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Political Poetry #475066
10/17/13 05:12 AM
10/17/13 05:12 AM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP

By Abdulmajeed K. Nunez

Belizeans get caught up eena politricks
Di think bout fight demons with bullets and sticks
Whilst this thing is about powernomics
From Ralph-a-nomics to Barrow-nomics
Deh buoys di play lone gimmicks, dah comics
Independence day speech promise, embarrassing Skerrit
Di give the impression that PUDP deh dah war
Belizeans need to see far the hardware magnets are slowly becoming Belize’s Pablo Escobar

We need to teach wi children monopoly
Deh buoys want full control of the economy
To enrich deh pickney, at the expense of the citizenry
Its economic skullduggery
With dummy company, limited liability
No one will get Geg’s money,
Discovery solutions is ah entity, its own a company
Cruise solutions is another company
Remember when BTL and Smart’s relationship was fiery
Ashcraft owned both companies
We are making the biggest mistake of our lives,
If we listen to their lies! Belizean open unu eyes!

Social security piracy, is lunacy, hypocrisy
High seas robbery
Belizeans are caught in 1960s politics
The laymen need fi understand thing critic
Divide an conquer
Penner dah the sacrificial lamb just to appease Uncle Sam
Remember Black Hawk done land, Brynner get called from Taiwan
International scandal
Just a part of the greater program
He does not even know his position
We are making the biggest mistake of our lives,
If we listen to their lies! Belizean open unu eyes!

One of the best smoke screens I’ve ever seen
In the midst money deh clean
Killings deh down - smoke screen
The chief justice has an impending judgment,
Offloading and refueling drug jet
The legalization of marijuana, smoke screen
The projects Chetumal Street, Civic Center,
Marion Jones and the National Bank are smoke screen
Deh buoy think they so serene
Unu forget that Dean just meet the Queen
We are making the biggest mistake of our lives,
If we listen to their lies! Belizean open unu eyes!


The enemy within

Let’s start from the beginning
The cancer is spreading, people hungry and begging
But because of their conditioning no one is moving and no one is helping
Dog eat dog this is what’s happening
With the bay men’s logwood cutting then squatting
Isabela and Ferdinand’s enriching
We being too inviting then the Christian indoctrinating
Blacks against blacks segregating
Children of the British ruling
The unions championing
Credit union started down south then closing
Now look what Jayne Us-Shaft is doing
There is an enemy within

Religious brain washing they call that educating
With fathers sodomizing and sister aborting whilst indocutriniting
The political exiling, dollar beer drinking, marijuana flooding
Then crack-cocaine was brought in an people start snorting and spranging
Natural resource out sourcing, politician bribing
Dependence injecting as sort of conditioning
HIV and STIs started spreading
There is an enemy with in

Contract killing, land grabbing, families pimping girl and boy siblings
To get what politician were giving
Hoover’s infiltrating, Belize National Movement high jacking,
Lumumba, Malcolm and Martin Luther’s shooting
Gaddafi, Saddam, Benazir, Maurice Bishop, Allende’s assassinating
Man you all need to be thinking these are not unusual happenings
They take planning and plotting some serious orchestrating
Clearly there is an enemy within

Money laundering, high stakes gambling
Drugs selling, prostituting
House of represent-ah- thieves, Dickie been stroking
Finny-gawn been pinching whilst Funds-taker been stealing and Moosah been lying
And Price his family was enriching even was pimping
Sweethearts making their living by whoring
And politicians freaking cheating
There is an enemy within

International bilateral contract signing
Secret deal making BTL, WASA selling
Gang banging, state executing, border crossing, wet dropping
Politicians puppeteering, gangs fighting, protecting drugs passing
Drug plane refueling, just to collect pickings
Politicians instructing policeman off loading
Immigration supporting arms and drugs smuggling, human trafficking
The news desensitizing when children were watching the Plue’s Street killing
Showing the blood clotting and the foot printing graphically displaying
To all it was a story worth following
There is an enemy within

Shoe-man now selling the secret to the Guatemalan dispute
Ending, suggesting us compromising
That da madarass it’s not happening
Privatizing, union busting, patronizing, compromising
There is an enemy within

Caribbean News Now

Re: Political Poetry [Re: Marty] #475312
10/21/13 04:52 AM
10/21/13 04:52 AM
Joined: Oct 1999
Posts: 79,802
oregon, spr
Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP
GOB starring cast!

