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Today's Belize News: October 17, 2013 #475073
10/17/13 05:35 AM
10/17/13 05:35 AM
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Marty Online happy OP

Marty  Online Happy OP


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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 5
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Danriga -Belize’s basketball mecca
Dangriga was crowned the elite basketball champions of the Gaspar Vega Elite basketball tournament this past weekend. Eight teams participated- one team representing each district as well as Belmopan and San Pedro. Dangriga won a cash prize of $1000. Dangriga had a 3-0 record defeating Belize, San Pedro and San Ignacio in the final game. Daniel Nolberto, the young veteran, led his youthful team in impressive fashion. This weekend’s elite tournament was a preview of the National elite basketball league that is scheduled to commence early next year.The rosters of theses teams will not necessarily remain as they are for the national elite league but if it is any indication of what’s to come, there are a lot of young and new faces that will be introduced to the basketball landscape. Here are few names to look for in the future: Brian White- Belize, Trevaughn Usher, Shai Peters- Dangriga, Randy Usher and Roger Reneau- Orange Walk, Jaime Carbajal- San Ignacio.

BTB hosts digital workshops across the country
On Friday, September 20th, the BTB’s Digital Marketing Team and Digital Marketing Agency (Olson) concluded a one week countrywide workshop to sensitize and enable Tourism Industry partners to become digitally empowered through the use of BTB’s newly constructed Content Management System (CMS). The CMS will allow each stakeholder ease of access via personalized codes to manage and update his/her property’s profile on the recently redesigned To complement the training, workshop participants were given marketing tips, and updated on BTB’s branding strategies, as well as upcoming digital marketing initiatives. Workshops were carried out in Punta Gorda, Placencia, San Ignacio, Belize City, Orange Walk Town and San Pedro Town.

San Pedro Junior Sailing Club takes first place at Corozal Bay Regatta
Several sailing enthusiastics made the journey from San Pedro to Corozal on Saturday, October 12th to support the San Pedro Junior Sailing Club (SPJSC) as they participated in the annual Corozal Bay Regatta. The trip sure was worth it as in the end, Gorge Olivarez of theSPJSC took the top prize. Seven young sailors from SPJSC participated in the regatta, all placing within the top 15 out of 34 sailors. But it was Gorge Olivares who took the grand prize, winning the first place trophy in the Optimist division. Kevin Vasquez also made his mark at the Corozal Bay Regatta winning second place in the Optimist division. The other San Pedro Junior sailors who placed in the top 15 are: Jerdan Anderson 8th, Christian Trejo 9th, Blanca Vasquez 10th,DavinPuc 12th, and Faith Noel 15th.

Lizard Tales: Cadejo
In Belizean villages such as San Jose Succotz, the Cadejo is described as a hairy, goat-like animal or a large, shaggy dog, hence its name, which translates from the Spanish as “tangled hair”. The Cadejo is said to have the hooves of a goat, the horns of a bull, and the tail of a puma or lion, and its flaming eyes and foaming mouth give it an aura of evil. Stories of the Cadejo are told among the Maya in Belizean villages, and also in Guatemala. The Cadejo may appear as a white animal, protecting drunken men who have lost their way in the jungle. Most often, however, it appears as a black animal, seeking out habitual drunkards who have fallen in the streets. The Cadejo hungrily licks their mouths and follows them for nine days until there is no longer a chance that they will get well.

Ambergris Today

Caye Caulker Native Wins in Body Building Competition Abroad
Belizean women seem to be on a trend of bodybuilding and are stepping up to the challenge to transform their bodies into healthy works of arts. We have seen local Sanpedrana Katherine Portillo on the spot light and most recently Belizeans Zarifa Waight and Cricel Castillo. This week we bring to you a Caye Caulker native who resides in the United States of America; her name is Luna Novelo. Luna Novelo grew up in the lovely island of Caye Caulker and is the daughter of Caye Caulker resident Jim Novelo and former wife Cindy. Luna is currently living in Kansas where she was a cheerleader at her high school and is now happily married to Matt Ellis; she has become a professional body builder.

Working Towards Affordable Insurance for Low-income People in Belize
IDB and ICB sign agreement to develop micro-insurance for low-income people in Belize - On September 30, 2013, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the Insurance Corporation of Belize (ICB) signed a technical cooperation agreement to jointly finance a project to develop and implement sustainable micro insurance solutions in Belize. The project is designed to increase formal insurance coverage for low-income people throughout the country. The aim is to provide affordable property and agricultural micro insurance coverage that is specifically tailored to the needs of beneficiaries in rural and agricultural areas, as a means of maintaining income levels in the event of weather-related losses affecting the crops, houses and properties of insured persons. The agreement was signed by IDB President, Luis Alberto Moreno and Thomas Erdulfo Nuñez, Chief Executive Officer of ICB, at the 16th annual FOROMIC in Guadalajara, Mexico. FOROMIC is the leading conference on micro, small and medium enterprise development in Latin America and the Caribbean

Flashbacks: Downtown San Pedro Then and Now
In the center are the very beginnings of Sun Breeze Hotel. And note that there is no San Pedro Town Library with BTB offices. Neither is there the building which houses a Real Estate Agency and Chocolate Boutique. Now the famous Ruby’s Hotel is not there yet. Instead we see the family home of Mr. Romel Gomez Sr. The cream colored building was for Mr. Apoloño Escalante, father of Homero Escalante and is now a part of Holiday Hotel. Do note that there is only one vehicle on this now busy street and is going in the wrong direction. Finally notice that once there were concrete lamp posts on the street but due to high salinity the steel rusted and caused them to crack and crumble. Today we have a totally new and different south end of Barrier Reef Drive, San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye.

