The San Pedro Tourist Guide Association (SPTGA) is happy to report that they were the recent recipient of a donation. The much needed donation was given to them by Canary Cove, a private home developer on northern Ambergris Caye. The items included three bales of ropes used to install mooring buoys and a fully loaded, state of the art projector.

The donation was handed to the members of SPTGA last week and according to the President Phillip “Billy” Leslie, the support is welcomed and will go a long way. “We have had an excellent relationship with the owner of the private resort development at Canary Cove and they have always assisted us. They donated three rolls of rope, each valued at $800, and a projector that will be used for presentations at our tour guide meetings.” Leslie said that the donation was made possible through the good working relationship that exists between Gilberto Nuñez, a board member of the SPTGA, and the private resort owner.

Mooring buoys are placed in various dive sites to discourage the use of anchors which damage the coral reef formation. According to Leslie, 46 mooring buoys will be installed with the ropes, which further help with their conservation efforts. “Currently we don’t have enough ropes to maintain our mooring buoys. With these ropes, we will be able to maintain all our dive sites near Ambergris Caye. We have to ensure that we maintain them every year because once they stay in the water for over eight months, it starts to grow different elements which further deteriorates the ropes. What we do is that we take out the rope for a few months then place them back into the water.”

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