By Abdulmajeed K. Nunez

GOB starring cast
I listened to tonight’s news cast which was pure undiluted rass
A blast from the pass when 300 passports got lass
They neva arrest nobody rass, the buck pass
That was a prelude to this madarass
Turn back unu mental compass
Plane mid di land dah night, pure chinney mi di pass
Tell mi was Clear di young gal land di bass?

Some ministers are in the wrong career
Some of them are queer, their positions they do not revere
Instead of politics they should have been into theater
Belize mi wah fare off better
At least one should have gone in to aviation
Because he can surely contrive
His party must survive
Is he like maverick or as one person
Described him as Yul Bryner from that Hollywood picture?
Clear the land; Chuck Connors from the rifleman
Always di walk with rifle in hand?
Then Penner would be Barney Fife (Don Knotts),
The incompetent deputy from the Andy Griffith show
Ho! ho! ho!
What do you know?

As for Wong he be that silly china man
That always beaten by Jackie Chang
Ms. Vanilla Rose word Burner would be Crueler;
From one hundred and one damnation
The Burglarized ware house Minister would be Jon Voight
The businessman mixed up with murder in ‘Deliverance’
Mr. Pinching would the Danny DaVito the Penguin in Batman
Mr. Drop offa bicycle would be Paul Reuben in Pee wee Herman
Riding the highway on his spear time escorted by the Gob SUV
After he hear bout SIF pan TV
The cement mayor would be Jack Nicholson in ah few good men
If the pin neva ben this poem neva mi wah en!

Caribbean News Now

Re: Political Poetry [Re: Marty] #476031
10/30/13 05:43 AM
10/30/13 05:43 AM
Joined: Oct 1999
Posts: 79,802
oregon, spr
Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP
Belize’s first youth prime minister

By Abdulmajeed K. Nunez

Sound the alarm!
The third party has been formed
Since the 90s our case has been adjourned
This is the calm before the storm
We’re coming with a youth platform
Constitutional amendments and legal reforms
The female prime minister will be our tutor
We are coming like a storm so be informed

They have been afraid of youth voices
Giving the youths choices
Using the expressive arts to form alliances
Where are the youth forums, councils, and youth governance?
Because we are tired or receiving pittances and remittances
And want to form cooperatives and industries
And exercise our civil liberties

Like Moses I am appealing to Pharaoh
Yul Brynner we ask you to let our youths go
Let them make their contributions flow
Stop flex you elbow
You and I both know the country must grow
As you dance to the tunes your masters blow
The true power is with the hands of the generation below
And we will ensure your rule is no more
As to stunt us from grow, di mek wi dumb grow
Maintaining the status quo
So onward we go from the throes of these Belizean Pharaohs

The country’s youth make up more than 50% of the population
And despite your attempt of economic citizenship and naturalization before election
Splitting and manipulating electoral divisions, manipulating supporters of the opposition
We through experience and observation,
We know you have no intention to do what is in the best interest of the nation
By giving us youth and grass roots leaders full participation
“We pledge allegiance to Belize, and
To the democratic principles for which it stands,
One people, one nation under god, with liberty,
Justice and equity for all.”

Re: Political Poetry [Re: Marty] #476175
11/01/13 04:36 AM
11/01/13 04:36 AM
Joined: Oct 1999
Posts: 79,802
oregon, spr
Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP
True Power!

