation is planning for next year. The best players from each district will be in Orange Walk this weekend vying for champion of this tournament."

Channel 5

ComPol says Penner not under investigation
Former Minister of State Elvin Penner is not the subject of any investigation, administrative or criminal. That was confirmed today by Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie. It’s a stunning revelation. [...]

Minister of Immigration admits to corruption in department
The Police are not looking at Penner. What then will they investigate? Perhaps, they will investigate the persistent reports that there is a parallel passport scheme which bypasses the protocol [...]

Visas hustle…Godwin Hulse says it’s happening
And then there is the damning revelation of a quota system being operated by U.D.P. ministers. The Prime Minister admits to getting reports of that large scale nationality hustle, and [...]

New measures to clamp down on hanky-panky at Immigration Department
On Thursday’s newscast, we showed you the highlights from a press conference which lasted nearly two and a half hours. The head-table was intent on looking to the future, while [...]

News Five goes tracking Wonhong Kim at his Piscine Area address
The nationality certificate obtained by Wonhong Kim, the South Korean fugitive who got Belizean nationality and passport states that Kim resides in Belmopan. There is no house number provided, but [...]

Landy Espat says there is need for a re-registration exercise
The involvement of Elvin Penner in the issuance of nationality certificates and passports has far reaching implications. Earlier today, Landy Espat, a member of the Elections and Boundaries Commission, wrote [...]

Will there be a recall? U.D.P. and P.U.P. operatives on the campaign
At the break of the scandal, the Opposition asked Penner to resign or be recalled. Last weekend, the P.U.P. went into full gear and started the collection of signatures required [...]

Julius Espat says press conference filled with hypocrisy
The two hour and a half press conference offered on Thursday by the Prime Minister and the Minister of Immigration was informative; it brought out information long in circulation that [...]

Opposition says there has been no meeting with Elvin Penner
Since the last email Penner sent to the media in late September, he has remained mum and away from the watchful eyes of the public. The opposition has called for [...]

Elderly P.G. man accused of murdering his wife, out on bail
In other news….the oldest inmate to be on jail on remand is an eighty-three year old P.G. man charged for killing his wife back in May 2012. But tonight, Manuel [...]

Mechanic found guilty of obtaining property by deception
A Belize City mechanic who reportedly swindled money from two customers, who were also his friends, was before the court today to answer to two counts of obtaining property by [...]

Belize City man critical after Thursday night shooting
Twenty-eight year old Shane Vernon remains in critical condition tonight at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital after being shot in the City on Thursday night. According to police, Vernon, who [...]

VIP joins in the recall of Elvin Penner
The Vision Inspired by the People political party says that Minister of Immigration Godwin Hulse is a disappointment to them. Today that party came out swinging in the wake of [...]

Social Partners will not give any legitimacy to the PAC
The P.U.P. Deputy Leader, Julius Espat is also the Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee. The opposition has walked away from the scheduled hearings because a proposal to change its [...]

A basketball tournament in Orange Walk this weekend
The Belize Basketball Federation has been engaged in promoting young athletes to eventually make to the big leagues. So this weekend, the B.B.F. is hosting a major event in Orange [...]

Please assist 9 year old Jevaun Freeman
Nine year old Jevaun Freeman from Belize City is afflicted with a rare disease which can’t be treated locally. He was first diagnosed with the condition on September twenty-third and [...]


Students of Stella Maris Dined For World Egg Day
Yesterday we told you about World Mental Health Day and today we’ll tell you about World Egg Day. It is celebrated on the second Friday in the Month of October and Belize has been recognizing the day for the past seven years. As part of the activities the Belize Poultry Association hosted breakfast for the students of the Stella Maris School in Belize City. Orlando Habet is the Manager of the Belize Poultry Association. ORLANDO HABET “It is important because we want to create awareness for the conception of eggs. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, FAO has been promoting for several years now the use of eggs also as an ingredient, as a nutrient to combat not only malnutrition but also poverty and determine it a nutritional property. We have been doing our share and because we have partnership with the Federation of Poultry Producers of Central America and with the Poultry Federation of Latin America, they also celebrate World Egg Day and everybody celebrates it on the same day. One of the things we want to do also is that apart from the awareness of egg conception, we want people to understand that the nutritional value of eggs is so superior to many other products that one egg a day does not hurt you in anyway.

Compol Says Penner Is Not Being Investigated by Police
Love news spoke with Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie who confirmed that indeed a criminal investigation is underway however former Minister of State Elvin Penner is not a part of that investigation. ALLEN WHYLIE “Police have launched an investigation in respect to the issue of the nationality section pertaining to the certificates that where seen on the TV.” AVA DIAZ SOSA “So would that then indicate that you’re looking at Mr. Saldivar? Are you looking at Mr. Penner? What exactly is the investigation looking at, at this point in time?” ALLEN WHYLIE “As I said it’s looking at the Nationality section so it would have to be the missing files.” AVA DIAZ SOSA “As well when he spoke to the media a couple days ago, Mr. Author Saldivar suggested or indicated that there was the search warrant issued and in fact he was being sought. Is that so?”

Prime Minister Wouldn’t Want Recall Mechanism to Succeed in Cayo Northeast
Thursday’s press conference with Prime Minister, Dean Barrow and Immigration Minister, Godwin Hulse revealed much more than time permitted us to share. While it was the UDP Government that enacted the Recall Mechanism, Prime Minister Barrow said that he would not like to see the process take effect in this instance, but added that Penner can never again be a member of the UDP Cabinet. RT. HON. DEAN BARROW “We have now been able to unlock this Petro Caribe largesse, if you will, which will allow us to drive the infrastructure job creating development agenda in a way that as I said will usher in hitherto unseen, golden age of growth in this country. We believe in the context of that larger picture, we are entitled to go to ask the people of Cayo Northeast to help us preserve our government even if it means thereby they are preserving Penner’s seat.