25 Years Ago: Old School vs. New School in San Pedro Num. 2
Yes we are talking about the Old School but not referring to the old R.C. Primary School on the beach and the new one by the airport. Neither are we talking about the old high school where the Town Hall is now located and the new one behind the R. Angel Nuñez Auditorium. Rather we keep talking about the old way of living or doing things and how it is done today. What a great variety of food we have in San Pedro today from delicious meat or poultry dishes, to pastas and pizzas and of course a whole range of salads and desserts. I was raised in the 1950’s with a plain diet of corn tortillas and beans accompanied with fried fish. I mean that was six times a week and for many people it was seven times a week and 12 months of the year. For a little variety on Sundays we had a treat of corned beef…yes corned beef! However we did not get it every Sunday because it had a ridiculous high price tag of 50 cents. I remember fighting with my brother to have the privilege of opening the tin can of corn beef with the attached metal key, and also to be able to dip my finger into the meat and have a first bite.

ABC Pre-School Grand Halloween Fair 2013
Get the ghouls and gals, witches and wizards, zombies, vampires and even the adorable fairies and princesses ready for ABC Pre-School’s Grand Halloween Fair. Costume Competition, Miss ABC Pre-School Contest, lots to eat and drink and much entertainment for the entire family. Special Guests: Burger and Fries the Clowns!! Come and join in the fun at ABC Pre-School Compound on Saturday, October 26, 2013 from 6:00 p.m. To 10:00 p.m. Don’t miss out the fun!

The Reflection of Good Governance on Young People
Our young people today look up to those in Government and the private sector. They are watching every step they make and are ever more vigilant in calling out wrong doings. I am totally impressed with the level our young people today have reached, in terms of standing up and fighting for national development. It is the part of the elected officials to be responsible decision makers, and avid thinkers, as it relates to policies affecting young people, and people in general in Belize. Young people have seen enough where both current and past administrations have allegedly mismanaged tax payers money. They are tired of all the snafu and propaganda, and are looking for real change. They are hoping to work with the Government of the day to effectively help to reconstruct the economic climate of Belize.

Public Consultation Land Use Development in Ambergris Caye
Invitation to attend public consultation on the land use development study for Ambergris Caye The sustainable tourism program (stp) of the ministry of tourism and culture, and the Belize Tourism Board, in conjunction with the San Pedro Town Council and consultant Oriol Monfort will be holding a public consultation on Tuesday 22nd October at 6:30 pm at the lion’s den, on barrier reef drive, San Pedro. The Purpose of this Consultation is: 1. To update the community on the baseline data collection, mapping and planning activities to date 2. To present to the community the draft land use plans and development guidelines 3. Invite comments and feedback on the land use plans as presented All potential stakeholders to include the businesses and residents of Ambergris Caye, real estate agents, industry associations, ngos and civil society are encouraged to attend.

Misc Belizean Sources

The Sudden Rise in Popularity of Belize’s “Sea Cow”
A naturalist guide at the Lodge at Chaa Creek cited a recent article in the Charleston South Carolina Post and Courier as highlighting a growing interest in one of Belize’s favourite animals, the manatee, and raises concerns that this iconic Belizean marine mammal may be relocating. Brion Young, who is also assistant manager of Chaa Creek’s Belize Natural History Centre, said the Post and Courier article confirms his own observations about the manatee’s growing popularity. “It seems that the manatee is attracting more attention in our northern neighbours and appears to be growing in numbers when making its annual passage up and down the Atlantic Coast. “That’s good news for us, as public awareness is important for any endangered species.

Iguana trauma!
Another great day with Helping Paws Across Borders! Maybe they should add claws to their name? After saving this iguana from a dog attack a vet on their team that works with exotics was able to treat her and stitch her up! She seemed happy for the help. Plus they treated almost another 70 island pets yesterday.

By Abdulmajeed K. Nunez Belizeans get caught up eena politricks Di think bout fight demons with bullets and sticks Whilst this thing is about powernomics From Ralph-a-nomics to Barrow-nomics Deh buoys di play lone gimmicks, dah comics Independence day speech promise, embarrassing Skerrit Di give the impression that PUDP deh dah war Belizeans need to see far the hardware magnets are slowly becoming Belize’s Pablo Escobar We need to teach wi children monopoly Deh buoys want full control of the economy To enrich deh pickney, at the expense of the citizenry Its economic skullduggery With dummy company, limited liability No one will get Geg’s money, Discovery solutions is ah entity, its own a company Cruise solutions is another company Remember when BTL and Smart’s relationship was fiery Ashcraft owned both companies We are making the biggest mistake of our lives, If we listen to their lies! Belizean open unu eyes!

Chopping incident in Corozal leaves young men injured
There was mayhem in Cristo Rey village, Corozal on Sunday night and it left 6 people with chop wounds. According to police a group of youths was on the bleacher at the park in Cristo Rey, Corozal and were reported to be making noise around 9:30 pm. A man, who lives nearby, identified as Guadencio Che is reported to have approached the youths asking them to stop making noise, and then he left. Police investigations show that the group of young people followed Che to his house across from the football field and started hurling stones at the house. Police say that the Che family then reportedly came out armed with machetes and chopped up the stone-throwing youths, leaving them with some serious chop wounds.

BCS San Ignacio Branch
The Belize Cancer Society has a San Ignacio Branch that's been opened since March, 2013. It's located at the BFLA office on Church street. Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, they are having their 'Paint Belize Pink' campaign to increase awareness. They are also having a Cancer Walk from Esperanza to San Ignacio on the morning of the 26th.

