The Women's political caucus has been around, off and on, since 1991 - but decades have passed, and even in the era of the Women's Department and the Women's Commission, there is still only one elected female in the House of Representatives. And so, the women's political caucus has come back on the scene. They-re-launched with an event at the Radisson today where we found out that the mission is the same, but the approach is different:...

Dorla Bowman, President - Belize Women's Political Caucus
"What do we need to do to change the mindset of the people of Belize so that they can be more understanding and supportive of women? One of the key things within this action plan that we want to explore and implement is changing the mindset of people and that means looking at the root cause of why women don't support, why men don't support women for political office and what is keeping women back from getting into political office. We are going to take it from the primary school level right up."

"This is not a quick fix. A lot of people want a quick fix, but it cannot be a quick fix. The Women's Political Caucus wants to develop men and women so they have a better understanding of how government works. Women and politics is not only for women with degrees or women in the upper level or upper status, it will not happen. We need to harness and include the grassroots people."

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