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Today's Belize News: October 16, 2013 #474977
10/16/13 06:03 AM
10/16/13 06:03 AM
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Marty Online happy OP

Marty  Online Happy OP


Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 5
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Invitation: Public Consultation on the Land Use Development Study for Ambergris Caye
The Sustainable Tourism Program (STP) of The Ministry of Tourism and Culture and The Belize Tourism Board, in conjunction with The San Pedro Town Council and Consultant Oriol Monfort will be holding a public consultant on Tuesday 22nd October at 6:30PM at The Lion’s Den on Barrier Reef Drive, San Pedro. The purpose of this consultation is: 1. To update the community on the Baseline Data Collection, Mapping and planning activities to date. 2. To present the community the draft land use plans and development guidelines. 3. Invite comments and feedback on the Land Use Plans as presented. All potential stakeholders to include the businesses and residents of Ambergris Caye, real estate agents, industry associations, NGOs and civil society are encouraged to attend.

Juan Carlos Montejo is the island’s newest SCUBA Instructor!
When was the last time you said, “I love my job”? Like Juan Carlos said, becoming a PADI open water scuba diving instructor is about living your dream but it’s also about life transformations – both his and those around him. San Pedro is an island in transition; the fishing village has been swallowed buy a booming tourist industry. Vocations that were once viable are swallowed along with it. Tourist Guides, Divemasters and SCUBA Instructors are a natural vocational transition for those with knowledge of boats and the sea. After many years playing and working in the sea, and working at White Sands Dive Shop, Juan Carlos Montejo has joined the ranks of the elite with his recent certification as SCUBA Instructor.

Ambergris Today

San Pedro Sailing Club Tops Corozal Regatta over the Weekend
It’s the mighty San Pedro Sailing Club that is making waves all around the country and regattas they compete in. After a successful golf cart wash fundraiser to help them travel to Corozal Town, the sailing team was able to travel and compete at the Corozal Regatta over the weekend taking the first and second place spots. It was Jorge Oliverez and Kevin Velasquez of the San Pedro Sailing Club who took first and second place, respectively, at the Corozal Regatta that took place over the weekend. Taking the third place spot was Antonio Ricardez from Belize City. The Junior sailors from San Pedro did such a great job that they also managed to that the 8th, 9th, 10th, 12th and 15th place spots in the regatta, all in the top 15 out of the 34 sailors!

BTB Holds Successful Digital Workshops
On Friday, September 20th, the BTB’s Digital Marketing Team and Digital Marketing Agency (Olson) concluded a one week countrywide workshop to sensitize and enable Tourism Industry partners to become digitally empowered through the use of BTB’s newly constructed Content Management System (CMS). The CMS will allow each stakeholder ease of access via personalized codes to manage and update his/her property’s profile on the recently redesigned To complement the training, workshop participants were given marketing tips, and updated on BTB’s branding strategies, as well as upcoming digital marketing initiatives.

Education in Belize: From Vulnerability to Growth!
Since I started publishing short articles to describe, not define, past and current Education systems in Belize, some educators claim that I seem unfair and ungrateful to them, and that I should criticize/blame no one other than students themselves for their failures at school and during the learning process. I have stated before, and now loudly repeat: I highly admire and respect all teachers who devote their professional lives to helping educate others, especially young people. Anyone who chooses to pursue the teaching profession as a career deserves the maximum respect and appreciation from every member of every community throughout the world! Teachers in Belize and throughout the world: you have my utmost respect and admiration!

Pic of the Week: Get Hooked at D Catch Bistro, Cayo Welcome Center
People in San Ignacio, Cayo are buzzing about the brand new eatery located at the Cayo Welcome Center called D Catch Bistro. Now you can enjoy the best of seafood when visiting the Western Belize. You can't miss this place with its coloful enviorment, inviting staff and great location. Congratulation to Pablo and Ana Ico on their new business venture and we all wish them the very best. So when in Cayo, we recommend you to stop at D Catch Bistro, say hello to Pablo and try one of their seafood dishes along with a cold beer.

Misc Belizean Sources

Tagging Advances Knowledge of Bonefish, Permit and Tarpon
Most anglers think of bonefish, permit and tarpon fisheries as being catch-and-release, which leads to the assumption of low mortality, sustainable fisheries. However, there are threats to these fisheries that are often not considered, or are just unknown. Most fly fishermen think of bonefish, permit and tarpon fisheries as primarily being catch-and-release. This leads to the assumption of low mortality and sustainable fisheries. However, there are threats to these fisheries that are often not considered, or are just unknown. Conservation strategies are needed to counteract these threats and ensure sustainability of flats fisheries. However, information is needed to create efficacious conservation strategies. Belize River Lodge is working with the Bonefish and Tarpon Trust (BTT) to create a research tournament to collect information to guide conservation strategies with a tournament called the Belize Tagging Challenge, and the catch does not count toward the tournament unless the fish is measured and tagged.

DIA DE LA RAZA 2013 - PAN-AMERICAN DAY 2013 (34 photos)
Dia de la Raza, a culture filled event celebrating the different races with dances, food and music.

Intangible Cultural Heritage Workshop
The Institute for Social and Cultural Research, part of NICH, had the Belize Intangible Cultural Heritage Workshop at the Banquitas House of Culture in Orange Walk last week, and Cayo was well represented. Antonio and Nalleli, along with the rest, are now certified Intangible Cultural Heritage guardians. "UNESCO, the Belize National Commission for UNESCO and the National Institute of Culture and History launched an eight day National Workshop on Community - Based Inventorying of Belize's Intangible Cultural Heritage. The objective of the workshop is capacity building as part of the national implementation of the 2003 UNESCO Convention for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH). Note: All photos are privately owned." They have a video of their social event.

Panerrifix Plays at Corozal Festival
Musical Interlude. Panerrifix played steel drums, like only they can, at the 2nd Annual Festival Hispanidad y Mestizaje up in Corozal this weekend. Check out the video from the festival. "They Did a excellnt job on plaing the Steel at the House of Culture in Corozal this past weekend."