SHC Fair and Business Expo
Sacred Heart College is having their annual fair and Business Expo the last weekend of October. There will be a parade during the day on Friday the 25th, and the talent show starting at 6:00pm. Saturday the 27th, the Business Expo and fair start at 10:00am, and at night they'll have a dance. There will be games for all ages, along with trampolines, a dunk tank, a wide selection of food and drinks. This year, they'll be having something different with a 'Car Smash and Cut' fundraiser, where you can break the windows out, paint, drill holes, and cut up an Isuzu Trooper.

SMCU Celebrating Credit Union Day
Saint Martin's Credit Union, the credit union for Cayo, is celebrating International Credit Union Day today from 8:00am until 3:00pm. You can learn about why credit unions are a better choice, and how they help the community, along with learning about the various services they offer. They'll also have free snacks and drinks for everyone. See you there! In related news, they'll be closed on Saturday, the 19th so they can attend the annual Credit Union Convention, but the ATM's will be working fine. They'll be open again on Monday. "YOU'RE INVITED - International Credit Union (ICU) Day OPEN DAY at SMCU on Thursday 17 October from 8:00am to 3:00pm - WIN A CELL PHONE - Membership Application Fee WAIVED - FREE SNACKS & DRINKS! See you there."

SI United Visited FC Belize
The SI United played against the FC Belize at the MCC Grounds Sunday. There was a late goal that ended the game in Belize's favor 1 to 0. The next game is on Sunday, the 27th of October, at Broaster Staduim, where they play the BDF. "Was an exciting match all the way to the end. The guys played well, controlled the whole match but couldn't finish. Late extra time goal would end the game 1-0. Looking forward to bounce back with some late reinforcements next game."

Community Outreach with ReefCI
ReefCI joined forces with TIDE for the annual TIDE Fish festival and had lots of fun spreading the word about the invasive lionfish! ReefCI donated free samples of delicious beer battered lionfish! The general public were encouraged to give feedback on eating and buying Lionfish. The kids had fun participating in colouring competitions and a wordsearch! And there was a beautiful, innovative selection of lionfish earrings on display and on sale! It was a great day and a huge success. Team ReefCI also won first prize in the fishing competition, and won an additional prize for catching the most lionfish!!

Channel 7

Penner, No Word On Resignation
Representative for Cayo Northeast Elvin Penner remains in Guatemala tonight. 7news has obtained footage of him crossing the western border on the Guatemalan side last Friday evening at about 4:30. He is seen – apparently with family – lugging a heavy suitcase – not looking quite like the man the Prime Minister described as going to seek medical attention for debilitating migraine headaches. And as his big red suitcase might suggest – Penner isn’t expected back until next week Tuesday or Wednesday. But, in the interim he remains in contact by telephone. He hasn’t answered the Prime Minister yet to say whether he will or won’t step down as UDP standard-bearer for Cayo northeast. Today, via telephone, the Prime Minister confirmed that Penner has not called him to state his position. But we do know that Penner has been communicating with some in the UDP and reports say he’s been telling them that he’s been treated unfairly, even unconstitutionally. We are told that Penner has communicated officially to the UDP that he will come back and consult with the people of Cayo Northeast and his committee to decide the way forward.

The Political Chess Game Begins
And so that’s the state of play tonight: the PM abroad, Penner undecided, the future unclear. Which gives us time to review yesterday – which was quite a day – in terms of history and the political back and forth. We start at the beginning, in Belmopan when Prime Minister Dean Barrow became the first PM or Party leader to urge a sitting member of the House to resign: Jules Vasquez Reporting In terms of grand entrances the leader of the Opposition got the nod as he walked into his press conference yesterday. And while the PUP party leader sat flanked by his deputy leaders - candidates and supporters were all around a very full room The Prime Minister also sat with his Deputy Prime Minister and all of Cabinet - and while we did see a few party supporters, the NEMO conference room had the sense of officialdom, the PUP event was like a political rally. Both events also centered on documents - the UDP spoke about that which cannot be disclosed, Hon. Godwin Hulse - Minister of Immigration "I do not want to be pressed on the details of names etc, because I will not give them out. I cannot."

Saldivar's Documents Re-examined
And, as you saw, lost in the mix of political gamesmanship leading up to a possible bye-election was Arthur Saldivar and his Immigration documents. Last week he strutted across the public stage, a louche whistle blower with not just horse-hair, but the entire horse-hide in hand, making glib promises about “a document a day” and sponsoring a media worker to go to South Korea to talk to Citizen Kim. And then, suddenly, he was a fugitive on the run, and then…he fell off the radar; “to be continued…” he said. But yesterday the Saldivar mini-series came to a too-abrupt end: he posted a few documents on facebook, flashed them before the media, and handed them over to police. He was, in the end, it appeared, beleaguered by the burden of the documents. Tonight we take a look at those few documents that Saldivar has posted online: Jules Vasquez Reporting Commissioner of the Supreme Court Winston Smiling carried the bag full of immigration files, along with an entourage of sorts from the PUP Headquarters down the street to the Queen Street Police Station.

Scores Of Small Lobster Seized
Tonight, 30 year-old Hubert Palacio and 50 year-old Luigi Marin, are out on bail after they were taken to court along with fellow fisherman 43 year-old Mark Sewell in connection with a bust of 431 undersized lobsters which the Fisheries Department made last night. According to the Fisheries Department, these men were at a fishing camp south of Caye Chapel, when they were busted with the illegal haul. Today, Supervisor Hampton Gamboa explained to us about what led to the raid, and what the effects on the environment this illegal act has caused: Hampton Gamboa - Fisheries Supervisor, Conservation Compliance Unit "The public had called us yesterday about 6 or 7 with some reliable information, and we pursued the information last night at around 9 or 10. Fisheries officers went the southern part of Caye Chapel, where on one of these islands, they found a fishing camp. We searched the premise and were able to find 2 iceboxes. One was partially filled, and the other had just a couple lobsters. After the officers proceeded with the procedure weighing each individual, we ended up with 431 undersized lobsters."

