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Doctor Love: How to handle?
Readers, please send your letters. They can be emails, formal letters or handwritten notes. They are edited solely for grammar and spelling. Also, they are sometimes edited for length. To Dr. Love. I saw this girl at school about 4 weeks ago. She is a beautiful girl. I like her from the minute I saw […]

Misc Belizean Sources

GOB starring cast!
By Abdulmajeed K. Nunez. I listened to tonight’s news cast which was pure undiluted rass A blast from the pass when 300 passports got lass They neva arrest nobody rass, the buck pass That was a prelude to this madarass Turn back unu mental compass Plane mid di land dah night, pure chinney mi di pass Tell mi was Clear di young gal land di bass? Some ministers are in the wrong career Some of them are queer, their positions they do not revere Instead of politics they should have been into theater Belize mi wah fare off better

BAS Weekend in Benque
The Belize Audubon Society spent the weekend in Benque, where a lecture on conservation was given, and an Urban Bird Watch was successfully completed. They found 38 different species of birds. "Benque is Lovely, Friendly, and is about Bird Watching. Thank you Benque Viejo citizens and the Benque House of Culture for your kind support and participation in our BAS Urban Bird Watch in your Beautiful Benque. Bird list coming up shortly. Update courtesy of SMART Belize" In related news, the middle week of November is when Benque is having their big festival.

Belize Qualifies for 2014 Games
The Belize National Cycling Team did well at the Caribbean Cycling Championships in Curacao today. Nissan Arana came in 9th place and Byron Pope came in 15th place. In the road race, Byron Pope came in 10th. Shalini Zabaneh came in 10th and Kerah Eiley came in 12th place in the women's division. Belize qualified to participate at the Central American and Caribbean Games in Veracruz, Mexico in 2014. Congratulations! Link goes to the finish line video.

Harvest 4 Kids in Cayo
Feelgood news of the day. The Harvest 4 Kids Foundation did their maize harvest last week in Banana Bank. They had 15 combines come out and harvest their corn, and the video shows them all collaborating perfectly. H4K allows kids from Belize City to see more of the country, work for a common goal, and have fun camping. H4K is sustainable in that the proceeds from this year's harvest will go towards next year's students. A big thanks to H4K, and all the others that make this possible!

BWRC Examines Iguanas
The Belize Wildlife Referral Clinic paid a visit to the Green Iguana Conservation Project to give the iguanas their regularly scheduled check-ups. Dr. Isabelle, along with Dr. Maas and a few interns worked their magic, while Daniel Velazquez captured some great pictures. The BWRC celebrated their one year anniversary yesterday. Congratulations, BWRC, and thanks for all you do for the wildlife of Belize!

Special Stress Relief Yoga Class
En-Lighten Up's Kate Devine will have a special 2 hour yoga class tonight at the Soul Project which will be focusing on stress reflief. Kate offers yoga at the Soul Project 3 times a week. Tuesdays and Fridays at 9:00am, and Sundays at 5:00pm. Have a relaxing Sunday! "Yoga Nidra is a systematic method of complete relaxation, holistically addressing our physical, neurological, and subconscious needs. Yoga Nidra uniquely unwinds the nervous system which is the foundation of the body's well-being. This practice of yoga relaxation has been found to reduce tension and anxiety and relieve autonomic symptoms of high anxiety or stress related responses such as headache, giddiness, insomnia, chest pain, palpitations, sweating, or abdominal pains."

A rainbow on a warm, sunny day is testimony that there a loving, caring God. Have a good afternoon/evening everyone.

Belize represented at “Silk Road” forum in South Korea
Belize will have representation at an international forum being held in Yeosu, South Korea this week. Belize City Councilor Dion Leslie has traveled to South Korean to attend the Silk Road Mayors Forum. Leslie is representing Belize City Mayor Darrell Bradley at the event. The three day event opens on Tuesday and continues through Thursday in Yeosu, South Jeolla Province. Organizers expect over 300 officials, including 70 mayors from 30 countries as well as representatives from the United Nationals and other international organizations. The Forum is being held under the theme: “Harmony of Global Civilization and New Silk Road.”


Compassion Takes another Prestigious Award
Tonight we highlight two students from Compassion Primary School in the Village of Yo Creek, Orange Walk for a job well done. Both 14 year old Jennifer Chi and 13 year old Alejandra Carrillo, accompanied by their Principal Manuel Rejon, traveled to Belmopan to receive an award after they were named 2nd and 3rd place winners for a poster competition organized by the Institute of Archeology. Manuel Rejon - Principal Compassion School “Well it’s something that I am happy about the result and it is something that brought excitement to me especially knowing that my students were able to capture third and second place and at the same time I think it is a learning experience for them as it gave them an opportunity to research about the Maya and come up with idea on how preserve this Mayan heritage that we have especially here for us living up north.”

