Nice story about Joan and Mark Johnson, from the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

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Swarming sharks, howler monkeys and Mayan temples rewarded a timid traveler for his first international (though still nearby) trip.

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INTERACTIVE: A timid traveler's trip to Belize

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This is my first time. I have never done it before and I have to confess I am nervous and a little scared. I am told it gets easier after the first time, I sure hope so. So here it is, I confess, I am 56 years old and a virgin traveler. I have never been outside the confines of the continental 48 states. The idea of crossing the border and stepping outside the U.S. and my comfort zone has been a huge challenge. I have bounced around the continental U.S. for work and sometimes vacations, but never crossing the big borders. Turns out that once you get your passports, all it takes is a click of a mouse and you are set to go. My wife found the best flight and a nice little place on the beach in the heart of San Pedro town, which is on Ambergris Cay about 35 miles from Belize City.