On February 24th, 2012 the Corozal House of Culture was opened to the general public, with funding from the Belize Tourism Board, Belize Sugar Industries Limited, the National Institute of Culture and History, NICH and the Corozal Community.

Since the birth of the house of culture, Coordinator Debra Wilkes Gray has organized several activities with the objective to highlight the importance of history and culture. And this Friday the work towards that goal continues as the house of culture features a lecture segment with Angelita Magana a culture advocate.

Debra Wilkes Gray

“We are very excited about Friday’s night event; it is a premier lecture of our historical lecture series entitled, Perspectives of Our Past, and it is going to become a signature of event here at the House Of Culture each yea we will feature local elders who are able to articulate history according to their views. Mrs Angelita Magana was the founder, the pioneer of the San Joaquin Fiesta which started in 1966 and she will be speaking on the origin and the early years and developments of the San Joaquin Fiesta, to be a chronological history of how it all came about, how the community came together and the trials and tribulations, the good and the bad because we are all human so I think I would be very interesting to come and I am inviting the community to come to listen to her to hear what really went on. What am finding is that a lot of our history is not documented on paper so students go to the library and cannot find the information, I go to the library I cannot find the information so in order to pull it for this generation and for generations to come we are holding the lecture series.”

According to Gray, the lectures are being held in conjunction with the National Institute of Culture and History.

Debra Wilkes Gray

“One of NICH objectives’ is oral historical retrieval so that is the reason behind doing these lectures pulling from our elders where there are gaps in history and has not been documented.”

As a past teacher, Angelita Magaña positively influenced the lives of her students. She is also the founder of the San Joaquin Fiesta and is currently actively involved in several groups including the Red Cross. Friday’s lecture is scheduled to commence at 7:00pm at the house of culture and is free of cost to the general public.