Citizen Kim's Saga Continues In S. Korean Court
The man we call Citizen Kim, properly known as 52 year old South Korean Won-Hong Kim has been indicted to stand trial for embezzlement in South Korea. News reports from South Korea say that he was indicted on Monday on charges of conspiring with the jailed chairman of the country's third largest conglomerate in a massive embezzlement case. That Chairman for SK Group, Chey Tae-won was convicted of embezzling nearly $45 million US Dollars from the group. Citizen Kim was a former adviser to SK Shipping is accused of participating as an accomplice in the embezzlement scheme, as the man responsible for the chairman's investments. When the Chairman went on trial in 2011, he fled South Korea for China and turned up in Taiwan in July where he was arrested for an immigration offence. That’s when maneuvers were put in motion to fraudulently get him a Belize passport. That was personally seen to by Elvin Penner who signed the nationality certificate and the passport, and by his own words “(saw) to it that (Kim) would get proper attention and would get his passport the same day.” Penner’s driver picked up the passport at the Immigration office on September ninth and days later a diplomat from another country, we are told, conveyed the passport to Kim in jail.

Who Burned Immigration Dept's Chavaria's Van
A senior immigration officer had her vehicle set on fire over the weekend. Therese Chavaria – who is currently holding over the Passport Section right now – told police that at 3:00 am on Saturdaymorning she saw her Dodge Caravan on fire near her home on Lumber Yard Crescent. Chavaria was awakened by a loud bang and police say it is a case of arson. Her home is just a few blocks away from the Fire Department and the blaze was quickly extinguished by fire personnel. The vehicle is valued at nine thousand dollars and was completely destroyed.

World Bank Study: Bze Per Capita Income Among Region's Lowest
The World Bank’s 2014 World Development report says that, on a per capita basis, Belize is among the poorest countries in the Caribbean. Per capita income refers draws a very rough average of how much each person in a country makes basically by dividing the population by the GDP. Of the 14 CARIBBEAN countries for which information was gathered, Belize was the third lowest, with a per capita income of $4,180.00 US dollars. Only Guyana and the US Virgin Islands were lower. Bahamas at $21,280 and Puerto Rico were the highest.

Belize Census, A Slight Return
The results of the 2010 census were released in 2011, but the statistical institute of Belize chose today Caribbean statistics day to release to final, official census. It was staged at the Jaguar auditorium at the university of Belize where minister of state in the ministry of finance Santiago Castillo Jr explained how statistics can be important to planning:.. At the time of its release in 2011 the census was criticized for showing Belize’s population growth at a below average level and the household size shrinking...

Where Pets Are Treated Like People
The Belize Animal Center first caught our attention back in 2004 – when we hard about their service of pet grooming. Well, tonight the news is that they have moved on up – to a new location with a new range of services. It’s an interesting business model because the expanded facility is owned and operated by two women. We visited their new digs at #1 Mike DeShield Street in Belama Phase two: They moved into their new digs in September. And yes, the street is named after the founder of the Animal Center, the now deceased Mike DeShield.

Jevaun Needs Expensive Meds
A nine year old standard 4 student of Holy Redeemer Primary School has been diagnosed with a rare disease. Jevaun Freeman is suffering from a condition which causes him to bleed through his pores. It is a disease that cannot be treated here in Belize and needs urgent attention. Earlier this week, his mother came by our studios to ask the public for assistance in hope that she can get her son out for treatment in Guatemala. If you would like to assist, you can contact his mother at telephone number 6-0-4-2-5-0-5. The World Pediatric Project has found the medication to treat him and has arranged to bring it to Belize - but it is expensive, over ten thousand dollars and they are trying to fundraise to get the payment for it. So if you can help it would be appreciated.

House Cmte Meeting Was A Marathon
At the end of our lengthy newscast yesterday, 7News told you about the public consultation on the proposed amendment to the criminal code. It went for just over 4 hours, and we could see why. The extensive amendment was carefully explained, clause by clause, to the gathering at the UB Gymnasium. The speakers also addressed some of the questions submitted in writing as they progressed through their presentations. Tonight, we revisit a small excerpt where the Deputy Solicitor General explained the significance of equal protection for both young girls and young boys, which inadvertently introduced the issue which the Church wants clarified. The Committee for Foreign Affairs and Constitution has pledged to carefully consider all submissions made in writing. The Deputy Solicitor General has also pledged that corrections in wording will be made so that there can be no doubt that the proposed amendment does not nullify Section 53.

Channel 5

Elvin Penner says he isn’t resigning and he is coming home on Sunday
Prime Minister Dean Barrow left the country today for Los Angeles California and was hoping that he would have accepted Elvin Penner’s resignation from the U.D.P. and as area representative [...]

Barrow says U.D.P. cannot expel Penner as elected area rep
As we told you, Penner will be back in Belize on Sunday and he is not resigning as yet. Via phone today, he also told News Five that he will [...]

A closer look shows irregularities in a bundle of nationality documents
On Tuesday, attorney Arthur Saldivar handed over a bagful of immigration documents to Police – including files and binders. Those documents were allegedly in Saldivar’s possession for over a week. [...]

Eric Chang to lose title and rank as deputy mayor
By midday Thursday, Eric Chang will probably no longer be the Deputy Mayor of Belize City. That’s the word coming out of City Hall today. Chang had been given an [...]

