An expert from Canada was in Belize over the past week conducting a three-day workshop with personnel from the National Forensic Science Service who operate the Integrated Ballistic Identification System, IBIS donated to Belize by the Canadian Government. Senior instructor from Forensic Technology, Petar Zenovich, was here as part of the companyís commitment to ensure proper maintenance and effective utilization of the system. Zencovich, who has been coaching IBIS operators for over 13 years, expressed his that personnel at the National Forensic Science Service were making tremendous progress by applying the training they received to operate the system. Zencovich noted that the personnel have succeeded in creating a healthy database and establishing precise protocols in order to fully integrate the system into their daily tasks and overall function. Personnel at the National Forensic Science Service who operate the system and took part in the three-day workshop include, Orlando Vera, the Supervisor at the Firearms Unit; Renie Moh, the Exhibit Manager and Assistant Analyst; Mark Wallace, the Forensic Analyst; and Ebony Lyall, also a Forensic Analyst all from the firearm unit. Director of the National Forensic Science Service, David Henderson, showed appreciation to Zencovich and congratulated the local analysts for their outstanding effort, initiative and dedication. The IBIS is the most advance system with full capability to collect, store, compare, analyze and prepare conclusive reports on ballistic evidence to assist law enforcement authorities in investigation, prosecution and conviction of persons involved in firearm related crimes. It was donated to Belize one year ago by the Government of Canada.