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#477300 - 11/13/13 04:15 AM UB President Cary Fraser Will Resign  
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Board May Push For Earlier Departure

President of the University of Belize Dr. Cary Fraser has written to the Prime Minister informing of his decision to resign. The latter, dated November sixth says that he intends to leave at the end of the Academic year - bringing to an end his less than two-year stint as University President.

And while Fraser would like to leave at the end of the Academic Year, 7news has heard the suggestion from multiple, highly placed sources that he may be asked to go before then. And that's because the University's Board of Trustees is reportedly dissatisfied with Dr. Fraser's performance. 7news has learned of an extended assessment done by the Board in which they concluded that he had failed to implement programmes as mandated by the Board.

Fraser, who is from Guyana took over as president of the National University in August of 2011.

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#477306 - 11/13/13 04:58 AM Re: UB President Cary Fraser Will Resign [Re: Marty]  
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Is UB President, Dr. Carey Fraser, being forced to resigned from the national university?

Carey Fraser

Tonight there are very credible reports that University of Belize President Carey Fraser is contemplating resignation from the institution. Dr. Fraser has been President for two years, and came to Belize from Pennsylvania State University. In his very few interactions with the media, Dr. Fraser has been circumspect, but there have been challenges at the university during his time. Not the least of those has been reported tension between the Office of the President and the Board of Trustees. This morning News Five was in Belmopan and spoke to the Director of UB’s Office of Public Information, Selwyn King. King told us that he had heard the report, but had yet to meet with the President to confirm it. If it is so, says King, the University will just have to deal with the transition, just as it has before.

Selwyn King, Office of Public Information, UB

“The president has been engaged in meetings yesterday and this morning—the SICA meeting. I am yet to sit down with the president so I am not in a position to confirm or deny. Following that meeting I will be in a better position and the president would also be able to speak on that issue. But at this point in time, I can’t confirm or deny. I will meet with the president following this SICA meeting.”


Selwyn King

“It is difficult to believe that something like this would just happen…that he will be resigning on the spur of the moment. You work very closely with him. Have you had any indication that there were problems perhaps with the board and the president; anything which would lead to a decision like this?”

Selwyn King

“No, well in terms of challenges. We are always faced with challenges in our daily lives; even at home, private lives, so basically challenges will always be there in terms of the environment and the society. It is just a matter of overcoming challenges. The greatest weapon is communication and how best you communicate. Sometimes decisions are made and I am not privy to those decisions and I’m not privy to board decisions and board meetings. But what I can say is that rumors, as you said rumors and why we need to discuss it and to ascertain whether it is rumors or not rumors. Since 2000, we are tied up in the transition of Doctor Cal, then we had if I am not mistaken Corinth Morter Lewis. So we have always been in the face of transition. So it will be nothing to the University of Belize.”

President Dr. Cary Fraser spoke to us briefly as he walked on campus this morning. He declined an interview at this time, and would not confirm or deny reports of his resignation. He did tell us that there are, “decisions which he will have to make.” We figure that is some measure of confirmation that there is something in the works.

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#477488 - 11/15/13 03:54 AM Re: UB President Cary Fraser Will Resign [Re: Marty]  
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UB New Chmn To Departing Pres: Don’t Let The Door Hit You On The Way Out!

TWO DAYS AGO, we told about the Letter from Dr. Cary Fraser that he is resigning from his post as the President of the University of UB. He hasn't made public given any reason why he's leaving 2 years into his 5-year contract, and it comes as surprise to many at the National University.

But, he's moving on, that's what the Board announced today, when they held a press conference to announce that they are already looking for a suitable replacement - which is a sure indication of what we've reported, that the board is not displeased with his decision to leave early. Today, the Chairman announced that they had to take steps given what information they had:

Harrison Pilgrim, Chair, Board of Trustees, UB
"The President announced at the commencement of a board meeting that he was considering an appointment that would take his away from the university and that if he decided to accept that offer he would be leaving the University of Belize by mid-2014."