U.D.P. Chairman breaks down the options for Penner
Prime Minister Dean Barrow has made it abundantly clear that his initial position to give former Minister of State Elvin Penner a second chance, has now changed following disclosure of [...]

August says P.U.P. struggling; and explain 3-step process of bye-election
But the prospects, according to August, are less than likely that the People’s United Party will emerge victorious if a bye-election should be called since he claims that the opposition [...]

Should Elvin Penner face criminal charges even if he resigns as area rep?
Tonight’s question is: Even if Elvin Penner resigns as Area Representative should be still face criminal charges? Yes or No. Send your comments and responses using your SMART phones to [...]

Despite being removed as Immigration Director, Ruth Meighan’s signature continues to appear on passports
As we continue to dig into the immigration scandal, we unearthed the following detail. The signature of former Director of Immigration, Ruth Meighan, remains a fixture in all passports currently [...]

Opposition and business community both want independent investigations into scandal
After much public outrage and an overwhelming demand for a criminal investigation into the illegal issuance of nationality certificates and passports at the Immigration and Nationality Department, the Belize Police [...]

Cayo northeast constituents say that they are being bribed by the U.D.P.
At Tuesday’s press conference, the P.U.P. also disclosed that voters are reporting that inducements are being offered by the ruling party not to sign a recall petition.  Likewise, there are [...]

Was Elvin Penner legally authorized to sign on Belizean birthright?
There is still debate on whether or not the Prime Minister had the legal authority to allow Elvin Penner, as a Minister of State, to sign nationality certificates and passports. [...]

Dickie Bradley says a minister of state cannot be a member of Cabinet
Bradley also pointed out that Penner could not be removed from Cabinet because he is a minister of state and could only attend cabinet sittings by invitation. Bradley turned to [...]

The attempted rape of a minor lands 2 men before the courts
Two men from the Corozal district have been hit with a slew of charges after an attempted rape on a minor. The sixteen year old girl from Xaibe Village told [...]

Corozal residents charged following chopping frenzy
Today one man lies critically injured in the K.H.M.H. and five others are recovering from wounds they received at the hands of a machete-wielding family in Cristo Rey, Corozal. According [...]

Major bust of undersized lobster
The Fisheries Department is reporting a major bust of undersized lobsters. A total of four hundred and thirty-one undersized lobsters were confiscated and four persons were detained. They have been [...]

2010 Census on Population and Housing officially launched
The 2010 Census on Population and Housing was officially launched today in a glossy report, even though the findings were released since 2011. Still yet there is interesting information. In [...]

Re: Today's Belize News: October 17, 2013 [Re: Marty] #475074
10/17/13 05:35 AM
10/17/13 05:35 AM
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oregon, spr
Marty Online happy OP

Marty  Online Happy OP

More News: Scroll up from here


Terms of Employment Misunderstood Within University of Belize
Yesterday the University of Belize issued out a press release clarifying concerns raised to the media in regards to the misunderstanding of the terms of employment within the University of Belize. The press release says that according to the University of Belize’s Faculty and Staff Handbook faculty members are employed on an annual basis and, subject to an annual review of job performance by their supervisors and such appointments can be renewed. It was reported that the Administration of the University requested that the teachers sign a one year contract. This made the teachers uneasy and if there is still doubt amount the teachers, President of the University, Doctor Carey Fraser set the record straight. DR. CAREY FRASER “The press release that was issued yesterday clarifies what tenure is in the international university system. I think there was a sense that tenure was, in fact let me put it this way, because some people were made permanent during the merger; there was the assumption that this was the part to “tenure” but I wanted to make the distinction that being permanent was part of a civil service public service arrangement but tenure in universities means something very different.

University of Belize Has New Board
The University of Belize has a new board of Trustees. An inaugural meeting for new members of the Board of Trustees was held last Friday. According to the President of the University, Doctor Cary Fraser, the new board is in accordance with the University Of Belize Act Chapter 37, Revised Edition 2000. DR. CARY FRASER “This is part of the regular process of renewing the board. Board members serve standard terms and there is a time limit on service on the board and so, what has in fact happened is that the board which I came and met has had some changes but now there has been a process of establishing a new board that will in fact oversee the university over the next several years.” Harrison Pilgrim, Appointee of the Minister of Education, Youth and Sports was elected as the Chairman of the Board with Steve Spiro, Private Sector representative for Tourism nominated by the Minister, elected as the Vice-Chairman.

Immigration Documents Now In The Hands of The Police
Last night we told you attorney Arthur Saldivar handed over one hundred and fifty immigration files to the Belize Police Department. Saldivar told Love News today that he did so because too much unwanted attention was being focused on him and not Elvin Penner, who had signed the nationality certificates. And even though Saldivar handed over the files to the police, he says this is not his last move. ARTHUR SALDIVAR “I was being made the focus of the police’s effort and that kind of attention is unwarranted when we are dealing with such a serious matter. Instead of having the focus on me I believed that it was prudent to hand the documents over even though it was outside of the time line that I had set in relation to the exercise that was on the way to basically influence an impending investigation into the matter. I spoke to the Assistant Commissioner of Police, Mr. Aragon and to Mr. Blackett personally; other persons spoke with the Commissioner and other members of the Police Department and the arrangement was made for an orderly transition to have the documents be handed over.

Fatal Accident Reported in Southern Belize
“A traffic accident that happened on the Stann Creek Valley Road at about 4:15 this evening in the village of valley community within some 18 miles from Dangriga has claimed a woman’s life. A large number of spectators were in the area observing the scene trying to find out what really happened. Eye witnesses are saying that the accident occurred at as I mentioned before at 4:15 pm with a woman driving an SUV apparently on her way to Dangriga. Reports to love news indicate that the driver of the vehicle lost control of the vehicle and missed a bridge then plunged into a river. Reports are that the woman that was driving the vehicle sustained fatal injuries and the body is still in the river. Police investigations continue.”

