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The San Pedro Sun

Doctor Love: Wedding
Readers, please send your letters. They can be emails, formal letters or handwritten notes. They are edited solely for grammar and spelling. Also, they are sometimes edited for length. Dear Doctor Love, My wedding is coming up shortly. My fiancé has been handling the plans for the wedding. The wedding date is four months away […]

Wolfe’s Woofer: Check Up
“Have a seat Mr. Wolfe,” the nurse said. “You’re here for a blood test; right?” “Yes.” I took the only available seat. It was between a mother with a pair of four year-old twins and a pretty young lady in her mid-twenties. “The doctor will be with you shortly,” the nurse said to me. She […]

Misc Belizean Sources

El Pescador fishing report Week of October 27th – November 2nd, 2013
Master casting instructor Steve Hollensend brought a group of wonderful guests to visit us, and we thank him for sharing his vast knowledge of fly casting with not only his guests but with me as well! We also welcomed 8 couples and a few single anglers from the Woodlands Texas Orvis Store for 3 days of fishing and fun.

PUP Belmopan Convention
Patrick Jason Andrews is the victor for the PUP Belmopan Convention held today garnering 788 votes against Dr Amin Hegar with 653, Oscar Mira with 292, and Ruth Logan with 245. There were 16 spoilt ballots culminating in a total of 1994 votes cast in today's Belmopan PUP area representative election.

VIDEO: "We want to see Jesus lifted high"
Performed by the Sunday School class from the Salvation Army church (Georgeville). They are adorable!

Men's Softball - November 2, 2013
And now a break for a sport moment. And for that we go to the Denbigh Fuller Stadium in Camalote village, Cayo.

A Harvest Thanksgiving Festival was held on Sunday, November 3 at the Salvation Army, Georgeville Corps. It was a very good celebration of the Lord's blessings to the peopleof Georgeville and included a stirring message by Commanding Officer Lt. Rose-Marte Buisserreth who challenged the congregation to give of their best to God.

How to Roast a Succulent Turkey 101
In this video, I take you through the preparing, stuffing and roasting of a turkey. For anyone who has never cooked a turkey, this is a step by step tutorial on how to ensure that your turkey will be moist and not bland.

Student Leadership Conference at MCHS
Mount Carmel High School Hosted the BCAPPS Catholic Students Leadership conference. They have a video from the event.

Dia de los Difuntos
Succotz had a Dia de los Difuntos celebration. D Russell Photography was there. "Day of the Dead in San Jose Succotz"

SIPL First Finados
The San Ignacio Public Library had their first Finados. "The San Ignacio Public Library held its first finados remembering those who have departed before us."

Benque HoC Finados
The Benque House of Culture had their Finados, honoring Elias Awe. In the evening, they had their Noche de Cueta Cuentos. "Finados solemn observation was held yesterday with an Altar display in honor of Don Elias Awe, prayers, anecdote, traditional.conservas, I'xpasha, bollos de I'xpelon, were shared.among all the visitors, we thank the masses of visitors and collaborators who assisted in making this event possible. Promoting our cultural heritage, Your Benque House of Culture"

Halloween Block Party
The Belikin Halloween Block party was wicked fun. Costume contests, great DJ's, and tons of costumes really made for a fun evening. D Russell Photography got some awesome shots.


“Don’t Stop the Party” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.
The completion of our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize has given Rose and I nearly every thing we have been dreaming about for the last few years. I say nearly because although the construction of it is finished it is still somewhat of a shell. OK, we have a sofa and armchairs. The kitchen is equipped with the essential appliances. But we don’t yet have the niceties. No TV. No dining room table and chairs. No bed (we have an air bed but its not the same – but I do know now what they mean about rolling out of bed!). No patio furniture. The list goes on. We know what we want (we have spent time during the last few months considering options and making choices) and during this last week we have tried, on-line, to make the purchases in the ‘States for the stuff that we want to ship (under the Qualified Retirement Programme scheme) to Belize. The ordering process went exactly as you would expect. You choose what you want and then place it in ‘your basket’. Repeat this action until you have selected everything you want and then go to ‘checkout’. And that is when the trouble begins. I can’t go any further. It won’t let me pay! Why? I am using a Debit card so no risk of not having the money in my account . No waiting for payment.