Fundraiser Scheduled To Help Terminally Ill Patients
The Belize Hospice and Palliative Care Foundation dedicates it’s time to help terminally ill patients who cannot afford medical expenses. The patients are either affected by cancer, diabetes, mental or other life limiting illnesses. On Saturday the Foundation will host its annual awareness concert at the Memorial Park in Belize City. The event will begin at four in the afternoon and will feature a number of local bands. The Foundation will have food and drinks on sale in an effort to raise funds to keep their work going. According to organizers it is a family affair and everyone is invited to come out and learn more about the important work of the Belize Hospice and Palliative Care Foundation.

Accused Murderer Granted Bail
An elderly man who is charged with the murder of his wife is out on bail. 83-year-old Manuel Cucul of San Marcus Village in the Toledo District is accused of killing his wife in May 2012. Cucul’s attorney Kevin Arthurs successfully argued for bail in front of Justice Troadio Gonzalez. Justice Gonzalez granted Cucul bail in the sum of ten thousand dollars or two sureties of five thousand dollars each. Arthurs submitted that his client was diagnosed with dementia and amnesia on June 1, 2012 by a psychiatric nurse. The nurse who assessed him said Cucul is disoriented, repetitious and deluded and that he had impaired mental and physical ability. Arthurs also submitted that his clients physical and mental condition were also deteriorating and questions have arisen as to how long he would be able to survive in the harsh conditions of the prison population.

Father Gets Shot While Visiting His Son
A man was shot five times on Thursday night but is alive after having undergone corrective surgery. 28 year-old Shane Vernon, a messenger at RSV Media Centre had just gone to visit with his son on Iguana Street Extension and was standing in front of the gate when at around six- 45 pm, a gunman who was stalking another man, approached from behind and opened fire. The intended target fled, leaving Vernon right in the path of the bullets. Four of the shots ripped through his upper body and the fifth struck him in the back of the neck. Vernon’s brother told us on the basis of anonymity how it unfolded and what the doctor’s prognosis is. Brother of shooting victim “It was a mistake because he doesn’t mess with anybody; he’s one of the coolest persons and he didn’t’ have any problem with anyone but you know what’s happening in the streets right now; people just firing bullets like their lost.”

Memorandum of Understanding Coming On Stream Soon for Stake Bank Project
Last month it was reported that the Feinstein Group’s development plan for North Drowned Caye and Stake Bank received approval by National Environment Appraisal Committee. Well according to Michael Singh of the Cabinet’s Sub-Committee on Investment, a memorandum of understanding will soon be signed in regards to the Stake Bank Project. MICHAEL SINGH “We’ve been looking very closely at the project; there have been some requests to Mr. Feinstein to make some adjustments. I will tell you the particular adjustments have to do with his request to develop Drowned Caye as a commercial island, whereby you will have a tax free zone. There is of course a lot of concern, by the domestic economy of Belize City, that that would take away a lot of the business. So we’ve requested some adjustments that I believe he has agreed to. I haven’t gotten a report out of the latest cabinet briefing on it so I don’t know exactly where they went to but I do know that he has removed some of the concerning issues and I believe that we should be moving forward to a MOU stage hopefully in the next week or two.”

Mayor Says Chang Needs To Return to Belize ASAP
Belize City Deputy Mayor Eric Chang remains away from his desk. Mayor Darrell Bradley had publicly said he had given his deputy a deadline of today to report back to the job, but that did not happen. Mayor Bradley told Love news as far as he is aware Chang remains in Taiwan. He said Chang had requested an extension for his absence. Bradley said that request was denied and Chang needs to return and face the music. MAYOR DARRELL BRADLEY “What we have done as a council is that we have taken a decision that I was to write him which I have done and I had required that he comes back into the jurisdiction today. He’s not coming to the jurisdiction today. He got the email, he phoned me and we had a very lengthy discussion as it relates to when he is coming back into the country. We are treating this from 2 stand points: (1) there is a very serious issue as it relates to his name being called in the immigration scandal.

Opposition Party Works to Meet Target for Recall Mechanism
This weekend, PUP’s Standard Bearer for Cayo North-East Orlando Habet will deploy his full team to once again continue the collection of signatures to trigger the recall mechanism. Habet’s aim is to successfully recall Former Minister of State and current Area Representative for that constituency, Elvin Penner. Habet told Love News today that so far about one thousand three hundred signatures have been collected out of the one thousand eight hundred that is needed. ORLANDO HABET “What people are concerned about is that if the Government of Mr. Barrow formulated and passed this legislation to give the citizens of this country an opportunity to have a recall of an elected representative, why is it now that when the citizens are taking advantage or utilizing that advantage that has been given to them through this legislation. why is it that the government now comes and enforce, comes out to do an anti-campaign against the very legislation that they passed? So, we are still out there; the government is doing their own job of going against the petition. We still are collecting signatures maybe slower than we did on Saturday because maybe we should have anticipated that they would be out there but I am still confident that we will be able to collect those signatures and then that will test the mechanisms firstly to trigger the recall and then go into the referendum but yes I am confident that if we get to an election I will win my election and they do not have a candidate that will be prepared at this moment but because they can see that comparably my leadership is far beyond and above what Mr. Penner has had. “

Governor General Travels to Grenada
Governor General Sir Colville Young left Belize today for Grenada. The Governor General will be the guest of honour at the October graduation ceremony of the University of the West Indies school of continuing studies. In the absence of the Governor General, Cabinet Secretary Carlos Perdomo will be acting Governor General.

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Immigration Ministry outlines new protocol for immigration documents
On Thursday the Minister of Immigration and Nationality Senator Godwin Hulse stepped forward with measures to stop the rot at a Ministry that has been the subject of numerous scandals, none more damaging than the recent furor over Citizen Kim Won-Hong originally of South Korea. Noting that Belize has...

