by William Conde

I actually wrote some of this letter back in September this year, but nobody would print it for whatever reason. Now, I see on TV ch7, the BDF acknowledging this secret operation against the people of Belize, in which they claim to have destroyed 30 million dollars worth of weed with the help of the US military. What is up with the US? Last year in the US the voters approved legalization for all uses, including medical, recreational and industrial uses at state levels. Many who opposed the legalization made great predictions of doom and gloom if the people voted for legalization. Well guess what, a little over a year has gone by and the sky did not fall. To the contrary, it is creating an uplifting of the spirits, of millions of people and their families who have lived for decades under these unjust laws with the constant fear of being caught, and is creating a financial tsunami, for the people and the government. While 20+ states in the US have currently legalized cannabis in one form or another, the federal government after having great pressure applied by the voters, is now paying attention to the people and allowing state law to prevail. The people have spoken so loud to the government through the initiative process and current science, that the elected officials in most states and the federal government are now drafting laws to legalize cannabis on their own. Throughout the world today governments have lost all credibility involving the war against cannabis. The dominos are falling at a far greater rate than anyone could have anticipated just one year ago. It is a failed policy and subject to doom soon.

Wake up Belize. While the rest of the world rapidly begins to understand and undo the injustice and absolute failure of the world war against cannabis, one of nature’s most useful plants, Belize allows a foreign invasion to come in and destroy cannabis crops worth 30 million dollars. Not just weed but other crops broken by wind from the helicopters and possibly chemical trespass, to name some. The laws against cannabis create a great division amongst the people and lack of respect for others. Over the week end (Fri & Sat 27th & 28th September 2013) military helicopters, three or four of them, carried out military strikes against the poor people of northern Belize. I did not get a firsthand look, except to see some helicopters flying around the area for two days, but I have been told that man power, sprayed chemicals, fire bombs, chopping and hand lit fires were all used. You should be thanking these courageous farmers for keeping this plant alive and adding much needed money to their local economies. Ezekiel 34:29 “I will rise up for them a plant of renown.” Just so you understand let me assure you these are not big time cartel members, using guns and massive amounts of cash to intimidate and bribe all those who could help or hinder their agenda.These are poor people in an area that has almost no jobs and depends largely on agriculture and fishing and has been mostly ignored by the government, except for this type of activity. Do we the people have a say? There are financial problems all over the world. Even though it is illegal in most countries in the world, cannabis is still the number one or two cash crop in most countries worldwide. If the truth be known the markets for industrial cannabis, which is the greatest producer of raw materials (fiber and oil) in the world, financially and physically dwarfs the smoking verity.

If there really is freedom here in Belize then let’s get with the program and be the first on the block to legalize cannabis in all its’ forms.

Why do governments put all these resources into destroying the lives of good people? Instead of helicopters, police and military aid why not send seeds and tractors. Mark my word Cannabis is the healing of the nations spoken of in the bible. So some time in your prayers, ask God, what have they done? For what reasons do we destroy the lives of these stewards of a sacred plant and their families?

Remember Peace and Love ***** Cannabis is the herb of peace not war.



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