9th Annual By-Pass Classic
Cayo was represented well at the 9th Annual By-Pass Classic. Congratulations to Jose Choto of Belikin Western Spirit, who came in second in the Masters, and Oscar Quiroz of Team Xibalban, who came in fourth in the Junior category.

Census Report Launch
Caribbean Statistics Day is today, and the Statistical Institute of Belize invites everyone to the official launch of the 2010 Census Report. It'll start at 9:00am at the Jaguar auditorium at the University of Belize, and the statistics will be on display all day. In related news, the Constitution and Foreign Affairs Committee had a public hearing on the criminal code yesterday.

Benque Urban Bird Watch
The Belize Audubon Society has teamed up with the Belize Tourism Board, Smart, CACHE, NICH, and the Benque House of Culture to do an Urban Bird Watch in Benque. Dirk Francisco will be leading the watch, and it's free. It'll be Sunday, October 20th, starting at 6:00am. "Join us FB fans, bring your family and friends and lets go birding in Benque Viejo Del Carmen on October 30th, 2013. Share! Share! Share!"

Cayo Flights Coming Soon
Expanded flights to and from Cayo's Maya Flats airport are only one month away. Tropic Air, which currently has one inbound and one outbound flight per day, will be expanding that to 4 inbound and 4 outbound starting on November 15th. There will be direct flights to and from Placencia on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. In related news, Tropic Air Belize has a new flight simulator, which is the first of its kind here, and it will help them improve on safety and service. "Don't forget NONSTOP Placencia to San Ignacio flights start soon!"

Channel 7

Historic First: PM Calls On Penner To Resign And Face Recall
When we left you on Friday - the UDP were rolling out to Cayo Northeast to defend Elvin Penner and his seat, but tonight, the political landscape has changed completely. It is like night and day: today the Prime Minister said Penner's actions are indefensible and is calling for him to resign as standard bearer so that a new candidate can be elected in a bye-election. It is a historic first in Belizean politics and an incredibly risky maneuver for the UDP, which only has a slender two seat majority in the house, but Barrow says new evidence forced his hand. That evidence was unearthed by the Immigration Minister, the Director of Immigration and the CEO this weekend who reviewed files amassed since April - when Penner was first given authority to sign nationality certificates. Barrow told the media at a hastily called press conference at the NEMO Conference Room in Belmopan that the new information shows that Penner has to go, from the house of representatives and from the UDP. He interrupted Cabinet to hold the press conference - with all his ministers in two - and after he had called Penner in Guatemala to give him the news:

UDP Goes For A “Heat Check” In Cayo Northeast
And the PUP responded in a press conference this afternoon in Belize City. It was feisty and we'll have that shortly, but first to give you an idea of what the UDP is facing on the ground in Cayo northeast, 7news went to Duck Run village on Saturday night to see how the Prime Minister was received at a public meeting: Daniel Ortiz reporting On Saturday Night at the Community football field in Duck Run 2, the mostly Hispanic residents of that village and all the surrounding areas gathered for a public meeting called by Prime Minister Dean Barrow and the UDP. The villagers filed in, waiting patiently for his arrival. His deputies got there first, ready to flank him at a moment's notice. And when the Prime Minister arrived at his third public meeting for the day, he was in full political mode, meeting and greeting Duck Run 2 villagers - who'd never had this Prime Minister visit them before.

PM Discusses the Penner Back-Story
There were nine or ten meetings held in Cayo Northeast this weekend and Elvin Penner did not attend any of them. We spoke to the Prime Minister about his extended absence and whether that or other reasons influenced the change in position. Once of those reasons possibly being that the UDP asked him to resign before he was induced by the other side. Prime Minister Dean Barrow "In terms of Penner being a dead weight or the consideration of his perhaps being induced by the opposition to resign - well, I did hear that, but I had a couple of meeting with Penner and quite frankly I was satisfied that Penner isnt going to go. Penner obviously was harboring thoughts of perhaps be able at some point to make his way into the Cabinet - I put paid to that on Thursday and I think that upset him. Penner was harboring thoughts in any event being able to run again at the next general elections - this has now paid to that, but all I am saying is that in all those circumstances I was convinced that he wasn't going to go anywhere." "Really, it is the honest truth - what has changed now is the evidence that Hulse found over the weekend." Jules Vasquez "Was his absence at the meeting - was he required to be at those public meetings? Nine or ten of them he didn't appear."

PUP Roars To Life With Feisty Press Conference
And while the Government held its press conference at 11:30 this morning in Belmopan, the PUP did its thing at 2:30 this afternoon in the city. Although the word "response" may be a little inadequate because it appears that the opposition may have been caught a little on the back-foot, trying to break down a door that the UDP has now left wide open. But the PUP did completely reject the narrative being offered by the Prime Minister. They said it's not any revelation that forced the dramatic change of position on Penner - it's the reaction of voters in the northeast to the UDP's round of weekend meetings. The PUP press conference was held at their party headquarters at Independence Hall Headquarters - which was filled to the capacity with supporters. That created an atmosphere more befitting a public meeting than a press conference, which the party leaders seemed to revel in:... Henry Charles Usher, PUP Chairman "Why is it that only today that after the weekend in which the Prime Minister was utterly refused in the Cayo Northeast Division - turn away by the people of Cayo that he concocted the ridiculous story about the CEO, the director of Immigration and the Minister sitting down over the weekend and finding new evidence against Elvin Penner."

Weekend Killing: 21 Year Old Stabbed To Death In Cayo
Tonight the family of 21 year-old Leroy Moises Tzib, a resident of Cristo Rey Village, continues to mourn his death after he was fatally stabbed on Friday night.

Media Personality Ava-Jean Escaped Unhurt As Vehicle Flips
At the top of our newscast, we showed you that press conference where Prime Minister Dean Barrow announced to the nation that they’ve ostracized Cayo Northeast Representative Elvin Penner from the UDP.

