Fire in Dangriga destroys a restaurant and Southern Workers Union Office


A fire in Dangriga, destroyed a building that housed a restaurant as well as the office of the Southern Workers Union. Our Dangriga correspondent Harry Arzu visited the scene of the blaze’s aftermath and filed the following report.

vlcsnap-2013-10-15-13h36m38s22Mr. Harry Arzu- Dangriga Correspondent

“The flames in the building and the dark heavy smoke in the sky alarmed the nearby residents who rushed into the scene of a fire last night.   At the scene, police had already secured the area, where firefighters, with great efforts, fought to extinguish the fire.   This bungalow building that you see here, which measure thirty by forty feet, was destroyed by the fire along with its contents, a building housed in a restaurant  and the office of the Southern Worker’s Union.   Sean Sabal reported that he was asleep when the police visited him about 12:00 last night.  

vlcsnap-2013-10-15-13h37m54s28Mr. Sean Sabal:

“I got a wake-up call from the police midnight last night.   The told me that my building was on fire, nearly came on the scene to assist the damage.   The fier started in the kitchen area from one of those Chinese hose to…it wasn’t properly turned off, and it wasn’t attended properly after the building was closed out.   My total losses I estimate, was about $60,000, I lost all my utensils, the refrigerator, I lost my freezer, I lost all the cutting equipment and stuff like that, and in the dining room where my customers sit, I lost all my furniture and stuff like that…adjoined to the restaurant was the Southern Worker’s Union, of who I am the Vice president of and everything was lost, all office equipment was lost also too. So, you know, it’s a big loss but I am hoping to rebuild.   Hopefully, by the edges of November, I should be up and running.   There was a rapid response from the firefighters from Dangriga.    I can’t say but thanks for the rapid response that they gave to put this fire out.   It could have been worse because right behind this restaurant was an adjacent building with a family of six and it could have gotten pretty worse but like I said, kudos to the firefighters of Dangriga because they did a splendid job”.