At the top of our newscast, we told you about the murder in Consejo Village. Well, that wasn’t the only reason for our news team visiting the village. A month ago, 7News received complaints from residents of Consejo that the main road to their village has been long neglected, and is in need of major repairs. Whenever there are heavy rains, the road becomes impassable due to flooding.

And, sure enough, today, when our news team used the road to get to the village, it was virtually impassable. We found 3 men on the road who were trying to alleviate the problem by opening up a drain on the most flooded section. They told us that the residents are fed up:

Marco Antonio Manzanilla - Concerned About The Road
"The road is really in bad shape. They came like 2 weeks ago to repair it, but they were asking for donations to repair it. They only thing that they did is repair the really bad holes, and now this rain fall again, it messed up the rode once again. Instead of elevating the road, they just covered the little holes. Now, we have the same problem once again. It doesn't make it any better because, for example, I have an Explorer, now I have to come with the Jeep. With the Explorer, I had 2 front bearing destroyed because of the waters being too high."

Daniel Ortiz
"How long has this road been like that, in which it’s in very bad shape?"

Marco Antonio Manzanilla
"Well, it's probably like 6 weeks now to 2 months, and nothing has been done about it. I don't know what these people who are in charge are doing. Ministry of Works, they just came and did something, but they didn't do enough. This is not enough; they need to do elevation on this road, especially on that bad area like 1 mile and a quarter that is really in bad shape. The dump is really in bad shape. They burnt, but they didn't push it. It's bad impression on these people who have real estate properties: Consejo Shores, Mayan Seaside, and Smuggler's Den."

Sergio Rivero - Concerned About The Road
"This problem has been here for years, and basically, it has been because of bad engineering, and grading of the road. Many people have commented about the road being graded in a way such that it turns into a basin, and the water just collects itself." 

According to Marco Manzanilla, he’s closely followed works done on the road, and the last major repairs happened over 10 years ago.

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