Woman Remanded For Stabbing Another
Tonight, 19 year-old Stacey Jones is being bars tonight after she was taken to court for allegedly stabbing another woman. According to police, they found Acteshia Nunez at the KHMH on Friday morning at around 1:30, and she was suffering from multiple stab wounds to the upper body. Nunez reported to them that she got into an altercation with Jones who pulled a knife and stabbed her several times, causing the injuries. As a result, police arrested and charged Jones attempted murder, grievous harm, and use of deadly means of harm. She was arraigned today before Magistrate Dale Cayetano, who remanded her to prison due to the nature of the offence. She will be brought back to court on November 29, 2013.

Mobil Interdiction Team Gets Gun On bus
Tonight, the Mobile Interdiction Team is reporting that they have recovered one more gun, but this time, it was on a crowded public bus. The Officers stopped a J&J bus at the La Democracia checkpoint, and they searched the entire bus, which led to the discovery of a 9mm pistol which was had a magazine containing 12 live rounds of ammunition. The loaded gun was found wrapped in a piece of cloth found inside a knap sack. Nobody claimed it, so it was deposited as found property.

UB Makes No Apologies For One Year Contracts
Last week, 7News told you about the uncertainty at the University of Belize where members of the teaching staff continue to feel pressured into signing what they described as brand new 1-year contracts. As we told you, the Administration announced at the beginning of the month that they had to sign these contracts by this weekend or they would be taken off the payroll. A number of teachers felt like they were blind-sided because they were under the impression that they had security of tenure. Well, today the UB Office of Public information issued a press release saying that these teachers are mistaken. They say that according to the UB Faculty and Staff Handbook, faculty members are employed on an annual basis and, that employment is reviewed before the teacher is given continued employment. They claim that for a number of years, this performance review process has not been rigorously applied, and they now seek to apply it across the board.

Harvest For Kids Strikes Up 15 Combines For this Year’s Corn Crop
This weekend, the fledgling child outreach program, Harvest For Kids, had their big celebration to mark the end of their summer program. Harvest for Kids, as we’ve told you, is an initiative where children from Belize City, who are forced to grow up in the gang landscape full of violence, are given an opportunity to spend their summer camping in the outside districts. They are invited into the homes of the farming communities to show them a different way of life. 7News attended this year’s harvest which is the biggest yet. Here’s how that went:

PM Will Do Anything To Ease Bad Back
And, after that brief respite, back now to hard news. The Prime Minister leaves the country tomorrow. Yes he’s leaving in the middle of a very cute juncture in his tenure as Prime Minister. He’s going to attend a fundraiser for his wife’s charity with the Belizean community in Los Angeles. But he’s also going to treat his bad back. The PM has chronic and acute back pain – and he told us today – at this point he’ll try anything to get relief:…

CCJ Decides: GOB, SSB, CBB Get 11+ mil BTL Dividends; PM Unimpressed
Now, our next three stories would have been headlines on any other day – but on a crazy day like today, they’ve ended up at the bottom of the news. The first is on a consequential judgment from the Caribbean Court of Justice. It has to do with millions of dollars BTL dividends that have been with-held for the past two years from Government shareholder sin the phone company, namely Social Security, the Central Bank of Belize and the government of Belize. Well today a high powered team of lawyers from the government’s side and from the Ashcroft alliance went to the Caribbean Court of Justice headquarters in Port of Spain Trinidad to argue over whether the dividends should be paid to government or continue to be held in escrow.

Saldivar Resurfaces With Promised Trove Of Trashed Immigration Files
And in another story that surely would have been a headline on any other day, today Arthur Saldivar resurfaced. He hasn’t been arrested and his home hasn’t been searched but he did have – as promised – a big bag of immigration files with multiple green folders. They would appear to be compelling evidence of widespread corruption for the media to look over – but they were just flashed before the media – before the entire bag was taken to police. Saldivar spoke to the media in Independence Hall after the PUP Press conference had reportedly refused to take his matter on board. Here’s what he told and flashed in front of us:…

Public Hearing On New Child Protection Law
Last week, 7News showed you extensive coverage on both sides of the issue concerning the amendment to the criminal code, specifically sections 46 and 47. Both sides agree that this law the law is progressive because it seeks to provide better protection for children against sexual exploitation. But the issue is that the Church says that there is an implied repeal of Section 53 which criminalizes sodomy, while the child rights advocates say that the Church is over-reacting and jumping at shadows. The Standing Committee for Constitution and Foreign Affairs heard submissions from the church, and because they couldn't deal with all the presentations in cue, it sparked a public meeting. That meeting was held at the UB Gymnasium, and our colleagues at Plus TV attended.

Channel 5

Barrow says Penner should resign as area rep and U.D.P.
There are new developments from the ongoing immigration corruption saga which makes a bye-election in Cayo Northeast a strong possibility. But here’s the biggest, first…Elvin Penner has been asked to [...]

Mounting evidence against Elvin Penner in passport scandal is uncovered
We’ll get to the recall process in a few, but first the evidence. According to the PM, it was enough for him to act immediately, and he has the unanimous [...]

Penner is to respond to request for resignation by Wednesday
So what of the man in the hot, dark seat? Elvin Penner earned distinction in 2008 when he became the first Mennonite to be elected to the House of Representatives. [...]

U.D.P. says they will pull back campaign against the recall of Penner
If Penner does the unthinkable and refuses to resign that leaves a recall as the only process to get rid of him. For the past week, the P.U.P. has been [...]

P.M. offended by suggestion of corruption within his government
With the decision, the evidence and the recall out of the way, the PM also fielded other queries and suggestions. One of those is that Penner has enjoyed the protection [...]

26 days since scandal broke; P.U.P. demands that Penner resigns or be recalled
Within two hours of the Prime Minister’s disclosure that there were more irregularities in the issuance of passports and the involvement of the former minister of state, the Opposition held [...]