Immigration Investigation is concluding
The trio of Immigration officers accused of aiding former Minister of State Elvin Penner in his misadventures find themselves subject to inquiry by the Public Service. On Thursday CEO in the Ministry of Immigration and Nationality, Candelaria Saldivar-Morter, indicated that the investigation is closing down and the Public Service...

Arthur Saldivar will disclose Immigration documents at Press Conference
Though official authorities have denied it, attorney and political aspirant Arthur Saldivar has become the key target of the embattled Department of Immigration and Nationality, who are looking for his files of 150 documents which he charges outlined a grave operation to sell not only passports, but visas to...

The Human Rights Commission of Belize publicly condemn the misconduct of Elvin Penner
The Human Rights Commission of Belize (HRCB), one of the oldest NGOs in the country, issued a press release in which they publicly condemned the reproachable misconduct which the former Minister of State Elvin Penner has been associated with. According to the press release, HRCB has joined others in...

Audit continues at Southern Regional Hospital
Following concerns of irregularities reported at Dangriga’s Southern Regional Hospital, the usual internal audit conducted by the Ministry of Health was expanded to invite in the Auditor General’s office. CEO Dr. Peter Allen today said the matter was under investigation as of Monday but the Ministry had acted immediately...

Ministry of Health reviews accounts and strategic plan
The Ministry of Health in conjunction with the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) staged a “Health in Development” Forum at the Radisson Hotel on Thursday, during which it presented its national health strategic plan and the national health accounts. Opening the event, Ministry CEO Dr. Peter Allen outlined the...

Belize still on cholera alert
The deadly and contagious disease cholera is on the rampage in Mexico and its health authorities met with their Belizean counterparts in the Free Zone a few days ago. Ministry of Health CEO Dr. Peter Allen gives details of Belize’s preparations to stave off the disease. Dr. Peter Allen...

Crime rate down for first 9 months
According to Police Statistics, the crime rate is down for the first 9 months, when it is compared to the same period of the year 2012. The difference, as it pertains to crimes in relation to murder, rape, robbery, burglary, theft and carnal knowledge, is a mere 6 figure...

World Mental Health Day celebrated
Thursday was World Mental Health Day and the focus of activities is on older adults. The Ministry of Health coordinated activities along with the Mental Health Association in Belize City and today at the Mental Health Resource Center the official ceremony was observed. We asked Secretary of the Mental...

CAPS plans Youth Center for Belize City
The Community Action for Public Safety (CAPS) program spearheaded by the chief social sector Ministries of Government – Education and Human Development – will move into high gear over the next year with an infrastructure splurge costing over $3 million. Contracts were signed with contractors BAE and Usher Construction...

Public hearing planned to discuss the Criminal Code Amendment Bill 2
The Constitution and Foreign Affairs Committee has secured a venue for a public hearing to further discuss the Criminal Code Amendment Bill 2. That forum is scheduled for next week Tuesday, 13 October at the Jaguar Auditorium at the University of Belize, Belmopan Campus. Persons or interested bodies wishing...


In the press conference about the “Penner Passport Scandal,” PM Barrow admitted that he had heard reports that some of his Ministers were involved in a visa scam – but had no proof! Barrow said what Penner did was “damned wrong”; he is “absolutely ashamed” of him; “he can never return to the UDP Cabinet”… but the PM has “an interest in preserving the government of the UDP.” Prime Minister Dean Barrow has confirmed in a very ‘informative’ press conference held at the Biltmore Plaza Hotel this afternoon, which included Immigration Minister Godwin Hulse; the Director of Immigration, Mrs. Maria Marin; and the CEO in the Ministry of Immigration, Mrs. Candelaria Saldivar-Morter, that he too has heard reports that a number of Cabinet Ministers are involved in corruption, to wit, the selling of visas to foreign nationals, mainly from Asian and Middle Eastern countries.

No more defending Hon. Penner over passport scandal. It is typically a bad sign for the government of the day when the unions begin to mobilize in opposition to their actions. The National Trade Union Congress of Belize (NTUCB), which represents seven unions, including the Public Service Union, came out today with a stern censure of the government and those responsible for the raging passport scandal coming out of the Immigration Department. NTUCB, in its late release to the media today, had some choice words not only for the Prime Minister, but also for the law enforcement authorities and the people of Belize in general. First, to the Prime Minister, who has insisted that there is no need for a criminal investigation into the matter, the NTUCB stated: “As evidence continues to come to light daily, even the blind can see that laws have been broken here! Vital processes have been circumvented and the integrity of our sovereign nation has been shattered.”

Shane Vernon, 28, of Iguana Street, Belize City, is fighting for his life at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital after he was shot four times in the back at about 8:30 tonight on Iguana Street in front of the gate of his home. Vernon was standing in front of the gate, holding his baby, when a gunman approached from the direction of Seagull Street and shot him multiple times in his back. Vernon collapsed, and the shooter, according to witnesses, ran back up into Seagull Street and then got into a car that sped away. Police officers who were in the area responded quickly and took Vernon to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. The latest reports reaching Amandala tonight are that Vernon was taken into the operating theater to undergo surgery.

The passport only costs $9,900. Amandala has learned that an entity which identifies itself as IPCBelize is claiming to be offering fast-tracked Belize passports and other residency services to persons who want to relocate to The Jewel—an offering which Belizean authorities say is not legitimate. Although there is a residency requirement of 5 years for persons wishing to apply for a Belizean passport, the entity’s website claims that persons who pay a specified fee can get a Belize/CARICOM passport in as little as 6 months. More specifically, the homepage says, “Second Passport, Citizenship & Residency in Belize! You can have a Belize passport in as little as 6 months [for] $9,900.00.” “A $3,900 advance is required with the remaining $6,000 balance due upon order completion (30 days),” said a post on, citing a correspondence issued in response to a query for a Belize passport. The name of the responder is listed as Richard Hoffmann with a Belize City P.O. Box number – 2481.

