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The San Pedro Sun

Wolfe’s Woofer: Panic Attack
Panic Attack “Hey, Mr. Dennis.” The speaker was Mario, who used to work for me doing carpentry when I was having the house built. “Hey, Mario. It’s good to see you.” “It’s good to see you, too,” he said. “I hear you been sick. You look fine to me.” “Well, thank you,” I said. “I […]

Letter to the Editor: Saga Humane Society
Dear Editor, The Saga Humane Society would like to give our sincerest gratitude to everyone who helped in first of our October SNIP-a-thon clinics with Helping Paws Across Borders Oct.7-12. They were an international team of Veterinarians and Vet Tech’s who held Operation SNIP clinics at Saga Clinic, DFC and Caye Caulker. Helping Paws completed over 150 FREE spay/neuters and 200 vaccinations for our communities. The animals were sterilized, treated for internal and external parasites and vaccinated against disease. All items and services were donated to Saga HS and Helping Paws (USA NGO) by individuals to benefit San Pedro. San Pedro gains economically by having these visiting Veterinary teams. By sterilizing their pets, the community will become invested in the steps needed to control over population of domestic animals in San Pedro.

Island Personalities Shine in “Agenda Privada” Travel Program
Last Sunday night The San Pedro Sun was invited to El Secreto Resort to meet Mexican travel personality Charlie Rubio and preview his recent hour-long “Agenda Privada” episode featuring El Secreto and Ambergris Caye. We were in good company, with prominent San Pedro community members in attendance along with guests of honor Mayor Daniel Guerro and his wife. After a brief intro the very charismatic Rubio presented the travel program to the group and we were thoroughly entertained throughout the screening. Completely engaged in the charm of our Isla Bonita, Rubio immersed himself into all that is unique about our island home, and who did he go to for a personal tour of San Pedro? None other than our Mayor Danny, who was not only a gracious host but arguably stole the show at times!

Doctor Love: Retirement
Readers, please send your letters. They can be emails, formal letters or handwritten notes. They are edited solely for grammar and spelling. Also, they are sometimes edited for length. Dear Doctor Love, I am in my sixties and my wife is in her fifties. We worked hard all of our lives and saved so that […]

Misc Belizean Sources

Congratulations Trey and Ariadna
Feelgood news of the day. A big congratulations to newlyweds Trey and Ariadna Roberson. If you stop by the Barn & Grill, you can wish them the best. Looks like the Bedran Hall is the perfect place for wedding receptions. "This was a beautiful wedding and Tomas Gongora did a great job djing and kept the crowd moving!"

Miss Earth Belize: Eco-Beauty
Amber Rivero will be representing Belize at the Miss Earth pageant in the Philippines. They've just started online voting for the Eco-Beauty and Photogenic contests. The video that Amber did is well done, and shows many great spots around the Cayo district, like Caracol, Barton Creek Cave, and Jaguar Paw. Watch the video to see how she was interested in ecology long before being selected as Miss Earth Belize, and to hear about her quest to stop mangrove deforestation. Good luck, Amber! "Vote for Miss Belize Amber Rivero for the Eco-Beauty Video Competition 2013. Voting Page:"

Inclusive Linkage Project
Beltraide has announced that the closing ceremony for the Inclusive Linkage Project will be at the Cayo Welcome Center tomorrow, November 11th, starting at 9:00am. The prject was done to spur economic development, reduce poverty, and promote environmental sustainability in the border zone between Belize and Guatemala. Beltraide worked with CENPROMYPE and MINEO on this great project. There will be presentations from the groups that collaborated, along with some unveiling of their product lines. "Please take a look at the upcoming closing ceremony of the Inclusive Linkage Project that will take place at the San Ignacio Welcome Center on Monday, November 11, 2013 at 9:00am."