Significant Bust of Undersized Lobsters
Last night Fisheries Department personnel made a significant bust and detained four persons. Following a tip last night Fisheries personnel confiscated a total of 431 undersized lobsters. Those detained were 50-year-old Luigi Marin, 24-year-old Gerald Foreman, 30-year-old Hubert Palacio, and43-year-old Mark A. Sewell. According to Fisheries Officer/Prosecutor, Hampton Gamboa, there have been a number of encounters in the area South of Caye Chapel. Gamboa said the area is a well-known lobster nurture ground and they are looking at someone having over 400 lobsters in their possession that did not even made it to a juvenile stage due to them being underweight as well. In court this evening, only three of the four men found at the campsite on the South end of Caye Chapel made it to court to answer to the charges. The charges were withdrawn from Foreman. The trio was charged with one count of possession of undersized lobster tails. While Marin and Sewell pleaded not guilty to the charge, Palacio pleaded guilty and told Magistrate Leslie Hamilton that he was guilty of the charge. Marin and Palacio were additionally charged separately with one count each of engaging in Commercial fishing without a license. Palacio was charged a total of nine thousand one hundred and twenty five dollars. Palacio who is a first time offender has to pay the 500 dollars by November 30, in default six months imprisonment, while the balance must be paid by December 31.

Recent Statistics Reveal Major Key Points
Today Belize joined the region in celebrating Caribbean Statistics Day 2013. The Statistical Institute of Belize held an official launch of the 2010 Population and Housing Census Report at the University of Belize, Belmopan Campus. According to Demographer at the Institute, Jacqueline Smalls the findings of the reports reveal three major key points. JACQUELINE SMALLS “One of the things that we observed is that despite this small size of the population, our population is in fact growing at a very fast pace. In CARICOM, for example, most population growth is under 1 percent per annum’ ours is almost 3 percent per annum; so, that is one of the things that stood out very clearly in the census. Another thing is that we talked about literacy; even though our literacy is not at where we would want it to be, it is obvious that we are improving. When you look at youth literacy, for example, more than 4 out of 5 persons (youth 15 to 24) is considered illiterate and one of the things that people who do studies on gender is usually concerned about is the difference between males and females. We saw where in the adult population there is a huge gap in almost 10 percent in literacy between males and females with the males being at the lower end.

Will Parents Heed CAN’s Call to Skip School?
Belize Can continues with its call for parents to join in their efforts and support their fight by not sending their children to school. The call was made official yesterday and according to President of Belize Can, Patrick Menzies, they are receiving good support. PATRICK MENZIES “So we are looking at the detrimental part of this new gender policy that many have compared and said it’s even worse than the Heads of Agreement in 1981; this is stronger, it’s more powerful and significant to our country and to now have the OAS doing the exact same thing to obligate the Americas that signed the treaty, to be a part of this thing that will greatly affect our country, it will affect our culture, it will affect our churches; I don’t know of any country in Central America that is as blessed as Belize to have such a beautiful relationship between the Church and the State. We call it a Christian democracy where a church is the part of the Senate that’s not common. Menzies adds that they have delivered a letter to the Minister of Education yesterday but there has been no response from government on the boycott.

UDP Cayo Northeast Is Ready to Work With New Candidate
The UDP Cayo Northeast Committee says it is ready for fresh elections. Fermin Magana is the Chairman of the Committee. FERMIN MAGANA “The reason why the committee has decided that they would no longer support Mr. Penner is because of what the latest findings have been. There are more and more evidence mounting as to the things that happened at the ministry, that we have found ourselves at the point that we can no longer support him. I will be honest with you, I believe there is a lot of support for Mr. Penner out there still yet but when it comes to when the Prime Minster came, we noticed that people are saying that you know what, ‘yes we do support Mr. Penner but we are also willing to listen to what the party has to say.’ In it release the Committee says supporting the party leader’s demand for the resignation hey wish to underscore the impressive record of achievements in Cayo Northeast and know that their best option for progress s to continue the close cooperation between the constituency and the Central Government.

PM Leaves Belize For Medical Reasons
Prime Minister Dean Barrow left the country today for Los Angeles, California. Yesterday Prime Minister Barrow said he will be seeking medical attention for his back problems. Aside from seeking medical attention Prime Minister Barrow who is accompanied by his wife will attend a number of fund raising functions and meetings organized by the Belizean Task Force in Los Angeles. The Prime Minister is expected to return to Belize on Friday October 25. In his absence Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega will act as Prime Minister.


The UDP says it will no longer support Elvin Penner
The future of Elvin Penner as Area Representative for the Cayo Northeast constituency is uncertain. After weeks of having quite the active support of the United Democratic Party, Mr Penner is now on his own. On Tuesday morning, Prime Minister Dean Barrow hosted an impromptu press briefing with a...

UDP campaign to keep their majority margin in the House
The UDP hit the ground running on a campaign to safeguard their majority margin in the House, following the PUP’s pursuit to recall Elvin Penner. This weekend, our Cayo correspondent Kent Pandy, caught up with the Prime Minister in the Cayo Northeast Constituency, where he told us their efforts...

PUP says it will not let up pressure on immigration scandal
Following Tuesday morning’s press conference in Belmopan, the People’s United Party went ahead with their own previously scheduled press briefing at party headquarters, Independence Hall, Tuesday afternoon. Party leader Francis Fonseca opened by insisting that if Prime Minister Dean Barrow believed that by now distancing themselves from Elvin Penner...