Crime statistics released by the Belize Police Department today continue to demonstrate an increase in the number of carnal knowledge cases reported to police – along with a concomitant increase in the number of arrests for such cases. For the first three quarters of 2013, there have been 57 cases reported—a sharp 58% rise over the total for January to September 2012. Meanwhile, related arrests have also increased by 58%, according to the police data. Overall, major crimes are down by roughly 11%, with murder, rape, robbery and theft down by double-digit figures. More specifically, murders are down by 24% over the same period last year, with 25 fewer murders recorded between January to September 2013, versus the same period in 2012. Up to the end of September, police recorded 81 murders, contrasting with 106 up to last September. Over 40% of those murders were recorded in Belize City.

The Office of the Special Envoy for Women and Children held a press conference, in collaboration with the Ministry of Human Development, Social Transformation and Poverty Alleviation, at the Radisson Fort George Hotel in Belize City Wednesday morning, at which they presented Government’s defense for controversial changes to Belize sexual offense laws—changes which some concerned citizens have criticized as oddly introducing gender neutral clauses which, they contend, favor the legitimization and mainstreaming of homosexuality and other acts banned under Section 53 of Belize’s Criminal Code as “unnatural crimes.” The press conference was held in the context of a breakfast meeting with the press. When we showed up, in an effort to catch the main part of the press briefing, Judith Alpuche, the Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Human Development, Social Transformation and Poverty Alleviation, was countering allegations that the legislative proposals are being implemented by the Government of Belize to accommodate UNIBAM – United Belize Advocacy Movement, an NGO which is challenging the constitutionality of Belize’s anti-sodomy law in the court.

With 7 teams participating in this 2013-2014 PLB Opening Season, each team will play 6 games in each of two round–robins, making it a total of 12 regular season games per team, 6 at home and 6 on the road. (With an uneven number of teams in the tournament, each week there is one team “resting.” Last weekend, it was Police’s turn to sit and watch.) On Krem Television’s Sunday night football report, following the Saturday night game between BDF and Verdes at the Carl Ramos Stadium, Krem’s Mose Hyde asked Tilliman if there was any truth to the rumor that this might be his last season. Tilliman, who played last season with FC Belize but is now with Verdes FC, confirmed; this would be his last semipro football season.

Tonight was tip-off time for the semifinals of the Belize District Basketball Association (BDBA) Firms Tournament 2013, and word just reached our sports desk that Port of Belize and Customs were both victorious in the first game of their best-of-three games semifinal series. In the opener tonight, Port of Belize trailed for three quarters before pulling out a 1 point, 57-56, win over a game Belize City Council. Port was led by Vince “Post” Estrada 15 pts, Earl Johnson 14 pts 8 rebs, and Ian “AC” Augustine 9 pts 7 rebs; while City Council had Ian Ferrera 16 pts 4 rebs, Densford Bevans 15 pts, and Kenroy Usher 10 pts.

The 2nd Annual SMART 13 & Under Football Tournament got under way with Week 1 games on Saturday, October 5, at the MCC Grounds, after special guest,national team star Ian Gaynair kicked off the first ball to open the tournament. Like last year, 10 teams are participating in the tournament, with all uniforms provided by SMART. All teams will play each Saturday, so the regular season will run for 9 weeks, followed by two more weeks for the semifinals and finals. In game 1 on Saturday, Brown Bombers dropped defending champions Hattieville United, 3-0, with goals from Naheem Gentle, Sherwin Requena and Tyreek Mushamp. Game 2 saw Collet Strikers with the 1-nil win over Survivors, courtesy of a goal by Tyrel Estrada. Game 3 was another 1-nil score, as Justin Menzies scored to give Third World the victory over Young Stars. It was 1-nil again in game 4, as Nelson Tablada’s goal gave City Boys Junior the win over Belize Elementary. And in game 5, Ladyville Jaguars played to a 0-0 draw with Rising Stars, which is also out of Ladyville.

The World Bank recently released numbers indicating that about $400 billion has been pilfered from Nigeria’s treasury since independence. One needs to stop for a moment to wrap one’s mind around that incredible figure. This amount – $400 billion – is approximately the gross domestic products of Norway and of Sweden. In other words, Nigeria’s corrupt ruling class stole the equivalent of the entire economy of a European country in four decades! This theft of national funds is one of the factors essentially making it impossible for Nigeria to succeed. Nigerians alone are not responsible. We all know that this corrupt cabal of Nigerians in power has friends abroad who not only help it move the billions abroad and help them hide the money, but also shield the perpetrators from prosecution. - pgs. 249, 250, THERE WAS A COUNTRY, Chinua Achebe, Penguin Press, New York, 2012 Belize is a small country where it sometimes seems that the majority of the citizens must be either hungry or greedy. That combination of hunger and greed has contributed to a culture of corruption which has well nigh overwhelmed us since we achieved political independence 32 years ago.

In their newspaper attack on Mose Hyde and KREM TV last week, the ruling UDP inadvertently blew up the propaganda line the ruling faction of the Opposition PUP have been pursuing since 2009. The PUP faction which re-acquired control of the PUP in late 2011 began that propaganda line in 2009 with their expensive and ill-fated National Perspective newspaper. Their propaganda line claimed that we at Kremandala were bought and paid for by UDP Prime Minister Dean Barrow. The PUP ruling faction deliberately ignored all evidence to the contrary of their propaganda line, because they have sought to establish and preserve a neoliberal dogma purity in the party. It was important for them to discredit any criticism coming out of Partridge by convincing the PUP faithful that, contrary to its entire 44 years history, Kremandala had become a little Tommy Tucker.

“We cannot, and will not, in any way shape or form, legitimize ‘the government investigating itself!’” In a joint statement issued today, the National Trade Union Congress of Belize (NTUCB), the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI), and the church community – the Belize Association of Evangelical Churches along with the Belize Council of Churches — issued a statement calling the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) meetings being led by the ruling United Democratic Party a “charade.” “This joint body opines that without an objective oversight element (as is indicative in the NTUCB’s Senate representation proposal) in effect for these hearings, the process is significantly flawed and has no credibility as an investigative process. We emphatically declare that we refuse to lend credibility to such a charade,” their joint statement said.