BHOC Represents Orange Walk In Yucatec Expo
Tomorrow representatives of the Banquitas House of Culture will be making their way to the garden city Belmopan to proudly showcase our Yucatec Maya. They will do so during an exposition scheduled to take place at the Venezuelan Embassy where participants will portray the customs and traditions of our very own Yucatec Maya living in the Orange Walk District. Yvette Torres, Coordinator, BHOC "This is a Yucatec Mayan Expo and it is courtesy of the Venezuelan Embassy in collaboration with the Banquitas House of Culture it is an all-day event and it starts at ten and it ends at four." Irvin Aragon - Reporter "What are the things that are going to be presented during the exposition that will obviously portray the Yucatec Mayan?" Yvette Torres, Coordinator, BHOC “Ok, it is all about the Yucatec Maya; the food, the dances and also there is going to be a dialect of the group of Yo Creek which is names "El Latir del Corazon Maya. El Latir Del Corazon Maya, they will be doing songs in Maya and a dialogue for the presentations."

Despite Little Resources OWTC Continues To Upgrade Streets
As we speak, despite the inclement weather and low budget, a number of streets within Orange Walk Town are being upgraded by the Orange Walk Town Council. Despite the lack of resources, the Orange Walk Town Council continues to keep its mandate and is doing everything in its power to bring, if not all, most of the streets in Orange Walk to driving standards. Those works include but are not limited to, filling, scarifying, and even paving. Kevin Bernard, Mayor, OWTC “What we are doing at this time, we addressing some or our main streets areas that we wanted to deal with, as you know after that heavy rain came down a lot of our streets were damaged, what we are working right now as you see behind me is this section her of the junction of Liberty Avenue and Palmar Boundary, this road was getting out of hand and I am pretty sure that residences of this area and those who traffic this street would benefit a lot from the upgrading that we are doing on this one. What we are doing her is simply bringing the street to a level of compaction that we could have it at least passable by the residence, we are not going to be paving it per say but we are hoping that we can get the funding so that we could later on pave it indeed. In addition to that I want to also mention that there has been several areas that we have been working on for example we have been doing the preparation on Mahogany Street and on Sapodilla Street, those two street will be prepared for pavement. We also thereafter we will go into the other areas like South Main Street, Santa Maria Street, we are going to be ensuring that, that areas in Nargusta Street is also address, those will pave later on but all of these things will be done on November, December so we want to make sure that the full paving of the street will be done by the end of December.”

PM Gives Advice To Us Government
The Prime Minister of Belize left country on Wednesday October 16th to Los Angeles California for two main reasons. One: to support his wife on a fundraising event that will be carried out in the US and two: to seek medical attention. But it seems that dinning in expensive restaurants also forms part of the P.M’s agenda. The American press captured Barrow and his wife Kim Simplis Barrow as they walked into one of the finest restaurants in Los Angeles. As the P.M walked out of the restaurant, the press asked him what advice he would give to the leaders of the U.S who are currently experiencing a crisis. Here is a clip courtesy of TMZ. Of note is that the Honorable Dean Barrow advised the US to switch to the parliamentary system sort of implying that Belize’s government is standing on greener pastures than the U.S. However, right minded Belizeans may well at this time be asking, are we better off than the U.S?

Another Chinese business Robbed In Corozal
A broad day light robbery at a Chinese store located in the Village of Cristo Rey, Corozal, has left a Chinese businessman out of more than $2,000 worth in cash and items. The incident played out on Wednesday at around 2:30pm. According to the owner of the store, 39 year old Yan Fei Zhen, he was inside the establishment when a tall and slim male person of clear complexion, dressed in a white t-shirt and a black 3/4 jeans pants, walked into the store and took out a stout from the refrigerator. As the individual walked towards the counter, he pulled out a chrome hand gun and pointed it at Zhen’s head demanding ten thousand dollars in cash. The individual then hit Zhen twice on the left side of the face. At that point two other male persons, wearing rags over their mouths, entered the store. Both men proceeded to assist the first individual to enter the store in the robbery by pointing another firearm at Zhen.

Management of CCFZ Denies Allegation Of Mexican Food Vendors
In our newscast last night we told you about the several call’s we received yesterday from Mexican food vendors complaining that they were no longer allowed to enter the Corozal Commercial Free Zone as a result of several precautionary measures taken by the management of the free zone to avoid the spread of cholera which is currently affecting the Mexican State of Hidalgo, Mexico. What has some of the food vendors up in arms is that according to them, fair play is not being practiced since they know of some individuals who are buying their way into the free zone and allowed to sell food. As we mention last night we tried to get in contact with the Chairman of the free zone, David Ackerman to clarify the situation but all our efforts proved futile. Today we got in contact with Ackerman who refuted the allegations made the free zone.