Nine year old Jevan Freeman fights rare disease
Nine year old Jevan Freeman of Belize City needs assistance for what promises to be a long fight against a rare disease. In September the Holy Redeemer Standard Four student was diagnosed with idiopathic thromocytopenic purpura or ITP for short. Behind that mouthful is a painful experience: excessive bleeding...

Minister Faber tells public meeting ambiguous language of Criminal Code Amendment will be rectified
The Constitution and Foreign Affairs Standing Committee entertained a number question and concerns at their second opened discussion Tuesday evening at the UB Jaguar Auditorium. The topic of discussion was rooted on the which were first tabled at the House of Representatives and caught the attention of the country...

CCJ makes order on BTL dividends
On Tuesday morning the Caribbean Court of Justice heard an application by the Government of Belize to discharge a conservatory order it had issued in December 2012 restraining the payment of dividends by Belize Telemedia Ltd The Order was an extension of an earlier order made upon the application...


Small World Story from Nebraska to San Pedro Belize
Today brings a great small world email story from Matt who has been coming to San Pedro for 11 years and as so many do he fell in love San Pedro Belize, so much so that he decided to get married here. Below is part of the email I got from Matt yesterday, he is big into genealogy and researching his family history unexpectedly led him to back to Belize. Do you know if Ramon Nunez has a son, nephew, cousin or any other relation named Andre or Andreas? The reason for my question is a funny story. One of my hobbies is genealogy. My wife would probably call it an obsession. Regardless, I came into possession of a family history book of a family line that is related to me albeit a bit distantly. Going through the book, I came across a fourth cousin who got married in San Pedro to one Andre or Andreas Nunez. It’s hard to make out the first name. It really could be either. I don’t have the information in front of me right now but if memory serves, he would likely be in his 50s. I can get his age and marriage date if needed.

Celebrating Belize – September 21st Flight over the Blue Hole AND the San Pedro Parade
Hi again- this is Meg with what will be my last guest scoop while Rebecca is out of town. So far I’d focused on the first half of our honeymoon in the Mountain Pine Ridge, since we had done some things not yet featured on San Pedro Scoop. For the second half of our honeymoon, we headed toward the sea and spent 5 nights just north of San Pedro, at Cocotal Inn. I won’t go into Cocotal too much, other than to say that our cabana was super cute, as was the resort dog, Mara. We were lucky enough, even though it was “rainy season,” to wake up to sunrises like these each day! Much of our time was spent snorkeling and diving, so we don’t have great photos of that. What I did want to share was our biggest honeymoon splurge- a flight over the Blue Hole with Maya Island Air! Early in the planning process, we had considered diving the Blue Hole- but realized that we would be exceedingly new divers, and that wouldn’t be worth the safety risk or stress involved. We briefly considered tagging along on a trip as snorkelers, but decided that it would be an unnecessarily costly and long day. Actually the flight was cheaper than snorkeling would have been- and by doing it on the morning of Saturday, September 21st, we’d have the rest of the day free to celebrate Belize’s independence. We woke up early (as we had been doing all trip- and which was the reason we missed the block party on Friday night) and rode bikes down the beach to town, where we had a hearty Belizean breakfast. I could get used to this view every morning.

Working for a Positive Change – BBS Technical Committees
The Bureau wishes to thank the experts that are currently engaged in national standards development work in the various technical committees below. Kindly click on the link to view the present Technical Committees and the Belizean experts that are currently members of these committees.Working for a Positive Change – TCs Acknowledgement Please contact the Bureau if you would like to know more about the work of the technical committees. As citizens of Belize, let us continue to contribute to our society by actively participating in the standards process. We welcome you to be a part of the process!!!

Creating a stir for competitiveness
Take a walk down any store or shopping center in Belize and one cannot help but to reflect on how the domestic market is bulging at the seams with imports. Foreign products line the aisles and greatly outnumber domestic products and it’s a strong indication that merchandise trade is alive and well for palates inebriated with the flavour of foreign lands, not to mention the importers who look for every opportunity to satisfy them. Understandably, businesses are driven by profit and remain ever so vigilant of those products that drive their bottom line. The domestic market twisted, turned, shaken or spun on its head is simply a reflection of a narrow and lacklustre manufacturing base that on occasion has sputtered very few successful domestic products.

“Another Day in Paradise” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.
Up just before 04.00 hours yesterday morning and on the veranda with my coffee and iPad within minutes of this (well it doesn’t take too long to make instant coffee – really good coffee is sadly wasted on me). Straight to The Times on-line to read the pre match articles about England’s all important World Cup qualification Group H game versus Poland later in the day. The consensus of opinion was that we should win it but would it be a nail biter? I then spent a bit of time looking at forward predictions for exchange rates for sterling versus the US dollar. When you live in a foreign country and your assets are in a different country the exchange rate you achieve can have an important bearing on your standard of living. We don’t have to exchange any sterling just yet awhile but if the market moves favourably then it makes sense to convert sterling to US dollars. The rate has improved lately but I have a gut feeling that it may improve a bit more so I am going to hold fast just a little bit longer. Time will tell , of course, if my instincts proved to be correct.

Unique and Outstanding Natural Monuments in Belize
Belize is blessed with unique and outstanding monuments that receive worldwide recognition, the most popular being the Belize Blue Hole. Since Belize is still relatively unknown, these natural wonders remain unspoiled, but this is not only because of a low count of tourists arrivals; this is due to regulations that have been implemented by the government and more importantly, responsible travel practices that have been adapted by Eco-travelers. From rainforests to underwater marvels, here are three natural monuments in Belize that solidify the country as one of the most beautiful places in the world. Half Moon Caye, Actun Tunichil Muknal, Great Blue Hole.