— by Elma Whittaker-Augustine Clinical Psychologist Belize has been faced with increased crime and violence for a couple decades. In 2012, Belize was rated as the 6th most violent country in the world with a murder rate of 41 per 100,000 residents with the majority of murder, burglary and theft occurring in Belize City. The murder rate for 2012 was also reported to be 15% higher than 2011. In January 2013, the highlight was four brutal murders in the George Street Area, Belize City, and adding to the ongoing statistics is the recent murder in September of the National Karaoke Latino Champion. Crime in Belize has become an overwhelming societal problem that affects us psychologically/personally. What factors are contributing to high crime and violence in Belize? Why has Belize become so violent? Others have weighed in on this issue, which is not the scope of this article. However, some contributing factors are the following: increase in the business of drug trafficking, which involves the availability of guns used to protect territory and profits and to deal with rivals; increase in drug use and abuse; gang affiliation and culture which promote a favorable attitude towards a gangster lifestyle, including violence and drug use; high unemployment rate; the lack of opportunities and positive social outlets for our youths; the breakdown of many family values that impact respect for self and others; the increasing divide between the “haves and have nots”; the adaptation of negative foreign culture, etc.

— by Jerry A. Enriquez In various general and local elections since Belize’s independence, Belizeans like myself who are not aligned to any political party have voted interchangeably for UDP, PUP, VIP and no “P” depending on their assessment of the party’s performance in government and the quality of leadership. This swing in voting pattern has usually been a reaction of the people against the abuse of power, scandals and corruption, cronyism, arrogance, lack of accountability and transparency, lack of genuine consultation and the lack of professionalism (or blatant disrespect for the public) that have surfaced in each government administration. From one election period through another, the Belizean people have been searching for a government administration that they can trust to rigorously promote their general welfare and protect their rights; to provide effective and efficient public services, social order and security; to ensure strong systems of justice; and, to provide economic opportunities that derive wide benefits to the society.

— by Beatrice Arnold-Geban The September celebrations are all over and the workload at school has intensified. Now, even with the challenges and opportunities school leaders and teachers experience each day, classroom management has been a topic of great discussion amongst colleagues, since children continue to demonstrate behaviours that are unacceptable. Reports of conflict between children in the classroom are escalating and to some extent teachers are “at their peak”, sad to say, with a few students. The causes of the conflicts include provocation, name calling, racial insults, wounding caused by scissors and pencils, rough playing on the playground, old beefs, wrestling techniques such as the sleeper, and the list goes on. As educators are caught in the midst of these situations, and having to investigate cases on a weekly basis with due process having been applied, the question that leaps to the surface is, why are our children so angry and aggressive? Before addressing this question we will look at the concept of anger.

As Lent is once again observed, one cannot but notice the surfeit of churches that abound in this city of 70,000 people: the Catholic Church; the Anglican Church; the Methodist Church (American and English); the Episcopalian Church; the Adventist Church; the Mormon Church; the Salvation Army; the Mennonite (Zoe) Church; the Jehovah Church; the Buddhists (Saki Gaki); the Islamic Temple (Sunni or Shiite?); the Gospel Chapel; the Grace Chapel; The City Mission; the Bethel Assembly; the Turner Church; the Central Assembly of God; the Calvary Temple; the Hindu Temple; La Iglesia de Dios de la Profecía; Iglesias de Dios Pentecostes de Belice (Donde es la oficina central?); and their branches. All of the above, except three, are of the Christian tradition, and all except four preach the Canonised Bible, the history of the Jews, both the old of Moses and the new of Jesus the Christ.

— by Audrey Matura-Shepherd As a former leader of a leading Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), I got to learn a lot about the relevant guidelines pertaining to these and the level of scrutiny and accountability they endured. Nothing done by NGO’s can be secret or left unaccounted for. They have to file annual reports, audited statements and any amendment/resolution bringing changes to their structure of mission. Their records are open books accessible to anyone who wants to do a check. Thus, I was flabbergasted when I heard the government mouthpiece make attacks without verifying their information – then I knew they had to be acting out of pure maliciousness. So, for the record, I want it to make it known, that unlike the perception government wants to give, that NGO’s need to be monitored more and made more accountable, that is sheer nonsense and their usual attack on any entity that challenges their modus operandi and status quo. Rather, the problem I had with the law as it stood, was that the Ministry responsible for NGO’s failed to do its part and monitor the NGO’s based on existing laws, and the company registry where they are first registered is also delinquent in their responsibility.

Today, rumor surfaced that the Belize Police Department, specifically, the Belmopan police, had obtained a warrant to search the home of attorney Arthur Saldivar, the PUP political aspirant for Belize Rural North, who has been releasing documents to the media which are purported to be evidence of widespread corruption at the Passport and Immigration Departments. It is believed that the search would have been an effort to get hold of the files, which Saldivar says he has in his possession. Since Monday of this week, Saldivar had embarked on a two-day series of “revelations” of suspect Immigration and Nationality files, some of which he said are from a total of about 150, which he and his so-called “associates” had allegedly come upon as they were about to be destroyed.

At a meeting held this Tuesday, the Constitution and Foreign Affairs Committee, a standing committee of the House of Representatives headed by Education Minister Patrick Faber, decided—in light of major public concerns over legislative changes being made to sexual offenses outlined in Belize’s Criminal Code—to host a public consultation next week. A notice issued today by the National Assembly confirms that the public hearing on the Criminal Code (Amendment) Bill. No. 2 of 2013 will be held on Tuesday, October 15, 2013, at 1:30 p.m. inside the Jaguar Auditorium at the University of Belize, Belmopan campus. “Any persons or interested bodies wishing to give their views and/or recommendation on the bill are invited to do so either in person at the meeting or, in writing to the Clerk to the National Assembly,” the notice said.