By Abdulmajeed K. Nunez

Despite everyone’s fascination with Gapi Vega
The most powerful by far is the Education Youth and Sport Minister
Does he know his significance I wonder?
Waiting for the PM and Vega’s sanction
Worried about losing a convention
He has the country’s future in his coffer
He is more powerful than the prime minister
He has the potential to set the foundation for the future
Engineers, pilots, chemists, agronomist, biologist, and doctor
If only he was to roll out education proper
He could transform this nation with just one signature
And teach the country what it means to be a true leader

If only he would move beyond his constituency
And roll out the night program throughout the country
Especially in areas dat really need eeh
One at Excelsior, reopen St. John night schools and one at ACC, and St. Mary
He’d feed much more a family
And ensure victory
Invest in expressive arts; use youth voices and spoken word as your platform
Creative and innovative ways to ensure the children learn
Its buy his investment the next leader will be born

He has the potential to truly fulfill Godson’s legacy
By investing in the nation’s pickney
By raising the level of literacy
Letting the youths participate actively by teaching the outta school youth and elderly literacy
Making education more affordable in Punta Gorda
Liaising with the minister of agriculture
Have then trained to earn their bread and butter
Give skills to single mothers and offer a mentor
Through an apprenticeship program for mother’s
With small loans they’d be able to feed their sons and daughters
Whilst enjoying entrepreneurship
That would halt the hardship, which leads them to gang membership
Then youths won’t look to gangsters, and drug dealers for mentorship

By working on education curriculum reform
A new nation would be born
By redefining the job for which he was sworn
Civility, justice and equality would be the new norm
The country would become transformed
Encourage volunteerism
Instead of capitalism
This would minimize vandalism, racism, nepotism and fanaticism
And have the youths see the other side of the spectrum instead of going to prison

Re: Political Poetry [Re: Marty] #478294
11/25/13 04:04 AM
11/25/13 04:04 AM
Joined: Oct 1999
Posts: 79,802
oregon, spr
Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP
Reparations II

By Abdulmajeed K. Nunez

UB president resigning
Is somewhat disturbing
Especially since the Facebook posting
Of him giving it in writing
Including a tongue lashing
I think it’s downright embarrassing
But then it revealing
Why as a country we are not progressing

Mr Luna asked three questions in Amandala last evening
Reparation should be championed in tertiary learning
Status quo challenging
Like in the University of the West Indies
When Walter Rodney was teaching
Critical political thinking
If Belize was granted reparation
Who would receive the payment?
PUDP corrupt governments
The elitist two percent
Would it disappear like the Venezuelan millions?
Or end up in the hands of a few extraordinary Belizeans?

Will it end up like Liberty Hall?
With some people not wanting to identify with it all
Because wanting to be at their masters beacon and call
Didn't you see DJango at all?
The writing is on the wall

Cash in donation given to Belize
For development and poverty program
Diverted and given to gang
Is there anyone who has that information
Who is willing to share it with us?
Ms Wendy in her letter to the editor
Hit the nail on the head fair and square Westminster system need
To get out of here
When there is no reparation of power
And our democracy is fraud
Ministers continue to set themselves up themselves as lords
“We have been witness to the worst officially sanctioned corruption imaginable...”

Plain and simple poor people
Would be eradicated just like those in Tulsa Oklahoma
We'll turn on each other like
Hyaenas because we do not have the country at heart
Sometimes I wonder if we're putting
The horse before the cart
We need a legitimate constitution
For our nation, for the people, by the people and in consultation
With the people
Should the Caribbean fight for reparation be our need bible?
Then we must educate our people at every level
So that we can help to keep
Our governments responsible
Or we'll be in deeper trouble
Welcome to the struggle!
Power to the people!

Re: Political Poetry [Re: Marty] #479306
12/09/13 04:06 AM
12/09/13 04:06 AM
Joined: Oct 1999
Posts: 79,802
oregon, spr
Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP
Financial literacy!

