The World Economic Forum has just released its 2013 report on the Global Gender Gap. Overall, Belize is ranked 107 out of 136 countries in the study - which is down from a score of 87 in 2009. This year's ranking is also down four from last year. And while that's bad enough, the roughest part is when it comes to the political empowerment of women. On that, Belize ranks 133rd out of 136 countries, at the absolute bottom of the scale. Only Lebanon, Brunei and Qatar are lower. The report notes that Belize is the lowest performing country from the region on female Enrolment in primary education and the Women in parliament indicators. Still, it's not all bad, Belize was tied for first in the health and survival category AND 80TH for economic participation and opportunity.

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Report Is Out on Belizeís Gender Gaps in Economics, Politics, Education and Health

The Global Gender Gap Index Report for 2013 has been released. While Belize has performed well in areas such as Health Services, overall we rank 107 among 136 countries. In economic participation we made it to number 80, in educational attainment our score is 103 and the worst is political empowerment where we ranked third to last at 133, from 136 countries in the study.

In 2006 The World Economic Forum introduced the Global Gender Gap Report with the objective of providing an outline of the magnitude and scope of gender based disparities around the world. The report looks at gender gaps on economic, political, education and health areas providing a ranking for effective comparison across regions of the worlds.

We will have more detailed review of this report later in the week.