One man is dead and three others suffered severe injuries after the vehicle they were travelling in from Consejo Village to Corozal overturned on the Consejo Road at about 4:30 Friday evening. The four men were travelling in an extended cab pickup truck when between Miles 6 and 7 on the Consejo Road, the driver of the truck, George Johnson, 36, lost control of the vehicle, causing it to flip over. As a result, Martin Armstrong, 22, of 2nd Street, North Corozal, lost his life due to massive head and body injuries he sustained – injuries that included a puncture to the right side of the abdomen. George Johnson, the driver; Alfred Massam and Benigno Loria all suffered injuries. Johnson complained of pain in the head, chest and feet; Massam complained of pain in several parts of the body; and Loria complained of pain in the chest and right foot.

Belize law enforcement officials, in collaboration with the U.S. Embassy Military Liaison Office in Belmopan and Joint Task Force-Bravo, conducted a successful marijuana eradication operation in Belize from September 25 to the 28. The operation resulted in the task force destroying 22 marijuana fields across the country and about 37,970 mature marijuana plants with an initial estimated value of $13 million U.S dollars. In addition, the team also found and destroyed four pounds of marijuana seeds. Joint Task Force-Bravo provided aviation support, on-call casualty evacuation and tactical assault on objective insertion and extraction training for 38 Belizean military and law enforcement personnel who participated in the operation. The training involved the use of a caving ladder which is lowered from the helicopter in order to insert the ground forces into an otherwise inaccessible area.

A Corozal resident who was visiting Calderitas in neighboring Chetumal, Mexico, escaped with his life after a man shot him in the lower side of the face then, when he fell, attempted to shoot him again to end his life – an attempt which failed because the gun jammed. The gunman then escaped in a car that was waiting for him. The incident occurred at about 4:30 Monday evening, and the victim, identified as Javier Guerra Delmar Tun, 41, of San Joaquin Village, Corozal, was taken to the Chetumal General Hospital, where doctors operated on him. His condition has been declared as serious but stable. The taxi driver who took him to Calderitas was detained for questioning by Chetumal police.

— by John Oliver Dear Editor, Roundabout article – interesting; we have several, some useful sizes as at the Northern and Western Highways; others, no more than a pimple in the road that does more damage than good. Do we have any kind of traffic engineer on CITCO staff? The other thing, we need to learn how to navigate them. As far as I can see, there is no instruction in the booklet for the driving test, but who reads that anyway! Some [motorists] go all the way round the outside, some cut across all lanes, some wait at the edge, seemingly terrified to enter the fray!

The Tourist Police Unit headquarters, located in the House of Culture compound on Regent Street, was burglarized, and 4 Bersa pistols (serial numbers 35576, 35577, 35575 and 35581), and an undisclosed amount of bullets and shotgun cartridges were stolen. The burglary occurred between 4:30 Tuesday evening and 7:30 Wednesday morning, October 9. Police reported that a quantity of .9mm live rounds, 12-gauge cartridges, .9mm magazines and (1) black Dell brand laptop (S/N # 2647059625) were also stolen. The estimated cost of the stolen items is not yet known. Police said that they have detained a policeman and are seeking another policeman who they believe can greatly help their investigation.

This morning, Gilbert Goodger, 25, a resident of #5 Slaughter-house Road, was arraigned in court before Magistrate Dale Cayetano on charges of robbery and wounding. According to police, at 2:30 p.m. on September 29, Sheng-Jye Jou, 25, was walking unto 3rd Street from St. Thomas Street when he was approached by two men who told him to hand over his things. Before Jou could react or comply with the demand, he was punched on the mouth, causing a cut to his lip. Jou’s Hua-Wei brand cell phone valued at $400 was then stolen from him. He was able to report the matter to police, and after investigating the matter, police arrested Goodger for the crime.

Police have detained the father of a 13-year-old girl, a resident of a village in Corozal, and they plan to charge him with incest following reports by the girl’s mother, 31, that he gave their daughter alcohol at his home, and then had sex with her. The mother, along with her daughter, went to the Corozal police and reported that about 6:30 Monday evening she went to pick up her daughter from her husband’s house in Xaibe. She said that on her arrival at the house, she did not see her daughter, so she went into his bedroom, where she saw her daughter sprawled on the bed, naked from the waist down, and the girl was intoxicated. The father was in the room, undressed. The mother removed her daughter from the bed and took her to the police, who took her to the Corozal Hospital, where she was examined by a doctor. At the end of the examination, the doctor concluded that the child had been carnally known.

Aaron Bailey, 23, a carpenter of Neal Pen Road, was arraigned this afternoon for the shooting murder of Gary Pratt, 28, which occurred on Antelope Street Extension. According to police, on October 4, a little after 10:00 p.m., they visited the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, where they saw the lifeless body of Pratt. Pratt, originally from Punta Gorda, was shot twice in the back and succumbed to his injuries, but police believe that the bullets that found their marks on Pratt were meant for someone else. Bailey was unrepresented when he appeared in court today, and since the charge is an indictable offense, no plea was taken from him and neither could he be offered bail.

Felix Mai, 62, a taxi driver of Corozal, is lucky to be alive after he was held up by two armed robbers, who attempted to rob and kill him at about 12:15 Saturday morning, October 5, at Baeza Layout area in Corozal. Mai managed to escape after he hit one of the robbers – the one who was choking him from behind, with his head, and struggled with the next robber, who took out a knife and was attempting to stab him in the stomach. As a result, Mai received scratches on the abdomen and on the jaw, but he succeeded in opening the car door and escaping from the vehicle. He then ran for help from some men who were in the area. Upon seeing this, the two bandits quickly jumped out of the car and ran into the bushes.

