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The San Pedro Sun

Wolfe’s Woofers: Tiefing
I was standing outside one of the grocery stores on the middle street. The door to the store opened and one of our local beach hustlers walked out. He was accompanied by a guy that I only know as The Jamaican. “Yuh see dat?” the Jamaican said. “Mi tiefing three Milky Way candy bar.” “Weh [...]

Doctor Love: Dumped
Dear Doctor Love, I just got dumped by my boyfriend of two years. This is the third time this has happened to me and I am just so sick of it. It is always such a struggle for me because I am embarrassed and ashamed. I know that people must think there is something really [...]

Misc Belizean Sources

Education in Belize: From Vulnerability to Growth!
Since I started publishing short articles to describe, not define, past and current Education systems in Belize, some educators claim that I seem unfair and ungrateful to them, and that I should criticize/blame no one other than students themselves for their failures at school and during the learning process. I have stated before, and now loudly repeat: I highly admire and respect all teachers who devote their professional lives to helping educate others, especially young people. Anyone who chooses to pursue the teaching profession as a career deserves the maximum respect and appreciation from every member of every community throughout the world! Teachers in Belize and throughout the world: you have my utmost respect and admiration! Now, having said that, where I see an impenetrable wall of confusion being perpetuated by many Education policymakers and educators, especially in Belize, is through the adamant refusal to change and/or adapt to 21st Century times. That wall will continue to grow, as long as educators refuse to be seen by others, especially by students, as vulnerable. No one is perfect, and that applies to each educator, parent, student, or community member.

Belize focuses on securing computer networks
Over 100 computer networking specialists and enthusiasts gathered in Belize City, Belize for the sixth regional meeting of the Caribbean Network Operators Group (CaribNOG). The weeklong event drew local and regional participants to Central America’s only English-speaking territory for a series of presentations and hands-on technical workshops delivered by Caribbean and international computer experts. CaribNOG co-ordinator Bevil Wooding described the volunteer-based group as important to ongoing efforts to strengthen and protect Caribbean computer networks from a host of new threats. “The headlines have been filled with stories of computer hacking, unauthorised surveillance and damage or loss caused by failed computer systems.”

The concept of a community looking after itself is being exemplified by the members of the Kontiki Neighborhood Watch group. At 7:30 am today, members were out bright and early installing street signs around the community. The signs were secured through funding raised at last year's family Fun Day. The next Family Fun Day comes up next month. Kudos to the people of the Kontiki area of San Ignacio town.

Boxing at the Cayo Welcome Center
Boxing, fireworks, and Heineken, what more could you want. The boxing matches at the Cayo Welcome Center drew a huge crowd Saturday night. A big thanks to the SISE Town Council and Fuego Bar and Grill for making it happen. Airbender Ashanti Garcia was there.

El Pilar 30th Anniversary Celebration
El Pilar is having its 30th anniversary. Yes, it might be more like 1730 years since it was at its height in the early Classic Period, but the site has been open to the public for 30 years. To celebrate, there will be an exhibition and presentation on El Pilar at the Cayo Welcome Center on October 25th, from 9:00am until 4:00pm. The festivities continue on the 26th, when the Duke of Edinburgh Award Belize will be having a day hike, starting at 6:00am, from El Pilar to the Cayo Welcome Center, and then, starting at 3:00pm, they'll have the big ceremony to celebrate the special event. Dr. Anabel Ford, from the University of California at Santa Barbara, has done extensive research at El Pilar, and has a great website on it.


Belize and Beers
Belize and beers is not your average story, I’m almost sure the same goes for every country. In Belize you’ll notice that you won’t find a wide variety of beers and this is because the Belize brewing company has long had a stronghold on the beer market making most foreign ales prohibited. However, there is an exemption on beers brewed in the Caribbean due to an open market agreement with CARICOM, which recently caused the reduction of importation prices giving Belizeans a few more options. As of late 2009, you can now more readily see beverages such as Heineken which is produced in St. Lucia, Carib Beer of Trinidad and Tobago, and Red Stripe of Jamaica at stores countrywide. The Belize brewing company also brews Guinness, although its not the ubiquitous draft available in North America and Europe, their website says its brewed bigger and bolder (you’re right, that means more hops and more alcohol). I think its something we’ve adopted from Jamaica and the Caribbean since Guinness Stout is big in the culture.

International Sources

Where are all the ladies at?
Last week 70-odd of the world’s whale shark researchers converged on Atlanta for the 3rd International Whale Shark Conference. It was an unusual meeting in having so many exotic tropical countries represented in such a small group of delegates. Overall I’m happy to say it was a great success (Sorry AJC, would have linked the original and not this syndicated version, but y’know, pay walls…). One of the more interesting themes explored at the meeting was the lack of a robust global population estimate for this species. It’s the biggest fish in the world, how hard can it be to count it? Well, pretty sharking hard, as it happens. And yet, some tantalizing bits of evidence were echoed in talks from several locations and these hint to a much larger global population of this species than we are aware of. Maybe.

Life in the Caribbean aboard HMS Lancaster
HMS Lancaster is on patrol in the Caribbean, tracking drug runners, on standby should hurricanes hit and waving the flag for the UK. BBC Radio Lancashire’s news editor and former Visitor reporter Nigel Thompson has sent us this report from the frigate... There’s a framed picture of Lancaster castle’s John O’Gaunt gateway in the officers mess aboard HMS Lancaster but step outside, through the plate steel doors and out of the ships’ main “citadel,” and it’s a world away from north Lancashire. Searing heat and a horizon made up of a cobalt blue sky and azure sea greats the eye while the whining pitch of the tuned diesel engines overwhelm the senses. This is the mid-way point in HMS Lancaster’s deployment on the Royal Navy’s North Atlantic patrol; six miles off the coast of Belize in search of drug traffickers making the run from south America to Mexico, the US and beyond.