Today, representatives of the National Institute of Culture and History and the Museum Association of the Caribbean met in Belize for their annual general meeting under the theme, "Pooling our Resources: Collaborations, Connections and Partnerships".

The purpose conference is to discuss how to strengthen tourism by adding in a strong cultural component. Tourism and Culture Minister, Manuel Heredia Jr. told us that cultural tourism is an important topic for the conference:

Hon. Manuel Heredia Jr., Minister of Tourism
"This event is the Annual General Meeting of the Museums and we have the President of the Caribbean Association and we have our staff Ms. Diane Haylock who is our president along with her staff over here to be along with this conference which I think will be a very fruitful one."

"As we all know the museums countrywide and regional wide are trying to improve and make sure that these museums are for everybody and that the museums can also be something that will be together with the Tourism Industry, hence the reason why we have the Ministry of Tourism and Culture because they go hand in hand."

"Today we are working on cultural tourism which I feel will be something that will be very popular in Belize and then for visitors coming to Belize also. This meeting today will highlight a lot of ideas to how to improve what we have and how we can work together as a region."

M-A-C was formed in 1987 to allow museums and related organizations and societies in the Caribbean to share their experiences.

The conference features speakers from around the Caribbean discussing issues such as Museums Management, Curation and Collections. It is opened to the public and Registration for local participants is $10.00 per day.

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