Centennial Marathon
The Centennial Marathon will be next Sunday's first Festival of Culture event. Benque then celebrates with their Centennial Fun Day, which starts at 10:00am, and includes a scavenger hunt that has a $200 prize. A big thanks goes out to the Department of Youth Services for organizing the events. If you want to run, you should register by the 15th so you can qualify for one of the prizes. The deadline for registration, which is free, is the 15th. You can register online. "As a part of the 5th International Festival of Culture, the Department of Youth Services is organizing a Centennial Marathon just for you! Check out the details and Sign Up at the Benque House of Culture (NICH)"

Cayo Cancer Walk
Feelgood news of the day. The San Ignacio branch of the Belize Cancer Society had a very successful Cancer Walk, and they have the pictures to prove it. "On Saturday, November 2nd, 2013 our branch had its first Cancer Walk. It was beautifully attended and the support of the community and local businesses was incredible. We are extremely thankful to Windy Hills Resort, San Ignacio Hotel, Belize Electric Company Ltd., Santiago Castillo Ltd., Oasis of Blessings Church, Ms. Dolores Balona and Bowen and Bowen Ltd. for providing snacks and drinks to our walkers. To Guerra's Bus Service for generously picking up and taking back walkers starting from Benque Viejo del Carmen Town. To the San Ignacio Police Department for lending us their support and participating in the walk as well. To Sacred Hear Jr. College for dressing in "Pink" and supporting the Breast Cancer Pink Movement. And last but not least to the dynamic, hard-working committee of the Belize Cancer Society - San Ignacio Branch - we did great but as we all know our work is just beginning!!"


Escaped Prisoner Still On The Lose
Tonight Corozal Police continue to hunt for 24 year old Florentino Ruiz Belizean laborer of Mamey Street, Corozal Town who escaped from the detention cell at the Corozal Police Station sometime before 7:00pm on Monday November 4th. Ruiz was awaiting charge for possession of controlled drugs when he and 48 year old Alex James, a Honduran National of Chetumal City, Mexico who was waiting charge for illegal entry into the county of Belize, escaped. James was captured by police on the same night while walking along the Philip Goldson Highway near the village of San Jose in the Orange Walk District. Anyone knowing the whereabouts of Ruiz is asked to contact the nearest police station.

Police Have No Leads In Murder Of Canadian National
The last time we reported on the October 29th murder of 57 year old Canadian National, Patricia Lynn Nichiporowich, we told you that one person had been detained for questioning. That person was released from police custody due to lack of evidence and to date there are no leads whatsoever that may direct police to Nichiporowich murderer. Today marks eleven days that Nichiporowich was stabbed to death by a ruthless killer while at her home located in the ocean-front community of Consejo Shores. As previously mentioned, the 57 year old was home alone when neighbors reported hearing loud cries for help coming from the residence. When residents reached the house the cries for help had ceased and no one was seen in the area.

Orange Walkenos Concerned About Public Drinking
Orange Walk authorities plan on stepping up their game to address quality-of-life issues, among the concerns is public drinking. According to Mayor Kevin Bernard, the concern is one that has been waging for some time now and with the complaints rising, addressing the problem will mean enforcing the law. Bernard says there has been disconnect with the Council and the Liquor License Committee and called out the Chairman to follow up with enforcing the rules. “I’m hoping that this new board that will be selected this time around, be more fair and I understand that the minister of local government has agreed that there will be some changes to the board based on some recommendations that we have submitted. I am aware also and the complains have been coming to us as well, I have a Counselor who looks after those areas as well and he has been visiting some of these places and he has informed me that indeed he has seen where sometimes and even the police officers are seen drinking on the premises, in uniform and this is the responsibility of the chairman of the liquor licensing, he is paid a stipend by this council every three months to conduct his business, he must act fairly and he must ensure that these things are not occurring where businesses are selling, in fact I can go back to a letter to most of these Chinese establishments was given a letter, and if you visit 128 you must see that letter right on their counter which I wrote them as the Mayor stating that we are not allowing anyone to drink on the premise that especially if they don’t have the license to consume on the premises but it also boils down to every single member of the board where they see these things happen they must be informed, the police needs to play its part because we have a member of the police on the board and they are the legal authority and I am sure pretty much they are abreast of the liquor license it and they must also do their part in ensuring that the people are following orders and I want to call out the chairman of the board, as you know the actual chairman should have been John Pollard they made a change within themselves and give it back to Mr. Grajales and I want to call him out and to say that he needs to go around and visit these people and if these things are happening then he needs to take his decision as chairman and shot down these places if necessary.”