The Belize Times

Barrow’s Cesspool of Corruption
It is now very obvious why for two long weeks, when the evidence of wrongdoing at the Ministry of Immigration was mounting and staring the UDP Government in the face, the self-styled anti-corruption Prime Minister, Dean Barrow, refused to call for a criminal investigation into the scandal. In fact, not only did Barrow ignore the loud calls for an investigation into obvious criminality at Immigration, he changed into his lawyer’s robe to tongue lash the media if they suggested criminal wrongdoing and he proclaimed that as Prime Minister and lawyer he saw no evidence of anything criminal. By doing this, Barrow who pretends to be a Dictator of the Executive and Legislative branches of Government sent out a threatening notice to all arms of Government, whether independent or not, that launching any sort of investigation would be going against him and his word.

The Recall Is On! – PUP at 60% of threshold
In the next few days, the Opposition PUP will obtain the required 1,800 signatures needed to trigger the recall and just removal of disgraced Elvin Penner in Cayo North East. Up to today, Thursday October 10th the Recall Team has obtained 1,200 signatures of Cayo North East residents calling on Penner to face a recall. This represents 66% of the amount needed to trigger a referendum to recall. Leading the efforts are PUP Western Caucus leaders including Cayo North East’s Orlando Habet who informed the BELIZE TIMES that the efforts are moving full steam ahead.

NO INVESTIGATION AT IMMIGRATION On Tuesday evening, a few minutes before the immigration office closed several police officers arrived supposedly to start an investigation, call it a bogus investigation. Not a single member of staff was asked any question about Elvin Penner or what Elvin Penner may have done ...

Dead Man Walking
By G. Michael Reid There is a theory that people will only talk about anything, in particular a news story, for a maximum of nine days. It is known as the “nine day wonder. In Belize, we say that it will “blow over like a little breeze”. It is obvious that ...

Go by bus, go by dory, just go!
The UDP government is in full crisis mode. Their political panic is at fever pitch. Dean Barrow appears confused, frustrated and exposed. Godwin Hulse seems cornered, cagey and compromised. Penner is clearly caught red handed and is in self-preservation mode. His trump card is the bag of nasty dark secrets of ...

Mr. Belize prepares to defend title
On November 1st, the highly anticipated Belize Body Building & Fitness Competition will be held at the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts for the epic clash of chiseled and well-toned bodybuilders who will be vying ...

St. Martin De Porres boys lead goal scoring
The St. Martin De Porres RC School boys are leading the Belize City primary school football male competition The St. Martin boys ran over the Salvation Army School boys: 6-0 last Wednesday. Michael Deshield Jr, Marquis “Weasel” ...

UB Jaguars win ATLIB softball championships
The University of Belize Jaguars male and female teams won the Association of Tertiary level Institutions of Belize (ATLIB) national softball championship tournament at the Governor General’s field in Belmopan on Saturday, October 5. The UB Lady ...

Barrow vs. the People – PUP, BNTU, NTUCB, PSU, HRCB & Chamber demand Investigation at Immigration Department
He came into power proclaiming to be the people’s champion. His actions however, have proven quite the opposite. Following the latest passport scandal to rock his government to its core, Dean Barrow has taken off his Prime Minister’s cap and put on his UDP boxing ...

AMAZING GRACE – Free Passport
For the past couple of weeks the headline on the news was centering on the alleged passport scandal. It is not a new thing, where for personal gain, a person in power would get into the shady business of selling out our birthright (Nationality)! This means we now have to ...

The People Demand House Lots
For the last five years this UDP government has been a total failure in addressing the pressing need for house lots in the ...

Breaking the Silence of Teen Dating Violence
“We need to take a harder look at what’s really going on. Stop trying to treat the symptoms and treat the cause of the problem. Maybe we should try a little harder to help these kids before they feel so cornered that they turn into monsters.” ― Aaron B. Powell For ...

SCALES OF JUSTICE – “Watertight!” he says
By anthony sylvestre So I was watching the Wednesday night Channel 5 newscast and there was Godwin Hulse (I would have said Honourable but if he were, he would do the honourable thing and resign just about right now). So anyway, Godwin was trying to pick sense out of nonsense with ...

Proposed Legislations are “Over Reaching” – Senate Probes
The Senate met on Thursday October 3rd to consider 19 bills which were passed, some in a rush, by the House of ...

By Sufferah In the streets there is famous slang that people use when you are “dragging your feet.” They call it, “you di bav!” Out of everything going on in the country right now, and Barrow is not trying to do anything, I really think that “Barrow di bav!” Dean Barrow also ...

The Police – A Political Apparatus
The Belize Police Department has become a State apparatus. The Gang Suppression Unit (GSU) is even worse. It is more aggressive in that role. It operates independent of ...

When a person takes something and uses it without the owner’s permission, that person is a thief. When a person does not tell the truth and resorts to lies, that person is a liar. Under Barrow’s administration, we have seen the rise of many thieves ...

Crumbling City
It is clear that had the Mayor of Belize City not gotten his hands on the twenty million dollar loan/bond, he would have been dead in the waters with nothing to show for it. But while the business community felt sorry for him – we ...

Successful clean-up campaign in Yo Creek
The Yo Creek Village Council, with the assistance of the Hon. Jose Mai organized and carried out a successful cleanup campaign in the village of Yo Creek. Seven weed eaters, three tractors and bush hogs, the town ...

The Dawn of the New Revolution
The winds of change have begun to blow over the land. The trumpet has been sounded and the members of ...

UDP Bites Mose
Dear Editor, There is a part of me that wanted to say “da good fu Mose” after last week’s attack by UDP cronies on him. The reason why a part of me didn’t feel sorry for Mose is because Mose has been living a lie – talking the talk of false ...

Reconstructing the Youth Mentality for National Development
Dear Editor, Some people might ask, what is “Reconstructing the Youth Mentality for National Development”? Well, in my perspective, the majority of our young people in Belize are poor and thus, OVERLOOKED. The system TOLERATES this. We, at the Teens Belize Organization say that this must change. There is URGENT NEED ...

