Many residents may not be aware, but over the weekend, the San Pedro’s Oldest Resident celebrated her 99th birthday. Cecelia Guerrero Lara, the oldest born islander celebrated her birthday on Sunday November 9th. The mother of five children was given a surprise visit by members of the San Pedro Cultural Committee, who spent some time over the weekend with the longest living islander.

According to Guillermo “Mito” Paz, Chairman of the San Pedro Cultural Committee, for the second consecutive year, the committee has paid the senior citizen a special visit. “We took time out to visit with her and listen to some of her stories of what the island used to be back then. We took her a birthday cake and a basket of fruits so that she can enjoy,” said Paz. He explained that in an effort to preserve our living contributors to the history of the island, the committee and the National Institute of Culture and History collaborates to pay homage to longest living citizens on their special day.

Cecelia is the oldest of the Guerrero and Lara families living on Ambergris Caye. She is the sister of Efrain Guerrero, Thomasita Gomez and Dalinda Salazar, and also the aunt of current San Pedro Town Mayor Daniel Guerrero. The San Pedro Sun joins the island in wishing Cecelia Guerrero Lara a happy birthday!

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