Wet Weekend For Belizeans
Today marks 161 days into the 2013 Hurricane Season and while the country has been spared from devastating tropical storms, the downpours have been causing much flooding in vulnerable low laying areas of the country. And tonight there are more than a few people across the country singing rain, rain go away! So, if you’re wondering what the weather will look like during the weekend, Meteorologist at the National Met Office, Ronald Gordon says that more rain and unstable conditions will continue to dominate the weather. Ronald Gordon– Meteorologist, National Met Service “We are expecting it to continue moist and unstable so we are expecting thunder storms and showers and period of rain to continue throughout the weekend.” Maria Novelo – Reporter “What are some of the contributing factors is there a system out there that we should worry about?” Ronald Gordon– Meteorologist, National Met Service “In terms of tropical activities no, the system that we have is a current draft which is providing moist surface area and at the air level of the above sphere we have an anti-cyclone which is helping to ventilate and lift causing thunder storm activities so we are looking at the possibility of about three to four inches of rainfall. Whenever we have this kind of rainfall we could expect local flooding and just as the recent rainfall and the soil moist it raise the chance of localize flooding up north and in various part of the country not only north. Looking at the long term forecast there will be a slight decrease starting let say on Monday, but Saturday and Sunday will quite moist and unstable. Always be on the alert, stay ready lookout for flooding look out for water level and if you see it rising take action and move out.”

Hall Dies Of Traumatic Shock Caused By Traffic Accident
On Tuesday evening 47 year old Elmer Hall, a resident of Vivas Layout Corozal lost his life after he was knocked down while riding his bicycle on the Philip Goldson Highway. Hall had just left his brothers home and was heading to Corozal Town when he was fatally knocked down by down by a 2006 four door Red Dodge Ram pick- up truck bearing Mexican License plate driven at the time by Jose Luis Kelly, Belizean general contractor of Paraiso Village in the Corozal District. A post mortem examination conducted on the body of Hall certified the cause of death to be traumatic shock, multiple injuries due to the road traffic accident. When police arrived at the deadly scene, between miles 5 and 6 of the Philip Goldson Highway, they observed Hall’s motionless body on the right hand side on the highway suffering from severe body injuries, a fractured left foot and cut wound to the upper right forehead. His bicycle was found under the pick-up truck. Today when we spoke to police about the case, we were informed that the matter is still under investigation.

Rescue Mission Launched To Save Endangered Howler Monkeys
Yesterday in our Newscast we reported on a full grown Howler Monkey that was spotted atop a coconut tree in the village of Yo Creek in the Orange Walk District. Villagers were concerned for its well being and pleaded to the pertinent officials to assist in rescuing and relocating the animal. Well, today we caught up with Paul Walker, Director of Wild tracks from Sarteneja, in the outskirts of Orange Walk. He was accompanied by members from the Ministry of Forestry, vet and volunteers who were looking out for six other Howler Monkeys that are believed to be in danger. Of note is that we will not release the exact area where the monkeys are located to avoid putting them in danger of being captured. Paul Walker, Director of Wild Tracks “Well these monkeys have been isolated on a small patch of trees when land was cleared, forest was cleared for cane, they have been left in a small place, patch of trees without no food and there is nowhere for them to go so they reported to the forest department to be removed into another area where they can establish their territories so we come with the forest department and the vet to catch them and to remove them to another area we weren’t successful today so hopefully next week we can lose them to another patch of forest.”

