The Ministry of Health is advising all persons residing, visiting or working in flooded areas to reduce health risks by avoiding contact with rivers and streams that may contain contaminants. Flooded streets, rivers and streams may be contaminated with sewage and other wastewater from septic tanks, pit latrines or other sanitary facilities.

The Ministry of Health advises the following to persons in these areas:

1. Keep out of rivers and streams until further notice.

2. Parents do not allow your children to play with toys or any items that have been in contact with the water.

3. Individuals who come in contact with the water, including those involved in cleaning up flood debris, should practice good personal hygiene and wash their hands frequently with soap and clean warm water.

4. If a person is exposed to the water and has open wounds or begins to feel ill and experiences symptoms such as diarrhea or vomiting, he or she should contact the nearest health facility for assistance and obtain their tetanus/ vaccine.

5. All drinking water that has become contaminated must be treated before use. This can be done by boiling or chlorinating the water. Always remember to store water in a safe location to prevent recontamination.

For more information please call the Ministry of Health at the following numbers 822-2325/2363/2497