Orlando Habet says threats have been made by U.D.P. functionaries
Former P.U.P. standard bearer Orlando Habet lost to Elvin Penner by a mere seventeen votes in the last general elections. Habet has maintained all along that the elections were stolen [...]

P.U.P. wants full report and a senate investigation
Aside from a report on the investigation in the passport scandal and the purported sale of visas, the Opposition is also looking at another investigation.  Senator Lisa Shoman first presented [...]

The moral authority of the P.U.P. is questioned
Back to the P.U.P. Press Conference. The Opposition, as well as other social partners, amid the ongoing scandal, has been calling for an inquiry into the issue of impropriety at [...]

Before change of heart, U.D.P. was in full campaign in Cayo Northeast
Last Friday, the Prime Minister was asking to give Penner a second chance and over the weekend, the PM was in full blown campaign mode. He was in Cayo on [...]

Penner tells News Five he has not resigned
The situation remains very fluid as to any resignation by Elvin Penner. A few minutes ago, News Five spoke to Penner by phone. Penner said the following… first, he clarified [...]

Barrow says documents could have been destroyed and investigation sabotaged
The United Democratic Party is under sustained and heavy fire. One of their own has been implicated in massive corruption in the Immigration Department and public outcry has been unceasing. [...]

Arthur Saldivar hands over bundle of nationality and passport documents to police
One man, however, who has a bundle of documents which were purportedly assigned for destruction, is attorney Arthur Saldivar. The documents include dozens of completed application forms, as well as [...]

Telemedia ordered to issue half of dividends to S.S.B., G.O.B. and Central Bank
At a sitting in Trinidad, the Caribbean Court of Justice this morning heard an application by the Government of Belize in respect of a 2012 order on Telemedia dividends.  At [...]

PM Barrow to seek medical attention in the U.S.
Prime Minister Dean Barrow hopes for an answer from Elvin Penner by tomorrow. It’s not exactly an ultimatum, but the PM leaves the country en route to LA on Wednesday. [...]

Cristo Rey resident murdered by his cousin
Aside from the passport scandal, there is crime to report. A man was stabbed in Cristo Rey, Cayo District, over the weekend. At the center of the latest homicide is [...]

James Adderley and the weekend of sporting activities
Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   Week 3 of the Belikin Cup saw San Ignacio United come to the MCC Grounds Sunday evening in a [...]

Re: Today's Belize News: October 16, 2013 [Re: Marty] #474978
10/16/13 06:03 AM
10/16/13 06:03 AM
Joined: Oct 1999
Posts: 77,923
oregon, spr
Marty Online happy OP

Marty  Online Happy OP

More News: Scroll up from here


PUP Wants Senate Inquiry into Immigration Irregularities
Just hours after the Prime Minister of Belize announced that he is calling for the resignation of former Minister of State, Elvin Penner via a press briefing in capital city, Belmopan, the main opposition, People’s United Party held a press conference at their headquarters in downtown Belize City. It was a gathering attended not only by members of its National Executive and the media but as well by the staunch supporters of the blue and white. (VO starts – show audience of press conference) At the start of the press conference while the PUP Chairman, Henry Usher summarized the saga involving Minister Penner and the ministry of immigration, he had one question to start off the press event. (VO ends) HENRY USHER “What a difference a weekend makes. Five days ago, the Prime Minister had a press conference in which he threw his full support behind the Honorable Elvin Penner. Even before last Thursday, the UDP soldiers were on the ground campaigning for this man, Mr. Elvin Penner, who has by all accounts done a grievous harm to the country of Belize. Twenty six days ago, the Prime Minister made an announcement of corrupt and blatant criminal activity within the immigration department. Twenty six days ago; and just today we have heard about a police investigation into these matters. What took them so long? What took the police? What took the departments of immigration, nationality, the minister of immigration so long?”

Elvin Penner Asked to Resign From House and Party
Cayo Southeast area representative Elvin Penner has been asked to resign. The call came from the Opposition a little more than a week ago and today Prime Minister Dean Barrow made the call for Penner’s resignation after a special session of Cabinet. Prime Minister Barrow said the decision was taken after being briefed by Minister of Immigration Godwin Hulse. Minister Hulse and his team had spent the holiday weekend looking at records dating back to when Penner was given the authority to sign back in April of this year. PM ON PENNER 1 “More evidence has surfaced of the involvement of Elvin Penner in other instances of what to us is impropriety. Now, ladies and gentlemen, I got into trouble some time ago when I made a point which however you want to lookat it, is a point fo fact, there is a clear difference between factual guilt and legal guilt; there is a clear difference between factual evidence and legal evidence. Documentation that may speak to a particular state of affairs may for one reason or another simply not be admissible in court under the very technical rules of evidence by which we are governed. So, I want to make clear the material presented to Cabinet was and is enough for us to feel that Elvin Penner was involved in additional instances of what, I will term, irregularities. In that context, the Cabinet, as in fact, the essence of the parliamentary party or certainly, the essence of the party in the House of Representatives, has decided that we can, under the circumstances, no longer continue to support Elvin Penner meaning that in our view, he cannot any longer continue to represent the people of the Cayo Northeast constituency of and in the name of the United Democratic Party.”

Chopping Incident Reported in Northern Belize
In addition Corozal Police are investigating a chopping incident. Police say that on October 13th at about 9:30pm, they responded to a chopping report in the Village of Cristo Rey in the Corozal District. Initial investigations revealed that a group of young people was on the bleacher in the park in Cristo Rey making noise, when Guadencio Che approached and informed them to stop making noise and he left. The youths reportedly went over to Che’s residence across from the football field and started to throw stones at the house. The Che family reportedly came out armed with machetes and attacked the youths inflicting serious chop wounds on the youths identified as 18 year old Kenroy Choc of Yo Chen village who sustained injuries to his left shoulder, left arm and 5 chop wounds in the head, 39 year old Manuel Choc received a cut wound to his back of his head, a 15 year old minor who received a large cut wound on his left hand, 20 year old Ezequel Pook received 3 large cut wounds in the head, a 16 year old minor who received a large cut wound to the back of his head and Carlos Lizaraga received a large open cut wound in his head and was transported to the K.H.M.H in a critical condition. Police have since detained 4 members of the Che Family as investigations continue.