Burglars Target San Francisco School For The Second Time In Less Than A Week
Heartless thieves broke into the San Francisco RC School again during a rainy Thursday night. This time, many classrooms were vandalized and classes had to be disrupted. Our news team arrived on scene as police were searching for clues. Here’s what we found out. Screen_shot_2013-11-08_at_6.42.05_PMMaria Novelo – Reporting Administrators at the San Francisco RC say they're disappointed after their school was broken into, not once, but twice, in one week. During the first burglary, which occurred over the weekend, thieves raided the schools computer room where they stole 7 monitors and keyboards. Some of those items were recovered by police yesterday, but when teachers arrived this morning, they realized most of their classrooms were ransacked. Percival Gideon, Teacher of the Upper Division said they were distraught at the discovery.

Caye Caulker Chronicles

Israel Moran excels in Scuba Diving
At the age of 19 Israel Moral became the youngest Dive Instructor in Belize’s history. And even though Scuba Diving is an underwater sport, he has been aiming for the moon ever since. Israel’s love of diving began back in his teenage days when he was a youngster wandering about Caye Caulker wondering what the future held for him. Sensing his search for direction, the good folks at Frenchie’s Diving (Abel & Frenchy Novelo) offered to teach him to Scuba Dive free of charge. Within days he was certified as an Open Water Scuba Diver. Little did he and they know that this little step would play a monumental role in the trajectory his life would take. Israel threw all his energies into Scuba Diving, becoming an Advanced Scuba Diver, a Rescue Diver, a Dive Master and then a Dive Instructor — all before the age of 19. At DEMA show this year– DEMA is Scuba Diving’s biggest international trade show and the most important red carpet Scuba Diving event — held in Orlando, Florida on the 7th of November, Israel was awarded as an SSI Platinum Pro5000 Diver.


Forest of Belize
Many countries interested in the conservation and protection of natural and cultural heritage sites of the world accede to the Convention Concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage that was adopted by UNESCO in 1972. In 1996 the Reserve System was designated a World Heritage Site because of its vulnerability and the fact that it contains the most important and significant natural habitats for in-situ conservation of biodiversity. A combination of natural factors—climate, the Belize Barrier Reef, over 450 offshore Cayes (islands), excellent fishing, safe waters for boating, scuba diving, and snorkeling, numerous rivers for rafting, and kayaking, various jungle and wildlife reserves of fauna and flora, for hiking, bird watching, and helicopter touring, as well as many Maya ruins—support the thriving tourism and ecotourism industry.

Fuego Lighting Culinary Life in San Ignacio Belize
Fuego (Spanish for fire) is among one of the newest eateries in San Ignacio Town. San Ignacio is located on the western side of Belize and has just recently gone through a renovation phase with the building of the Cayo Welcome Center. The sights and smells of the mainland differs so much from our island home. A new look has been achieved to the business center of San Ignacio. Landscaping allows for beautiful sights all around. Serving lunch and dinner, Fuego, offers outdoor seating which is the perfect perch for people watching. With its black and red hues, Fuego lights up at night! Inside, hanging on the walls, are amazing photographs captured by Monica Gallardo, a Belmopan based photographer. These pictures evoke the feeling of fire that the restaurant so aptly captures.

My Two Favorite Gift & Souvenir Shops in Placencia
I am not good at exploring gift shops on any vacation even when travelling around Belize. I think I am allergic to cheesy shot glasses, crappy neon mesh “You’d Better Belize It” half shirts (though they do make EXCELLENT Halloween costumes)… and junky refrigerator magnets with molded plastique toucans on them. Seriously…are you kidding me? So…when I walk past a craft/gift store that has a sign like this? They are speaking directly to me. I must go in.