One stop shopping at Coco Loco’s and Crazy San Pedro Weather
Starting with crazy San Pedro weather, more rain this morning and it was coming down in fast a heavy. The wind also shifting, making me have to change which windows were open, 3 different angles within the hour. The first rain we had was coming from the north which did not last long. Then it started pouring again coming from the south and hitting the front of our house, shortly after it started pelting against the east windows long enough to make a big puddle and now it is back to the south again. Lastly it was drenching us from the west and sadly did not look like it was going stop any time soon. The weather is definitely deterred us from our breakfast plans at Estel’s, thankfully Cindy Andy and Tinker were willing to brave the rain and get us take out o feed my weekly Charles barbecue pork shop addiction. Paul decided to opt for a steak sandwich. Onto Coco Loco’s beach bar. Since I was already across the bridge for work yesterday, I decided to stay north and head to Coco Loco’s for 2:00pm live music with Deanna Dove. When I arrived I could hear her playing as I parked the cart and knew I was in for a treat. Her sound is very earthy with a mix of rock, pop, alternative country and she has a great sense of humor. She was very personable and she really engaged with her audience making the show very entertaining and fun.

International Sources

Cardinals, Pyrrhuloxias and Phainopeplas
Cardinals (Cardinalis cardinalis), also known as Northern Cardinals, and Pyrrhuloxias (Cardinalis sinuatus) are similar in many respects. They both eat seeds and fruit; they have similar, and in some cases, identical songs; and they can live side by side in dense brush of desert washes. The female cardinal is often mistaken for a male pyrrhuloxia. You might not think so from the photos below, but the range of plumage makes them sometimes hard to distinguish.

Belize’s Three Distinct Environments: Rainforest, Pine Forest, and Soft Sand Beach
I can’t think of another country where I could have had the range of experiences I’ve had in the past two days. We spent the first four days here in the western part of the country, in a state called Caya. Our first accommodations were at Chaa Creek Resort, in a deep rain forest filled with creatures and howling monkeys were a part of every night’s entertainment. We spent time in the forest and learned about the nearly endless remedies that the trees and plants provided for Mayans over the centuries, and continue to this day. Then we headed a few hours east, over very rough roads that still were flooded due to a week of rains. When we finally arrived at our second lodge, it was a completely different environment. Caribbean pine forests and cooler temperatures and red clay roads. Because of a pine beetle infestation and forest fires, the acres of pine had been reduced, the regrowth showing amidst low green scrub. Our lodge, the Hidden Valley Inn and Reserve, is set on 7200 of these piney forests, and they take full advantage, leading early morning birding trips and excursions to ancient Mayan temples.

Punta Gorda Belize
Settled in 1823, the Belize town of Punta Gorda was once considered to be so remote that it was only accessible by boat for decades. It is the most southerly town in Belize and even though the Southern Highway now reaches the town, and has even been paved so that easily connects the town with points north, there’s still that sense when you visit of this place being a distant frontier. Commonly referred to as PG, it is a quiet place with clean, paved streets, few cars, lush vegetation, and a very slow pace. PG is both a port and a fishing village that is situated on the shores of the Caribbean Sea. Despite its waterfront location, visitors don’t necessarily travel to PG to enjoy its coastal charms as the town has no beach to speak of. However, it is a good starting point from which to visit some magnificent offshore cays. The town is located some 330km (205 miles) south of Belize City. PG itself is the capital of Toledo District. Geographically it is part of the Gulf of Honduras. The surrounding Toledo District is home to various Mayan ruins and numerous villages that are still peopled by Kekchi and Mopan Maya Indians, who have been migrating here from Guatemala over the last century.

First venomous crustacean discovered
Scattered throughout Mexico and central America are pools where water surfaces from underground networks of caves, which the ancient Maya said were gateways to the underworld. Biologists have now found that these bodies of water are home to a mysterious real-world creature as well: the first venomous crustaceans known to science. The crustacean in question, Speleonectes tulumensis, belongs to the remipedes, a group first described in 1981. Observing these pale, blind and tiny animals in their natural habitat has been hard because they live in labyrinthine cave networks that are as difficult for divers to navigate as they are dangerous. Nonetheless, biologists including Björn von Reumont and Ronald Jenner, both of the Natural History Museum in London, found remipedes tossing away empty exoskeletons of shrimp, presumably having fed on them.

Belize, a Country that will Leave you Captivated!
It’s easy to understand why so many people love Belize. It’s quirky, diverse and fun…with tropical landscapes and stunning beaches. It’s close to the U.S. – and it’s English-speaking. One little peninsula in Belize offers the relaxed Caribbean beach lifestyle so many of us dream of. It’s a barefoot paradise with plenty of charm and a laid-back atmosphere. Come and explore this tranquil location for yourself and check out the hottest properties on the market on a personalized property tour.