Immigration Officer Awoken By Her Vehicle Engulfed in Flames
Belize City police are investigating a case of arson. According to police reports, on Saturday October 12th at about 3:00am, acting upon information received of a vehicle fire on Lumber Yard Crescent, CIB Personnel visited the scene where upon arrival a Red Dodge Caravan was seen engulfed in flames. Owner of the van, Therese Chavaria a Belizean Immigration Officer of Lumber Yard Crescent reported to police reported that she was awaken by a loud bang and was informed by her neighbors that her vehicle was on fire. Fire was extinguished by fire personnel. The vehicle is valued at nine thousand dollars and is insured. Police are investigating.

Prime Minister Says They Will Move On With or Without Penner
The People’s United Party has been trying to collect about one thousand eight hundred signatures to recall Area Representative for Cayo North East and former Minister of State Elvin Penner. If they are successful then the recall will lead to a bi-election which PUP Standard Bearer for that same constituency Orlando Habet hopes to win. As part of his tour of the west, Party Leader of the United Democratic Party, Prime Minister Dean Barrow, was in San Ignacio Town on Saturday where he addressed a crowd of UDP supporters. But who has been M-I-A is the representative for that same constituency Elvin Penner. In his speech, Barrow told the voters that the UDP is moving with or without Penner. RT. HON. DEAN BARROW “Right now the opposition is seeking to recall him; I have already removed him from the Cabinet, they want to remove him from the house. My point to you this morning is this: we have said that nobody is perfect and everyone deserves a second chance and when you compare Penner and his actions with respect to one passport with the PUP and their actions with respect to hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of passport. By God if they can still be where they were cocked up in the national assembly. then we don’t see why Penner cannot come to the people of the North East Constituency and ask to be given a second chance.

Caribbean Court of Justice Hears Application From Government of Belize
This morning the Caribbean Court of Justice heard an application by the Government of Belize to discharge a conservatory order it had issued in December of 2012 restraining the payment of dividends by Belize Telemedia Ltd, BTL. The Order was an extension of an earlier order made upon the application of two Lord Ashcroft related parties, Dean Boyce and British Caribbean Bank Ltd. According to a release, that order had directed GOB to exercise its powers as controlling shareholder of BTL to prevent payment of dividends to GOB, Central Bank of Belize and Social Security Board. The release says that by consent of the parties, today the Caribbean Court of Justice, CCJ varied the Order to allow fifty percent of the dividends declared by BTL for the financial years ended March 2012 and 2013 to be paid to these shareholders. Dividends for 2012 had been declared in the sum of eleven million, eight hundred and eighty nine thousand dollars. Dividends for 2013 had been declared in the sum of twelve million, three hundred and eighty eight thousand dollars. All dividends payable to the small shareholders of BTL were paid in December 2012, as permitted by the CCJ. However, the release states that over 90% of the dividends, due to GOB, CBB and SSB were held back. As a result of today’s order one half of each of the remainder of these years’ dividends may now be paid. GOB was represented at the CCJ by Senior Counsel Denys Barrow, Naima Barrow and Iliana Swift. The opponents to the GOB’s application, Dean Boyce, was represented by Lord Goldsmith and Senior Council Godfrey Smith and British Caribbean Bank Ltd, was represented by Senior Counsel Eamon Courtenay and Jose Alpuche.

Business Owner High-End Vehicle Stolen
Police are also investigating a case of stolen vehicle. According to reports, on Octiber 13th at about 5:00pm one Karl Michael Pickwoad Business owner and a residence of University Heights, Belize City reported that he parked and left his 2005 white in colour Nissan patrol vehicle at his residence around 5:30pm on Saturday October 12 and then headed to San Ignacio on the following day. Pickwoad was later notified by a family member that his vehicle was not in his yard. Pickwoad immediately made his way back to Belize City and arrived at his home around where he did not find his vehicle where he had parked it. Pickwoad made checks in the area but did not locate his vehicle. The Nissan Patrol SUV vehicle is valued at sixty five thousand dollars and inside the vehicle at the time was one white in colour Apple I-pad valued at seven hundred and fifty dollars and one Rayband sunglasses black in colour with gold trimmings on the side values at two hundred and forty dollars. Police investigations continue.

Police Seeks Father in Report of Indecent Assault
And a disturbing report is coming out from Corozal. Love News understands that on Monday October 14th, at about 8:30am an 8 year old female student of Patchakan Village, Corozal District, accompanied by her mother visited the Corozal police station and reported that in sometime in the ending of the month of November 2012 while at home sleeping she was awaken by her father fondling her. She further stated that he had repeatedly fondled her from then until Sunday, October 6th 2013. She also stated that when she went into STD 2 where she presently is, her father started to practice oral sex on her. Preliminary medical examination conducted on the child confirmed that no hymen is present, but shows no signs of manipulation. Police are seeking the father.

Father Rescues Daughter From Rape Incident
Corozal Police are investigating a case of attempted rape. According to reports, on October 10th at about 4:00pm a 16 year old girl of Xaibe Village, Corozal District, reported to police that while she was walking on the San Roque Road heading home to Xaibe Village, waiting for her father to meet her on her way home, she saw three male persons riding bicycles from the opposite direction. The teenage girl told police that a while later one of the male person turned back and rode pass her in the same direction that she was going and he went a little further ahead and then the person turned back and did a hand signal to the other persons behind her. she then look backed and saw that the other two male persons were coming towards her and when they reached to where she was one of them grabbed her around her neck and the other one grabbed her around her waist and threw her to the ground. The male person who was holding her by her waist tried to take off her pants as she was screaming and the one that was holding her around her neck took out a knife and held it to her chest and told her to stop screaming. The girl told police that while on the ground her father arrived to her aid and the persons holding her let her go and ran away. She further stated that during the struggle she lost her BLU cell phone valued at two hundred and seventy dollars. Police have since detained the three men pending investigations.