By Abdulmajeed K. Nunez

We can either be dragged down by our circumstances
Or look under the layers and transcend, making advances
We have to be like the wise serpent in the bible
And be flexible
We should not throw away the baby with the bath water
Father Gainney and thirty-two others decided they wanted
To address the economic conditions
Facing the Garinagu and Mayan populations
So they came up with an ingenious plan
To set up two credit unions
In both Barranco and the southernmost district in the nation

The Catholics and dedicated priests
Working with the people to bring relief, however brief
It wasn't call an organization but a movement
Because of the time, investment that needed to be spent
Championing the cause of financial independence
A movement is something in motion
from my observation engraining self and family
Into the financial culture of the nation
Has yielded great success in the Holy Redeemer Credit Union

I give credit to the Union League for developing competency
Now it time to teach our children financial literacy
Redefining poverty, we cannot wait on the Ministry
It should be a part of math, lifeskills, and an everyday activity
It's not just about saving money
It entails having knowledge and capacity to save and invest wisely
Networking other countries and forming cooperatives
Let the children save a dollar a day, develop local monopoly games
teaching aids, developing financial ways
There is a natural relationship with cooperatives and credit unions
like husband and wife walking hand in hand

It was and can be again Belize's most powerful financial institution
Helping to rebuild Belize in collaboration with Development Finance Cooperation
After the 1961 Hattie devastation
Meant to be the poor people's bank but to be frank
Other financial giants have taken over because the credit unions
Have not been keeping up with economic trends
Or does that depend?
Their interpersonal relationship with the grassroots level
Di dwindle
Rural credit financing sounds enticing
But in my estimation it's just the icing

Despite the fact that Barranco and Punta Gorda Credit Unions
Are no longer functioning
Reopening of the Commerce Bight port is a new beginning
This should bring these communities much needed financing
The hands of time are turning
I wonder if this is what TV Ramose was prophesying
Credit unions must start re assessing
Go back to the drawing board and start strategizing
Re-opening of the Commerce Bight Port will save the country
Millions in saving, if it’s Theordora Aranda they are consulting
The only credit union in Dangriga is the Citrus growers Association
Far removed from the town
Credit unions need to stop sitting down
But get busy canvassing around, putting their military boots on the ground
Give scholarships to primary schools; collaborate with high and primary school
Feeding programs; get into schools and do lectures
Become financial mentors
Children are potential investors
But they need creative, charismatic tutors
Like nectar, desperately needing advice from the financial czars

Caribbean News Now

Re: Political Poetry [Re: Marty] #479715
12/13/13 05:22 AM
12/13/13 05:22 AM
Joined: Oct 1999
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oregon, spr
Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP

By Abdulmajeed K. Nunez

The Suba workers were the spirit of Dangriga
They woke up all of Dangriga with
Their jovial disposition and laughter
Singing as they boarded truck to ferry them to Pomona
Some were fruit canners, others banana hand washers,
Wrappers and some of them were domestic workers

Thomasa affectionately known as Aunti Thama
The daughter of Red and Cessaria
My mother grew up in Ugada
A settlement a couple of miles from Dangriga
First settled by Ugandans from Africa
Who came to live in Central America
She grew up a next door to Theodore Aranda
Later she and her mother moved to Dangriga
And when she left school she became a Suba Worker.

My father was a foreman in Mr Shafts' workers
Into construction, in charge of the house in Pomana
Thomasa was a single mother and a hard worker
As fate would have it Joe to notice her
With an elderly grandmother and blind grampa
Deli being the older brother used to have to take care
Of his two bredda and sister

Dangriga was booming
Black businesses thriving
Saturdays were half day working
Shopping and sporting
Sundays were for worshiping and family gatherings
Ships were docking, workers, loading and off loading
Commerce Bight Port operating
Shipping canned fruits, banana, packaging and exporting
To New Orleans, boy, them days thing was happening

