AMERIJET is the leading Air Freight service provider to Belize. They bring in shipments once or twice weekly - and they do so for a number of cargo companies couriers and e shoppers including One Bin, E Zone, DHL, and FED-Ex. But tonight, over a hundred packages are on hold - and some folks are even saying they can't clear their Halloween Costumes for weekend fairs because of changes at the airport which have effectively put a freeze on Amerijet packages.

According to our information, the Airport has moved the terminal where air cargo is cleared to a new area between BDF Camp and the Airport. But it seems the new smaller, and more expensive location is also a logistical nightmare for AmeriJet because they have to get flatbed trucks to cart their packages all the way around to the Price Barracks road, which is also bad news for Customs because the bonded items have to go out, however briefly, on the open road.

A solution is being sought - but in the interim all kinds of packages in the AmeriJet warehouse are on hold. We got the news late today and could not get comment from Airport Executives who had already left for the day.

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