Attorney Saldivar Hands Over Immigration Files to Police
Executive member of the People’s United Party, Arthur Saldivar today handed over the immigration documents that have been in his possession for the last few weeks, to the Police at the Queen Street Police station. But prior to surrendering the files, Saldivar, following a press briefing held by the main opposition party, presented the application forms for the media to see. ARTHUR SALDIVAR “This is simply to tie up all that has transpired and to basically get rid of the documents, put it to the right persons and assure that the public has the ability to determine how it goes from here. With what appears to be original documents being handed over to the authorities, the media asked Saldivar if he has secured copies of the files in an effort to ensure that there is a backup should files go missing in the middle of an investigation. This is what Saldivar had to say. ARTHUR SALDIVAR “You all have back up files and now I must leave. You have the backup files on your cameras and it’s on Facebook. It is within the public domain. I am not a prosecutor; that’s not my role.”


New Evidence Discovered Shows Penner Is Deeply Involved In Passport Fraud
How deep is Penner implicated in this latest immigration fraud, is something which the appointed Minister of Immigration Godwin Hulse did not reveal today. What he did state; though, is that he has instructed the director of Immigration to hand over all documents found at the department with inconstancies to the relevant authorities, including the police department. But will Penner face criminal charges now that he does not have the support of his party and how will the department carry out a criminal investigation if the main man accused is not even in the country? Those are questions that we hope will be answered in the days to come. Godwin Hulse- Minister of Immigration "Even though now there are files that we cannot locate we are able to retrieve enough documentation to be able to establish a paper trail. As Hon. Prime Minister said that may not be sufficient for the authorities to seek any conviction. I think he laid that out very well, but it was sufficient for me to sensitize the Prime Minister and the Cabinet of this situation. What I can properly say at this time, we continue with this investigation.

P.M Tell Penner To Resign From His Seat And The UDP Or Face Recall
A bomb went off today in Belmopan as the Prime Minister of Belize, during an impromptu press conference, asked former Minister of State Elvin Penner to resign as Area Representative for the Cayo Northeast constituency and from the United Democratic Party. The Prime Minister sang a whole different tune this morning as he went from defending Penner, to basically chastising him. And he did not do it alone. With the support of nearly his entire Cabinet, Dean Barrow, after the conclusion of a Special Session of the Cabinet, announced to the nation that the United Democratic Party no longer wanted Penner on their side of the ring. What we can say is that the UDP basically washed their hands and fed Penner to the wolves. This is after an investigation carried out at the Immigration and Nationality Department, dating back to April of this year when Penner was first given the authority to sign nationalities by the Prime Minister, proved that he is involved in other instances of corruption.

Disturbing Case Coming Out Of Corozal, Another Father Abuses Of His Daughter
The latest crime statistics released last week by the Belize Police Department showed that in the Districts of Corozal and Orange Walk there has been an increase in reported cases of carnal knowledge compared to 2012. For the year 2013, ten cases have been reported in Orange Walk so far. That’s nine more than last year. In Corozal there were two cases in 2012 and up to date there are seven. Apart from carnal knowledge case Corozal Police also have their hands full with recent cases of incest. In less than a week two female minors have visited the department reporting that they were abused by their father. The most recent case was recorded on the 14th of October when an eight year old minor, accompanied by her mother, reported to police that sometime in the month of November 2012 whilst at home sleeping she was awaken by her father.

Four Charged For Chopping Incident In Corozal
Corozal Police are currently investigating a chopping incident that left six persons injured and four behind bars. On Saturday night at about 9:30 a group of youths were hanging out at the park in the Village of Cristo Rey in the Corozal District, apparently making way too much noise, when Guadencio Che, who lives nearby, approached the group, asked them to stop making noise and then left. The group of young men then went over to Che’s residence located across from the football field and started to throw stones at his house. At that instance members of the Che family reportedly came out of the residence armed with machetes and attacked the young men inflicting serious chop wounds to all six of them. Eighteen year old Kenroy Choc of Yo Chen Village sustained injuries to his left shoulder, left arm and five chop wounds to the head.

Criminal Caught Red Handed Burglarizing Home In Palmar
Tonight a 23 year old resident from the Village of San Jose Nuevo Palmar in Orange Walk is celebrating his behind bars. If you may recall, back in 2007 Eric Castillo was convicted for beating 30-year-old Nelson Castellanos to death inside a holding cell at the Orange Walk Police Station. In 2009, after spending two years behind bars waiting for his trial, Castillo was acquitted after a jury of twelve found him not guilty of murder. Well, tonight Castillo is back in prison for breaking into the residence of Alberta Catzim located in the Village of Nuevo Palmar. According to eye witnesses around 4:00pm on Sunday while the annual Fiesta Del Pueblo was in full swing Castillo decided to burglarize Catzim’s residence.


Minister of Immigration says new penalties can’t be applies to Elvin Penner
We continue our coverage of Thursday’s press conference hosted by the Minister of Immigration and Nationality. At the gathering, which saw the presence of Minister of Immigration and Nationality Senator Godwin Hulse, his CEO, the Director of Immigration and the Prime Minister, the Minister presented the plan for reform...

PM explains how Elvin Penner received authority to sign Nationality Certificates
In Thursday’s newscast we aired part of Prime Minister Dean Barrow’s response to PlusTV’s Louis Wade’s question about how, when, where and from whom Elvin Penner received the authority to sign nationality certificates and conduct other business in the Immigration and Nationality Department. We now review the entire response,...