"On November 6th, the President wrote to the Prime Minister of Belize and advised him that "I have made the decision that I will leave the University of Belize at the end of the current academic year." that letter was copied to the Leader of the Opposition and to the Minister of Education and the President emailed a copy of the correspondence to the chairman of the board on November 9th."

"The chair met with the President on November 8th in an effort to better understand the statement he had made to the board. At that point the chair was unaware of the letter the President had pen dated November 6th. On November 11th, the chair tabled the President's November 6th letter at a meeting of the administration committee of the board of trustees. The committee received the letter as notice of resignation and triggered action to be initiated to commenced transitioned and recruitment for a suitable replacement for the post."

So, if it seems that there are gaping holes as to why the President is suddenly departing, that's exactly what played out at the press conference, which was opened to the faculty, staff and student body this afternoon. They joined the media in trying to get answers out of the Chairman, but in the end, he said a lot without actually saying anything. Here's how he fielded questions from the media about reports that the President didn't perform well, according to their 2 year assessment:

Harrison Pilgrim, Chair, Board of Trustees, UB
"Certainly you will all be aware that employer, employee discussions are not one for public dissemination and it would be very remised of me if I were to at this point discuss the details of that review."

Daniel Ortiz
"One thing that we the media seem to be picking up on is that the fact that this is an issue that all party seem to want to deal with in house and there is an underline current that we are picking up on that there seems to be some issue where the board and the president may be ar odds. Can you reasonably assure us as the media and the nation that the board and the president are currently operating on the same page?"

Harrison Pilgrim, Chair, Board of Trustees, UB
"In any organization, personality and personal differences often exists. However, this board under my chairmanship and the previous board as far as I am aware have maintained cordial relationships with the president."

Hope Amadi, student - UB
"I don't understand the essence of this press conference because apparently I am leaving here with nothing why I am here today to get some information regarding to the President's position."

Harrison Pilgrim, Chair, Board of Trustees, UB
"This university must at all times at least appear to want to engage the constituents in dialogue."

In Frazer's letter to the Prime Minister, he complained he had major plans for the University which couldn't be realized because the Ministry of Education didn't meet its debts to the institution, which he says signals that UB is a very low priority.

He also had criticism for the Board. He said, quote, "I am also very concerned that the Board of Trustees of the University of Belize, during the period of August 2011-2013 demonstrated a commitment to micromanagement of the institution that was very troubling to my perspective as President.." End Quote.

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#477780 - 11/19/13 04:05 AM Re: UB President Cary Fraser Will Resign [Re: Marty]  
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The Details Of A Departure

Last week Thursday, 7News told you about the press conference which the Board of Trustees of the University of Belize held to clear the air around the sudden departure of the President, Dr. Cary Frazer. He is expected to stay on until the end of this current school year, which ends May 2014, but during that time, the Board will be going through a rigorous process to find a suitable replacement for him. It sounds like a situation where relations between the board and Dr. Frazer could get strained, given that he has already complained to the Prime Minister in a letter that they've micromanaged the university, which he believes restricted his leadership. That question came up at the press conference where the chairman of the board addressed it directly. Here's how he responded:

Lynette Canto, Reporter LOVE FM
"The President as you said is still effective, his position is still in effect and we are wondering how as the board of the university - how that relationship will be maintained, if he has already effective his resignation and we know that it seems his heart as already left. How will you continue to work with him in the interim and what will this mean for the university?"

Harrison Pilgrim, Chair, Board of Trustees, UB
"That question was fielded by numerous members of faculty and staff at a briefing an hour ago. There is no crystal ball that I know about that I can look into to determine the future. At this point there are cordial relations existed. Going forward obviously there is going to be need for us to handle the matter with the level of sensitivity which I were to start talking about things now about what I would do ir what I wouldn't do would betray the confidence and the relationship that I presently have with the President and which this board would want to maintained throughout the tenure of his appointment."