Wanted: Penner’s Head
Dear Editor, Dean Barrow is making a fool of himself as Prime Minister, trying to defend Penner, instead of doing the right thing which is to let the law take its course and have Penner be charged and arrested. Barrow has come up with all sorts of big words for excuses as ...


Where there’s smoke…
But apparently a lot less of it these days as the US Army Southcom teamed up with Belize law enforcement agencies to create cannabis raids that would bring tears to the usually cheerful rosy-hued eyes of Creech and Chong. The destruction of marijuana plantations and seizures of processed cannabis and seeds is reportedly up as high as 200%, thanks in no small part to support from the US Army Southcom which has provided helicopter assistance for Belizean law enforcement agencies to launch raids in remote areas. We hesitate to call them joint operations, but what can you do? Reports are that one operation was conducted early in the year, and it was repeated from September 25 to 28, 2013. A release form the US Embassy says that 38 Belizean personnel from the Belize Defence Force Special Assignment Group, the Belize Coast Guard SEALs, and the Belize National Police Anti-Drug Unit worked with the US Military Liaison Office and Joint Task Force – Bravo on this operation.

Amid the ongoing immigration and nationality scandal, the powers that be held a press conference on Thursday, 10th October 2013. In my humble opinion, it brought to the fore, a level of: arrogance, haughtiness, self-righteousness, indignation and outright support of malfeasance as per the standing powers that be. I make no bones about it, I am a supporter of neither of the major political parties in Belize and my view, in no way, seeks to endorse the current Opposition. Nonetheless, as they say, “heavy is the head that wears the crown”. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I am certain the party hacks of the current administration certainly will not agree with mine. On the same token their opposite number(s) in the Opposition probably won’t fully embrace my viewpoint either. Yet to be honest, after seeing successive PUDP administrations come and go and, in particular, witnessing the utter display of pompous self-indignation demonstrated by the actors at yesterday’s press conference, I am suffice in saying that once neither the PUP nor the UDP like what you have to say, it is a clear indication that you are on the right side of history, in terms of calling a spade, a spade.

A Climb Back in Time: The Mayan Ruins of Caracol
Did you know Belize has the highest concentration of Mayan sites in the world? Whether you’re a history buff, a lover of jungle treks or just want to see beautiful architecture from this incredible culture, the Mayan sites of Belize have got you covered! One of our absolute favorite adventures is a visit to the infamous Mayan ruins known as Caracol. Caracol is the largest Mayan site in Belize, and one of the largest in the world. It covers 65 square miles (bigger than modern day Belize City!) and at the height of its political power boasted a population of over 120,000 people. The complex is surrounded by a thick, high-canopy jungle and includes five plazas, an astronomic observatory and over 35,000 buildings. The tallest and most spectacular is the massive pyramid known as Caana, or “Sky Palace”. It’s topped by three temples and rises 140 feet in the air, making it the tallest man-made structure in Belize. The highlight of the trip is climbing to the top to marvel at the 360° panoramic views of the jungle below.

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Chill Out On The Central American Coast | Casa Solana, Cayo Espanto, Belize
There is something about vacationing in Central America that is absolutely awesome. There are some prime spots to choose from and they all have a back door to nature’s beauty, be it a beach of the jungle. Casa Solana is a one bedroom, oceanfront bungalow that is the perfect window to its surroundings. The one bedroom bungalow is located on the western tip of the island. The guests can take full advantage of the beach and the warm glow of Cayo Espanto‘s infamous sunsets. The bungalow is decorated with very Caribbean architecture mixed with the chic style of modern times. This bungalow is a refreshing change from the bustle of big hotels and resorts. Aside from the beach location, there is a private infinity plunge pool, a broad verandah, and a separate dining area. There is a bathroom en-suite and a king size bed to die for. Check out the villa in the gallery below and visit the Cayo Espanto website for reservation details.

Friends of the Belize Zoo Plan Block Party Fundraiser on Oct. 19
The SUNY Cortland community has rallied in the past to support an adopted zoo in a different country. On Saturday, Oct. 19, they will continue their efforts, this time by hosting a block party to support renovations to make the Belize Zoo more accessible to the public. The block party, which is open to the public, will run from 2 to 4 p.m. in the parking area beside the Marketplace Mall in downtown Cortland. The festivities will continue at 7:15 p.m. inside the Blue Frog Café, site of several prior zoo fundraisers. The block party will feature family-friendly carnival games and activities and possibly a few furry guests from the Cortland SPCA and other groups. That evening's festivities at the Blue Frog will include games of chance, music, magic and refreshments. The presence of Jamal Andrewin-Bohn, an environmental educator at the Belize Zoo, will highlight the day's party. Anrewin-Bohn, in his second visit to SUNY Cortland, will be on campus to promote the zoo from Oct. 14 to 23. Additionally, the 12 SUNY Cortland students who took part in an class work project have been invited to come talk about their experience in helping the zoo.

Training for regional banking regulators to be held in Cayman
The Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA) is joining with the Association of Supervisors of Banks of the Americas (ASBA) and the Caribbean Group of Bank Supervisors (CGBS) to host a five-day Banking Analysis and Examination School for banking supervisors in the Caribbean. The training course will take place at the Grand Cayman Marriott Hotel, Monday through Friday, 14-18 October, with exams being held on the final day. The course will be led by facilitators from the US Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve. Regional participants are expected from the central banks of Barbados, Belize, Curacao, Honduras, Jamaica, Paraguay, Suriname, Turks & Caicos, Venezuela and the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB), with local participation from CIMA’s Banking and Policy divisions.

Portofino Resort- Now with a new BEACH BAR!!
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Maruba Beach Klub and Spa is the premiere Secret Beach spa and restaurant located on the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean Sea at the center of Secret Beach, Belize
First Class Accommodations for the Budget Traveler
First Class Accommodations for the Budget Traveler

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