PM issues stern warning to colleagues in Cabinet
An exasperated Prime Minister Dean Barrow has issued a stern warning to his colleagues in Cabinet to avoid a reported scheme where select Ministers operate on a quota basis where visas are concerned. As an example – a Minister has a quota of a certain number of visas, let’s...

VIP disappointed in Government’s handling of Immigration scandal
As the dust settles from Thursday’s press conference, reaction from the public begins to mount. On Friday, Vision Inspired by the People made their sentiments public. The VIP says it is “Utterly disappointed in the government’s handling of the current immigration scandal. We believe that the government press conference...

Washington comments on swift dismissal of Elvin Penner
The shenanigans in Belmopan have apparently gotten the attention of Washington, as Prime Minister Dean Barrow and Immigration Minister Godwin Hulse have been in touch with U.S. Charge D’affaires at the Embassy, Margaret Hawthorne. Prime Minister Dean Barrow “I have heard from my CEO that the Charge expressed great...

Journalist Glenn Tillet calls Rise and Shire to express his views on Press Conference
The entire nation had their eyes and ears turned to the press conference held Thursday in which the PM, Hon. Godwin Hulse and other representatives of the Immigration department publicly discussed what might be considered one of the biggest scandals of 2013 to rack the UDP administration. The two...

VIP concerned with lack of Integrity Reports
Vision Inspired by the People (VIP) has another issue to hash out and that is the Integrity Reports – or an unflattering lack thereof. Public Relations Officer for VIP Bobby Lopez tells us more. Mr. Robert Lopez- Officer of Public Relations of the VIP “The law says that that...

Woman stabbed several times in Belize City
A woman was stabbed multiple times in Belize City. On Friday morning, the police, acting on information received, paid an early visit to the KHMH. There they found 23 year old Acteshia Nunez of 8 Miles, Belize District suffering from multiple stab wounds to her body. According to police...

Man in critical condition after being shot
A man was shot on Thursday evening. According to police investigations at about 6:45 pm Thursday evening, a man was standing in the gate of his ex common law wife when a second man appeared from behind and fired several shots at him hospitalizing him in a critical condition....

Stepfather detained as Police investigate carnal knowledge report
Police in Orange Walk are investigating a report of unlawful carnal knowledge on a 13 year old. On Thursday morning, the minor, accompanied by a Child Protection Officer, visited the Police Station and reported that on two occasions, her stepfather had sexual intercourse with her. The child was taken...

Over a hundred logs confiscated in Freshwater Creek area
Over a hundred logs were confiscated during a recent operation. The bust took place at saw mills within the Freshwater Creek Area. There, found were 180 unstamped, freshly cut logs. We understand that as a result of the bust, some seven...

Cayo Northeast recall process moves along despite challenges
Political aspirant Orlando “Landy” Habet has been handed a lifeline to join the House of Representatives with the effort to recall the man who defeated him in the last general election, Elvin Penner. Orlando Habet lost by 17 votes in 2012 but with Mr Penner’s immigration troubles the effort...

Fire in Dangriga destroys a restaurant and Southern Workers Union Office
A fire in Dangriga, destroyed a building that housed a restaurant as well as the office of the Southern Workers Union. Our Dangriga correspondent Harry Arzu visited the scene of the blaze’s aftermath and filed the following report. Mr. Harry Arzu- Dangriga Correspondent “The flames...

189 cheques missing from Southern Regional Hospital
On Thursday, we spoke with CEO in the Ministry of Health Dr. Peter Allen regarding the audit being conducted by the Auditor General at the Southern Regional Hospital. At that time, Dr Allen informed us that he did not have formal data to disclose to the public, but now...

Project to build a cruise tourism port at Stake Bank and North Drowned Caye receives environmental approval
The project to build a cruise tourism port at Stake Bank and North Drowned Caye recently received environmental approval and on Friday CEO in the Ministry of Trade and Development says barring a few more issues to work out a Memorandum of Understanding is on the way. Michael Singh...

Mayan Community supports NCL Project
The Mayan Community has come out in support of the Norwegian Cruise Line Project, calling it an “eco-friendly” development. According to the release, twelve Mayan villages were represented at a meeting held on September 15, where respected Mayan leaders publically expressed their support for the project....

World Egg Day celebrated in Belize
The second Friday in October every year is World Egg Day. Orlando Habet is president of the Belize Poultry Association and he told us how and why it’s being celebrated this year. Mr. Orlando Habet- President of the Belize Poultry Association 5“This day is celebrated as…internationally...

FIFA World Cup Trophy to visit Belize
Local bottlers of Coca-Cola, Bowen and Bowen Limited, are promoting the soft drink giant’s tour of the FIFA World Cup Trophy ahead of next year’s football final in Brazil. The current trophy was established in 1974 after the original Jules Rimet Trophy was won in perpetuity by Brazil in...

UB Nursing Department hosts Breast Cancer Awareness Forum
In commemoration with Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Faculty and Staff of the Nursing Department at the University of Belize, hosted an awareness forum under the theme “I Support.” Shadel Dyer-Young attended the forum and filed this special. Shadel Dyer-Young: “The search conducted by the World...

BELTRAIDE signs an agreement to join a regional trade information network
Belize’s trade and investment service, BELTRAIDE, has signed an agreement to join a regional trade information network. It hosted the press on Friday to give details. CEO in the Ministry of Trade and Investment Michael Singh summarizes the importance of the network. Hon. Michael Singh- CEO in the Ministry...

Lion’s Den gym hosted an eight-match boxing event
The Lion’s Den gym is hosting an eight-match boxing card featuring Belizean and Guatemalan amateur pugilists. We spoke to trainer and event promoter Clinton Tucker for details. Mr. Clinton Tucker- Trainer and Promoter “Ca’ da eight bouts we have , no? Actually, da wah tournament, but we want to...


Consumer Watch Newsletter
The Bureau presents the Volume 5 Issue 2 of its Consumer Watch Newsletter for 2013. Please feel free to download, read and circulate with your colleagues, friends and family.

