The Belize City Council pledged to pave 100 streets in a year - and, quite incredibly, they are right on target. The mayor today told us that they are nearing 100 streets, and it's all coming together - even if drivers and pedestrians still feel inconvenienced. Here's how he explained the method behind what sometimes feels like madness:....

Mayor Darrell Bradley
"We are at Street number 93 and we are working very closely with the various utility companies, especially the water company. We are identifying a list of additional streets. By the time we finish this year we should be at 110. We had budgeted for 100, we are able to do a little bit extra because of our tendering process and because of the way we select councilors and contractors and also because the City Council doing some of the work itself. We save on the labor costs and things like that and because of our tendering process also we were able to generate resources to contribute towards BTL Park and Battlefield Park, so the residence of Belize are getting extra out of this 20 million dollars; more than the 100 streets and you are getting public spaces."

"I am happy that we are finishing up on Northside downtown and on the Northside downtown the only street that is remaining is Douglas Jones. You've indicated that we've finish North Front Street, there are only some clean up works to be done. They are doing the approach to Swing Bridge; intersections and level off the street and clean up in certain areas, but that street is fully passable and open at this present moment. The only other street aside from Douglas Jones is Slaughter House Road and Cleghorn and that will finish the entire this side of the downtown."

"The other side of town we are n Dean Street, we have finish South Street - we are going to take King Street all the way up to Collet Canal and we are going link up all of those streets. We are very much on point with BTL Park. That is supposed to be finish the first week in December and we are planning a huge opening for that park - just go into the Christmas celebration with much infrastructure improved."

"All of our projects, I mean the 110 streets, those should be finish by the first week in December and residents should experience much improvement in the driving quality and there would be no congestion in terms of blocking and those kinds of things."

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