The Garifuna Legacy

Lying along the southern coast of the Caribbean Sea in Central America, Belize has many places where one can relax with a fruity alcohol-spiked beverage and chill out under the blazing tropical sun.  Despite this countries’ small size though, it can be hard to pick a beach resort that meets ones needs.  Where should you go in Belize for your winter getaway?  That depends a great deal on who you are, and the activities that you enjoy.

Below, we detail three different resort areas that appeal to different segments of the population.  This way, you can spend your time in Belize on the island that best resonates with the person that you are!

1) Ambergris Caye – If you have money to burn, or at least plentiful reserves to spare, you’ll find everything from three-star hotels to the absolute height of luxury on Ambergris Caye.  Mostly centred around the town of San Pedro, this exquisite island is home to a large expat population, making the Western food that you know and love at home easily accessible.  Do try the local fare though, as there are many restaurants specializing in it, and many street carts serve up hot and delicious pupusas, so don’t be scared – broaden your horizons!

2) Caye Caulker – If you’re maintaining a backpacker’s budget, and like to take it easy and relax, Caye Caulker shares your philosophy. After putting in the few Belizean dollars that it will cost you for a long term stay, head over for the first of many afternoon at the Split, this island’s de facto “beach”.  To be fair, there is a slight sliver of sand left over from when a hurricane smashed into Caye Caulker, but it is the presence of a pleasant swimming area, picnic tables for socializing, and a judiciously placed bar called the Lazy Lizard that makes this area special.  For those with a slight impulse of ambition, there are excellent reefs to snorkel and dive located just off the island.

3) Tobacco Caye – Looking for an intimate experience on a tiny, tropical island in the middle of the Caribbean Sea, 16 kilometres off the mainland coast of Belize?  You’ll find it here, on a speck of land you can circle in about five minutes flat.  This former tobacco growing isle hosts 20 souls who will be catering to your needs as a traveller, and will be sharing stories over drinks at the one bar on this outpost of civilization in the middle of the ocean.  While this place may not appeal to those who are claustrophobic, the swaying palm trees, the group meals, and the affordable prices of this island will draw extroverted people like nails to a magnet.

With a wide scattering of barrier islands just off the coast, Belize has an embarrassment of riches when it comes to getting away to a palm-fringed paradise.  Just be sure the isle you select matches the person that you are, and you’ll be sure to make an excellent holiday!