"While we are here, the media, and we have come to talk to you about what we see as the way forward and the kinds of things that we are going to be looking for and giving you the assurance that this board has not just sat back and are awaiting things to happen. At the same time I would ask that you recognized the delicate nature of the discourse that we are presently in especially in light of the fact that the President is not here with us today although he was invited to participate in the event."

As we told you, in the letter to the Prime Minister, Dr. Frazer indicated that he had plans to develop the institution to meet the national needs for education, but the "chronic inability" of the Ministry of Education to meet its debts to UB signals the low level of priority that the Government has placed on the university. He adds that the budget negotiations for the 2013-2014 academic year does not give him confidence that the situation will change.

Apart from the micromanagement allegations which he brought against the Board, Dr. Frazer explained that having worked at tertiary institutions in Europe, the Caribbean and North America, he believes that the type of management that the Board of Trustees have used so far has caused leadership instabilities in relation to the posts of Provost and President.

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#478044 - 11/22/13 04:03 AM Re: UB President Cary Fraser Will Resign [Re: Marty]  
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It is getting ugly at UB…President Cary Fraser goes on leave

Five presidents and seven provosts in thirteen years….that is the track record of the national university at its top two positions since its inception in 2000. And as it stands tonight, the national university is about to lose its current president, Doctor Cary Fraser. Fraser, a Guyanese national, took over from Corinth Morter-Lewis back in August of 2011. But earlier this month, cracks began to surface between Fraser and the Board. Fraser wrote the Prime Minister claiming that the Board of Trustees was undermining the capacity of UB through its interventions and micro-management. He also indicated that he will be leaving office at the end of the academic year, in 2014. On Wednesday night, the chairman of the Board, Harrison Pilgrim, told News Five that Fraser was still in office. That, however, has changed dramatically. The faculty and staff today received a memo that their president is effectively on leave until future notice. But it is not clear, if he requested leave or if Fraser was placed on leave. Head of Public relations, Selwyn King, wouldn’t confirm what went down.

Selwyn King, Public Relations, University of Belize

“We sent out a communication this morning to the faculty and staff indicating to them that the president, Doctor Carey Fraser is on leave and during his absence, the interim provost, Doctor Wilmer Wright will hold over. That was the extent of the information that was communicated to the faculty and staff as early as this morning.  I was not aware of any meeting and I was not privy to any decision that was taken at any meeting if it was held. I have been informed this morning to communicate the information that the president is on leave to the faculty and staff and who will be holding over.”


“That instruction was given by who?”

Selwyn King

“Alright, well I have a supervisor, the provost.”


“Sir, could you explain to us the nature of that leave? Was there any particular reason given as to why the leave was requested or required?”

Selwyn King

“No, in terms of instruction of the nature over the leave. Leave is leave. And basically that is what we did. We notified in according to the rules and regulations of the university—once the president is on leave and who will be holding over at all times. This is a normal process that we have been engaged in all the time.”


“This leave, how long is it for? We know that of course that statements have been made that Mister Carey intends to leave the university in June of 2014. Is this leave going to last right up to that point that he is going to leave? It begs us to wonder whether that is the case. Is this man being put out to pasture before he leaves?”

Selwyn King

“I don’t know if I concur with your put out to pasture, but what I can say is that the leave is leave and  I will be informed at some point in time in terms of how long the leave will be.”


“But sir, given the nature of circumstances of the sudden decision to announce his leaving the university, it comes a bit sudden and there is the perception that something underlying has taken place. Can you reasonable assure the public and the stakeholders of UB that no such thing has taken place and it is just a simple matter of procedure as you have indicated?”

Selwyn King

“Well I cannot speak to perception. All I can speak to is that the president is on leave and once additional information is made available, I will make that information available to the community and I am sure by extension that the media will be informed as well as you normally appear to be well-informed and well-in tuned. At this point in time, the communication is being circulated to the faculty on staff. The president is on leave and Doctor Wilmer Wright, the interim provost is holding over. Once information becomes available, we will inform the community.”

So tonight, Fraser is on leave and Wilma Wright is in charge at U.B. If things were not shaky, there was the fourth bomb threat at the university today for this semester and classes were canceled.

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