My 20 Minute Tour of Dangriga & Garifuna Settlement Day
Just a few days ago, I hopped on a bus from Placencia, Belize to travel to San Ignacio. As I’ve mentioned before, the bus in Belize isn’t always the quickest way to travel but it sure is cheap and it sure is interesting. You can certainly fly…but I had time and here’s how I did it. The distance really isn’t that great… My coach. And the festive decorations in this vintage vehicle. My favorite Rudolph from that 1960s TV movie…Burl Ives…the Abominable Snowman…the Island of Misfit Toys…

Belize gets a special visitor
You would have thought a head of state, famous actor or at least a rock star had landed in Belize for all the fanfare and excitement at the Philip Goldson International airport. But the brilliantly coloured private airplane was creating all the furore not over any person inside, but over what they were carrying – the FIFA World Cup Trophy was visiting Belize. Yes, courtesy of FIFA and Coca Cola, the FIFA World Cup Trophy has come to Belize, and people have travelled far and wide to see it or have their photographs taken next to it. Probably the most revered sports trophy in the world, (OK, you Canadians and American from places like Boston and Chicago would argue strongly for hockey’s Stanley Cup, but that has more to do with passion than numbers) the FIFA Cup took pride of place at the Radisson Fort George Hotel where it was accorded the respect and start treatment of any visiting dignitary.

Education in Belize: Strengthening the Balance, Part II (Leaders)
Last year November, I wrote an article to remind students and teachers alike of the importance of always maintaining and Strengthening the Balance between each other in the classroom and while at school. Teachers and students will work productively and smoothly when they treat Education in the classroom as a two-way, not one-way, process. In other words, despite what many people (especially parents who had limited schooling) may have believed in the past, or may still do, students are not sponges who merely go to school to soak up knowledge from a teacher in the classroom; neither are they clay for teachers to mold. Instead of absorbing an Education, like a sponge, a student learns under a teacher’s guidance and instruction when the student participates in the two-way process, and makes the effort to contribute his/her portion of a 50/50 endeavor.

International Sources

Homosexuality illegal in 41 out of 53 Commonwealth countries – report
Homosexuality is illegal in 41 out of the 53 Commonwealth countries, a report released on Monday reveals. Despite this, the forthcoming Commonwealth heads of government meeting (Chogm) in Sri Lanka has elected not to discuss the issue of anti-gay discrimination. Commissioned by the Kaleidoscope Human Rights Foundation and compiled by LGBT activists throughout the Commonwealth, the report calls for Commonwealth countries to repeal anti-gay legislation, with an immediate moratorium on enforcement. “If you look at the world as a whole, around about 40% of nations have state-sponsored homophobia,” said Kaleidoscope’s spokesman, Douglas Pretsell. “Half of those – about 54% – are in the Commonwealth. If you look at the rest of the world not inside the Commonwealth, it’s only 24.5% – so the Commonwealth has a big problem. “These are laws that make it illegal to be gay.”

Commonwealth citizens speak out on same-sex discrimination
A report released by Kaleidoscope Trust has collated the experiences for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people from across the Commonwealth. It is a report, Kaleidoscope says, that shows how the Commonwealth, which claims to have human rights and democracy at its core, "continues to let down millions of its own people". According to Purna Sen, chair of the Kaleidoscope Trust and former head of human rights at the Commonwealth, the issue of LGBT rights is the unaddressed "elephant in the room" at the heads of government meeting, taking place this week in Colombo.

Reggae Puts Down Local Roots
In neighboring countries like Belize, where reggae is still popular, dancehall is equally favored. This is why the popularity of reggae in Indonesia surprises Morrissey and friends. “It’s quite a shock because I’m coming from a country where dancehall is number one, and here, there is no dancehall, a few people who know dancehall artists don’t even like them,” he said. When they visited a live show in Ancol a couple of weeks ago, Morrissey, Roberts and Kennedy were amused to see the concert pause for the prayer break. “That has never happened to me anywhere before in my life,” Morrissey said.