Garinagu co-existing
Subsidizing with fishing and farming
Neighbours sharing, the main temple was open
With the Bouyeah doing their healing
The ancestors were guiding
Dugu brought families spiritual unity and healing
Despite the British racial segregating
When Dangriga was Dangriga and steam engines were popular
By sea Dangriga was 36 miles from the Belize town
By 6:00 pm for the Garinagu had to get out of town or be locked down
The cultural capital was electrical, magical, and special
Garinagu from Bluefields Nicaragua, Honduras, and Guatemala
Sharing a rich culture
The women would gather making cassava, Bami, Sahow
Children were children and played in their area
Whilst the elders spoke pure Garifuna
And celebrated their ancestors

Re: Political Poetry [Re: Marty] #480644
12/23/13 04:26 AM
12/23/13 04:26 AM
Joined: Oct 1999
Posts: 79,802
oregon, spr
Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP
Power brokering!

By Abdulmajeed K. Nunez

Instead of listening to the noise in the market we should have checked our change
The Mennonite community won’t let any dictator make their own estranged
They are power houses within the country
Those have in the past helped to finance political parties
States within the state
For example the Mennonites are multi-millionaires
Look what they have been able to achieve after fifty years
They have been establishing communities every where
Orange Walk, Cayo and Corozal
They produce food, furniture, houses and even mechanical equipment for all

The other powerhouse is the Asians
They control through their Chinese connection
Stocks and bonds in the banking institutions
Buying and renting every politician
Go to Brad’s and you will find our politicians with bottle in hand
With majority shares in the Boledo along with Finny-gan and Mr Borrow
Oh Jack Sparrow, how we foolish so?
Perfect example is when they killed the Chinese grocer
And the Chinese came together
Closed all shops for the day
Most Belizean families could not eat all day

Another powerhouse is the Middle Easterners
Mainly the Arabs, Turks and the Indians
They control beauty supplies and clothing
And some are into hardware and car renting
They also run the technology
Internet, computers and cable TV

We also have the Hispanics who control building and construction
They offer cheap labour working for the white man
Building roads, bridges, and highways
The white man use prison labour so construction pays
He is getting all the contracts anyways
They are building the highway from Belize to Guatemala
Even the road construction projects from the mayor
With all the equipment he was able to bring in duty free
When will we Belizeans realize the power brokers di run di economy?

The Americans are running the tourism sector
In La Isla Bonita, Caye Caulker and Placencia
Hotels, restaurants, tours and water taxis
With very few locals operating on a small scale, but paying high taxes
They have bought out the beaches and the prime land
The Minister of Natural Resources is a powerful man.

Most Belizeans noh understand
Many ah we into the public service and strive for political position
Thinking that through politics we will have control
Farrakhan came to tell us that the strategy is old
It is the producers that really have the power and control
So we have to start producing many fold
The story of the times and things that needs to be done is being told
Belizeans have to rise up and be bold
Stop depending on America and doing what we are told.
We are sitting on wealth untold
On mountains and valleys where prairies roll
We send out we raw material and buy them back at exorbitant prices
Why can’t we produce finished products and build our own industries?
Start trading with other Caribbean countries
We need to use CSME to our advantage
Amalgamate the unions and our resources
To be able to compete with the developed countries.

Re: Political Poetry [Re: Marty] #480890
12/27/13 03:47 AM
12/27/13 03:47 AM
Joined: Oct 1999
Posts: 79,802
oregon, spr
Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP

By Abdulmajeed K. Nunez

In the 60s Belize was said to be richer than Kuwait
I’m trying to get the record straight
Mexico and Guatemala are Belize’s beneficiaries
It is we who have been building their economies
We have light sweet crude
Our leaders should be sued
There was a time when Belize extended deep North and south
Of its boarder as a matter of fact Henry Fearweather
Surveyed the Chetumal border