Oct 6, 2013 - Oct 12 , 2013 Fishing Report
Jenny and Rob are getting married here this week but are taking a few days ahead of time to get in some good fishing IN. Lots of tarpon around after a couple days of unsettled weather but tough to hook!

10 Reasons to Relocate to Belize
While the decision to relocate to a lush, tropical country may have been an easy choice to make, the process of actually picking the country may be an entirely different story. With so many amazing countries out there in Central America alone, how can you be confident that you’re making the right selection? Consider Belize Sharing a border with Mexico, Guatemala and the Caribbean Sea, the tiny country of Belizehas been receiving a lot of attention from expats in recent years. So what does Belize have to offer that has so many people coming back for more? 1. Scenic beauty Only a fraction, around 20% of Belize’s land is used for human purposes (agriculture and settlements) leaving the rest, natural and unspoiled. Filled with majestic landscapes, waterfalls, archaeological sites and thousands of species of plants and animals, there is always something new to experience in Belize. And because Belize has 174 miles of Caribbean coast line, you can enjoy the beach life and the exotic rainforests all in one day.

Belize’s Most Beautiful Beaches
A country facing the Caribbean Sea, Belize offers beaches – plenty of them, and most uncrowded. For the most part, all you have to do is head south and get past the regular tourist trail of the Northern Cayes. All along the south coast, from Dangriga to the Placencia Peninsula, there are beaches on shore and offshore idyllic cayes or islands — a little something for everyone. Hopkins is one of my favorite places to relax. Located on the east coast, and a short drive from Dangriga, this five-mile beach is quiet, nicely lined with coconut trees and with plenty of local life around, as well as budget accommodations. Hopkins is also an authentic Garifuna village — so while you spend some days burying your toes in the sand, others can be spent sampling Garifuna dishes, taking drumming lessons or exploring local art in this unique Afro-Amerindian beach village.

Mennonite Gurls A'ken Cook: Friet Egg Deessert
Here’s a deessert if'n y'all want ta have sum fun wit a ‘menu’ … er if'n y'all air cookin fer at mun who loves ‘brakefuss all day’. Befor we talk about t'recipe …..Let’s step back into my moth'r’s Mennonite kitchin. She ofte had a'standin un hern cupboard a bowl o'rich milk frum air own coe. Thar it would sit until it thickenet wit a slightlee sour taste an' velvetee taxuture. I nev'r ate it but wen I startid datyun' my husban'-ta-be we discuverd it wuz a komfert food ta 'im. Aft'r at, if'n my mom knew he wuz a'kummin, she made shure she greetid 'im wit a bowl o'whut wuz callt “Dikja Malch” (Thick Milk) Noe, hop-skip-jump ov'r lan' er oceun ta t'kitchin o'a famus French chef. He is fixin Crème Fraiche (pronoucet krem fresh) Thick Milk er Crème Fraiche — whut’s n' a name ?? t'ransfermashun o'common ta gourmet !

International Sources

Everyday Leadership: Leaders must surround themselves with expertise
On a trip to Belize in February of 1999, my brother Jack and I decided to float the Mopan River. This river begins in Guatemala and flows across the middle of Belize to the Caribbean Sea at Belize City. We had floated the Macal River a couple of days before and had a great time. We headed to San Ignatio to rent a canoe. There, we located a heavy fiberglass canoe that was not well made for white water or any flowing stream. For that matter, I can't imagine it being successful for any body of water. However, it was the only canoe we could find. Finally, off we set with the huge canoe loaded on top of our rental vehicle. Unfortunately, the Belizian man, named Felize, who located the canoe for us, insisted on taking the trip with us. He was concerned with getting a tip and the canoe back.

Consolidated Water: Liberate Our Water
Before we get down to business, I have to explain that title. Since you probably wouldn't believe me if you didn't see it for yourself, here's the link to the page of the company website the quote below is from. For some small island nations there is no choice but to liberate fresh water from the sea. Larger countries and coastal communities have or are considering augmenting their potable water supplies with desalinated water in efforts to meet their growing population needs and add a component of supply that is truly drought proof." Is it just me, or does anyone else picture a mass exodus of little cartoonish water droplets happily running through the streets proclaiming their new-found freedom to the world in style of School House Rock? In all fairness, it's not just Consolidated Water (CWCO) that uses "liberate" to describe what they do. Apparently, it's common in the industry. I'm not sure why, but perhaps "Reverse Osmosis Membrane Separate Our Water" wouldn't exactly roll off the tongue as an article title? Plus, who in their right mind wouldn't want to invest in a liberation campaign?

Central America Infrastructure Report Q4 2013 - New Market Report
Construction sector growth remains on the whole unattractive across the region. Growth is expected to slow in Nicaragua and Costa Rica in the near term, whilst we believe Panama's current industry boom as a limited time horizon. El Salvador, Guatemala, Belize and Honduras are all struggling to post positive growth, and considering their small industry sizes are significant underperforming. Consequently, we see high risks, small scale and limited growth opportunities across the region as a whole. That said, we do see potential growth in a number of sub-sectors, including social housing, renewables and hydropower, gas conversion, and airports and ports. Local and regional companies, as well as Chinese construction companies, will be most likely to benefit.

Portofino Resort- Now with a new BEACH BAR!!
Click for excellent scuba lessons with Elbert Greer!
Chaa Creek is an award-winning luxury Belize Resort, rated as one of the worlds best Eco Lodges. We are a pioneer in adventure travel to Belize since 1981!
Maruba Beach Klub and Spa is the premiere Secret Beach spa and restaurant located on the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean Sea at the center of Secret Beach, Belize
First Class Accommodations for the Budget Traveler
First Class Accommodations for the Budget Traveler

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