IMPORTANT PUBLIC NOTICE - The Corozal Town Council is holding a public consultation on Thursday Nov 7th at 7:00 P.M. at the Corozal Town Hall with the following school PTAs: St. Francis Xavier Primary School, Methodist Primary, Mary Hill Primary, Guadalupe Primary and Marl Hill Special Ed to discuss plans to commence repairs on streets in these areas and how to mitigate the impacts and traffic flow. Input from these schools are important as these repairs will affect students going in and coming out of these areas that will be repaired. The Corozal Town Council announces that street repairs will be the sole responsibility of the Town Council and works will commence as soon as Monday November 11th - A message from the Corozal Town Council.

The Corozal Town Council is holding a public consultation to discuss ways to mitigate the impact of road works and traffic flow that will affect some schools in Corozal Town. The street repairs is being funded by the Corozal Town Council and will commence on Monday November 11th. All pedestrians and commuters are asked to please bare with the inconveniences that will be caused and to give way to the workers on the streets during these times. The town council extends its gratitude for everyone's understanding and apologizes for all inconveniences.