Well I vex
Why didn’t our government make an agreement with Pemex
Or was that so complex?
Mexico is the fifth largest oil producer
Located not too far from our border
Wouldn’t life have been much easier?
If we could pay five dollars a gallon for fuel like our neighbour
Belize was the region’s leader
Until Uncle Sam became the puppet master
Bring Central Banks to the Diaspora
Controlling our leaders and tell us how, when and where to spend our dollars

My bally’s wife is a teacher
A commuter and commutes to Belize City daily
She spends $600 monthly
Wouldn’t life be easy if she could save that money?
Perhaps they could have pumped that money right back into our community
Our monies are not bouncing around in country
Too much of it is being spent buying foreign currency
The remainder is being shipped away to other countries
UNO rebranded all Texaco gas station in Honduras
Why are they still in Belize is the question I have to ask?

Ever wonder why Corozalenos
Seem to be living so prosperous
Whilst life in the city is so congested
People seem ill spirited
Our government is not creative
They lack initiative
Something wrong with their cognitive
Then again it might be calculative, manipulative
Their policies are primitive
Due to signing of bilateral agreements
So they’re bonded, not yet independent

So Sedi and the PM went to Venezuela
Discussion with PetroCaribe
Belize signed an agreement with PetroCaribe in 2005
To get 4,000 barrel of petrol a day, damn it!
Unfortunate for us they did not ratify it
The program lasted two years, there are many questions left unanswered
For example: Who was the oil sold to in Guatemala?
All our exported fuel was to be pure profit
Please tell mi how the countries benefit?
Instead they took $20,000,000 for Marion Jones stadium
And $1,000,000 for a running track
This is not conjecture but facts
Why aren’t they telling the people that they do not have jack squat?
That the economy is about to fall flat on its back
So they have to seek out alternatives to prevent that

Re: Political Poetry [Re: Marty] #481251
12/31/13 04:43 AM
12/31/13 04:43 AM
Joined: Oct 1999
Posts: 79,802
oregon, spr
Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP
Diaspora Representation!

By Abdulmajeed K. Nunez

I am sick and tired of this marginalization
Inadequate Diaspora representation is killing this nation
How can we stop any Belizean
From full participation in the development of this nation?
We claim we suffer from a brain drain
This is totally insane, our solutions are disdain
Have we no respect for the opportunity
That our Belizeans abroad have gained
This reminds me of the anarchists in 1936 Spain
Where did this power the oligarchs obtain?

Hurricane Hattie was not anyone's fault
It opened up the vault
As matter of fact no one in Belize knew what a hurricane was
Once again Belize is putting itself through great pain
The UN has gone through great strain
Their policies ordained
I take the stance that a Belizean is Belizean
Whether expatriate or a resident in state
Who are we to stop them from being a part of the Cabinet, House of Representative or the Senate?
Opportunities they have taken to educate themselves and their families
To come back home with newly obtained strategies and remedies
To make their contribution
Belize is one nation a part of the Caribbean
The wider Diaspora can only make life better

How ironic it is that we can accept barrels
And checks through remittances
Which has helped to develop our economy
But yet the right to select a representative is being choked
By selfish people who take us for joke
It is all a hoax, to benefit those folks
Who have around our necks their ropes
Sucking out the life out of Caribbean countries
Killing their youth’s opportunities
Starving families
Are we becoming dream executioners?
Succumbing to Belize becoming the 123rd district in Guatemala
And the 53 state in America

The French advocated long ago for voting rights in their constitution
Whilst Belize still does not have national plan
Nor a national agenda from a people’s prospective
The fall of the world economic system in recent times
Is opening the lenses in our minds
All over the world we have African descendant converging on common law
Maritime law and legal fiction
We need to fight for our liberation
We must not accept the responsibility for the straw-man
This enables legal fiction to function
Contracting our leaders to do the will of the UN with our nation
They are strategically dismantling our constitution
By denying Belizean in the Diaspora to make their contribution
With these unfounded restriction!
Fight my people to overturn this prosecution!

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