Belizean Woman Caught Shoplifting At Popular Mall In Chetumal
A Belizean woman is tonight spending her second night in a Mexican jail after she was caught stealing at a mall in Chetumal Quintana Roo. Thirty four year old Shirley Adith Arnold was arrested by members of the State Preventive Police in Chetumal Quintana Roo, after she was caught shoplifting inside a convenience store located at the Plaza "Las Americas". The woman reportedly had committed the same offence at another store in Chetumal the same day. Reports are that yesterday security officers of Chedraui were checking the security cameras when they saw a person, later identified as Arnold take least four bottles of wine from one of the shelves and hid it inside her purse. When the woman tried to walk out of the establishment security officers requested that she open her purse. Inside the handbag officers found the four bottles of wine. With the assistance of Mexican police the woman was handed over to the ministerial authorities.

BSCFA, BSI And ASR Meet To Discuss Payment of Bagasse
There is one pressing issue that is currently affecting the Sugar Industry which is the backbone of the Belizean economy. That issue is the $10.00 per ton of Bagasse that cane farmers are requesting BSI pay to them for the use of the product which produces energy. As you might recall, a few days ago the negations on the New Commercial Agreement fell through when BSI wrote to the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association informing them that they will not compensate cane farmers for the use of the Bagasse. Representatives of the BSCFA immediately requested an emergency meeting with representatives of Government, including the Deputy Prime Minister of Belize Gaspar Vega to chart a way forward. Not much came out of that meeting; though. However, the BSCFA kept pushing forward and requested a meeting with the majority owners of BSI, American Sugar Refineries. That meeting took place yesterday and from all indications it was a fruitful one. Alfredo Ortega - Chairman BSCFA, COM “Bueno nuestro punto le planteamos al equipo de ASR de que nuestra base de negociación es en relación al bagazo y eso es lo que queremos negociar con la gente de BSI y queremos de que se haga justicia de que haiga un beneficio al favor del canero ahora que el bagazo es utilizado como combustible para generar energía así es de que con esa base dialogamos con ellos ayer y el equipo técnico nuestro dio su presentación y dieron su punto técnico así a lo que refiere a la conversión de bagazo a energía.”

Caye Caulker Chronicles

A woman from Caye Caulker has been released on a bail of $4,000 and ordered to return to court on November 27. Charlene Young, 22, of Back Street, was arrested and charged with drug trafficking. The incident occurred at about 4:00 last Thursday evening near the Palapa area in Caye Caulker. Police reported that they were on patrol on the Front Street near the Palapa area when they saw a young woman known to them as Charlene Young, who, when she saw them, became nervous. They stopped and conducted a search on her, and found three small transparent plastic bags containing cocaine hidden in Young’s brassiere. She was immediately arrested and charged with drug trafficking. The next day, Friday, Young was taken to San Pedro Town Magistrate’s Court and charged with drug trafficking. She was offered bail of $4,000, which she was able to meet.


Jet’s Bar, One of the 10 Best Airport Bars in the World, Re-Opens After Terrible Fire
Jet’s (according to the Facebook page Jet’s Bar) re-opened during the last days of September with a “new classier look”. You be the judge. Okay…if you don’t want to be the judge, I will! Bigger, good. Otherwise? Blech, bland, boring. Not even a sign? NOTHING? But I’m willing to wait…for a few months. Jet’s has only been open a few weeks now and all of that stuff will take a while to collect. I pray they are not trying to keep it empty to protect against future fires. If so, it’s a terrible shame! Jet wasn’t even there when I arrived. But then, as one of his relatives/bartenders told me, he tends to go home late in the afternoon. The guy’s been on his feet for 30+ years. 363 days a year. He deserves it.

Farewell Ras Fari
Known throughout Belize as an author, musician, a salesman out at Tourist Village, Ras Fari, 68, was the spiritual leader and elder for one of Belize’s Rastafarian communities. Originally hailing from Jamaica, Ras Fari was born Boyse Miller and was also known as Tuffist, according to Ras Ruben, who spoke with Monica Bodden at 7 News Belize. Since arriving in Belize in 1990 he has been actively promoting the ideals of Rastafarianism. According to Ras Ruben, “We just want to tell the people them all around – all the ras from near and far that we are going to hold a ceremonial service to lay his body to rest and for the transition on Sunday 20th of October at Rootsville, Belmopan.”

International Sources

Belize Medical Tourism Association formed
The new Belize Medical Tourism Association seeks to promote medical tourism to Belize and eventually end the practice of Belizeans going abroad for medical care. The association has members from the medical and tourism sector. It sees medical tourism as an opportunity for medical practitioners and wants more members of the Belize Medical and Dental Association to join. Foreigners have been accessing medical services in Belize for years but in an ad hoc manner. Now, Belize will be marketed internationally as a destination for medical tourism. Patients will be offered packages that include medical services, hotel accommodation and tours. Belize is a tiny country with only 318,000 residents. The former British colony is very close to the United States, and as a tourism driven economy gets 918,000 tourists a year, two thirds of them from the USA. At present it gets a few American medical tourists a year, mostly for dental work. To expand medical tourism it will need outside investors to partner the few local private hospitals by expanding, updating and improving their facilities. The limited state system will not get involved in medical tourism. -