International Standards Ensuring Positive Change
The Belize Bureau of Standards is proud to join with the rest of the international community in observing World Standards Day 2013 an annual event which is October 14. This year it is being celebrated under the theme “International Standards Ensure Positive Change” and like many themes of the past it pays tribute to the efforts of the thousands of experts worldwide that voluntarily collaborate to develop standards that facilitate trade, spread knowledge, disseminate technological advances and develop innovations. In this issue the Bureau extends its gratitude to those professional who are now integrally involved in standards development at the national level. Our article “Working for a Positive Change”, exposes the work of these professionals who are now working towards the development of standards in the various key sectors of the Belizean Economy.

Belizean Women Product Development
The Centre for the promotion of Micro and small enterprises in Central America and Dominican Republic (CENPROMYPE), initiated the project called Inclusive Value Chains, meaning; “Actions that promote the productive and facilitate the participation of companies from the base of the productive structure and promote decent jobs, gender equity and environmental sustainability” in collaboration with Belize Trade and Investment Development Service (BELTRAIDE) and the Ministry of Economic Development in Guatemala (MINEO). The project ideally will contribute to reduction of poverty through the consolidation and strengthening of productive value chains that promote tourism and local development with the addition of micro and small enterprises that contribute to sustainable development in cross-border territories.

The Caribbean Export Development Agency (Caribbean Export) is pleased to announce that following the recent call for designers, seven designers have been selected to be supported to attend Dominicana Moda (DM2013) in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, on October 21-26, 2013. The seven fashion design firms are; ILashan Apparel & Handmade Jewelry from The Bahamas; the Andrew Harris Collection of Barbados; Odanis Valdez Polonia from the Dominican Republic; MARSAE of Guyana; Mag Art from Haiti; Patwa Apparel Ltd from Jamaica and MEILING Inc. from Trinidad and Tobago.

“Another Day in Paradise” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.
Up just before 04.00 hours yesterday morning and on the veranda with my coffee and iPad within minutes of this (well it doesn’t take too long to make instant coffee – really good coffee is sadly wasted on me). Straight to The Times on-line to read the pre match articles about England’s all important World Cup qualification Group H game versus Poland later in the day. The consensus of opinion was that we should win it but would it be a nail biter? I then spent a bit of time looking at forward predictions for exchange rates for sterling versus the US dollar. When you live in a foreign country and your assets are in a different country the exchange rate you achieve can have an important bearing on your standard of living. We don’t have to exchange any sterling just yet awhile but if the market moves favourably then it makes sense to convert sterling to US dollars. The rate has improved lately but I have a gut feeling that it may improve a bit more so I am going to hold fast just a little bit longer. Time will tell , of course, if my instincts proved to be correct.

Amish Cook: Soup recipe blends broccoli an' cauliflow'r
Thishere sekunt week o'Octob'r turnt out ta be nice an' sunny altho mernings air cool. It wuz a purrfeck week ta catch up un outside wurk. One evnin my husban' Joe an' t'boys cleart out one o'air gardens an' tillet it. Joe plannd a groun cov'r crop thishere year ta hep replenish t'soil. We were’t uset ta a'doin thishere wen we livet n' Indiannie but wit t'soil bein so san'y roun here it will hep. Thishere year we air a'trine a wint'r radish, altho nairy edibull, at will hep prevent weeds an' also replenishes t'minerals neetet n' t'soil. Sevrul famblies n' air church districk have tride 'um an' had good results.

International Sources

Belize: Nature Lovers Take Note
Belize isn't really mountain country, but its offers some impressive rolling hills and highlands, some of the most beautiful of which are in Belize's western-most, largest, and most fertile district -- Cayo. Geographically, the more than 2,000 square miles of this district offer everything from broad farmlands, gently rolling citrus orchards and cattle ranches to rugged mountains laced with caves and deep river gorges. No wonder that along with agriculture, eco-tourism is now a mainstay of Cayo's economy. Tourists are drawn by the many caves, waterfalls, and Maya archeological sites... more sites than any other district in Belize. In fact, more than 60 percent of Cayo district is wildlife sanctuary, national park, or preserve.

15 places to visit that are natural: Part 2 (Video)
According to MSN on Tuesday, there are 15 natural wonders of the world. Six of those happen to be in the United States, while the other nine are in other countries across the globe. MSN has compiled a list including: Gullfoss in Reykjavík, Iceland, Twelve Apostles in Port Campbell, Australia along with the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, Matterhorn in Zermatt, Switzerland, Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Sugar Loaf Mountain in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Iguazu Falls in Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil, The Great Blue Hole in Belize, and Dead Sea in Jordan. Each location has its own factor to make it alluring.

Green growth: lessons in climate resilience from world’s poorest
Some LDCs are at the forefront of efforts to cut pollution, adapt to climate change and achieve economic and social development. As the world waited for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change to release its latest report last month, the climate economist Lord Nicholas Stern emphasized that: “It cannot be a case of either achieving growth or tackling global warming. It must be both.” In rejecting a trade-off between addressing climate change and securing growth and development, Stern supports a low-carbon resilient development approach, which brings together three traditionally separate goals: the reduction of climate change emissions (climate change mitigation), adaptation to the effects caused by climate change and economic and social development. This approach has been pioneered by nine of the least developed countries (LDCs) — Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, Ethiopia, The Gambia, Laos, Mozambique, Nepal and Rwanda — over the past four years.

Locals help protect Guatemala's rare forests
Indigenous communities of northern Guatemala have been given the right to make a living off their tropical forests, preventing illegal logging and destruction. The project helps save the forest as well as combat poverty. Guatemala’s northern province, the Peten, is home to the Maya Biosphere Reserve – a vast area of tropical forest, wetlands and Mayan ruins. It’s considered one of the most biodiverse regions on the planet. But the lush area that lies between Mexico and Belize, is also home to crippling poverty. For centuries, the indigenous population has suffered under colonization and military dictatorships with many locals driven away, forcefully relocated and even murdered.

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