Stories of demonic spirits possessing children are mostly things in movies but for the past week we have been receiving reports that students at two high schools in Orange Walk showed signs of being possessed.� Arturo Cantun reports.


"Reports to LOVE NEWS are that up to six young females who attend two prominent high schools, one in Orange Walk Town and one in rural Orange Walk have been showing signs that some supernatural spirit had taken over their body.� We have been investigating the reports and no one from either educational institution would comment on the matter, to deny it or confirm the reports. Our sources have told us however that last week a charismatic priest visited three high schools in the Orange Walk as part of a tour that been organized by the catholic bishops' commission.� It was during the priest's visit that these young girls showed signs that something supernatural had over taken their body.� We have received different accounts from different individuals.� But this evening we spoke with a young man who claims that his sister was one of the young girls who was being followed by demons.� He told us that his sister told his family that she saw some of her friends playing a game with pencils and that then she noticed her friend going into convulsions and tried to help.� It was after that incident that she felt something was following her.� The priest was called in to pray with the students and that it was then that three other girls starting to show the same reaction.� A woman who was part of the prayer group confirmed that the young girls were acting abnormal while the priest prayed for them but that after a long sessions of prayer the girls seems to be okay.� It is reported that on same night one of the young girl had an attack.


"Father gave her blessings and the brother prayed for her and I thought it was all over.� My little sister, she still looked frightened, she look at us like we are a bunch of strangers to her.� So, I was going in and out of the room just to make sure everything was alright and when I went into the room I saw her face started to change; she started to do all these facial expressions, her eyes doubled the size and she started to fight with herself like she was fighting with something or like someone was trying to get her.� At that time, I yelled for my mom and grandma and everyone just went into the room we began praying.� I was scared; all of us were scared and my mom was crying; we have never experienced something like this."

The young man explains that the incident is something neither he nor his family had experienced before and that they had to ask pastors to come and pray at the house.


"My bigger sister was holding my little sister and we had a rosary and a cross and I was holding her hand to stay firm; we prayed.� Then this happened again around 9:30pm but when we saw that we couldn't handle this, my aunt told me to go for two people.� Just to describe what happened makes me really frightened.� I know it was not my little sister, but this thing was just laughing; it was just laughing like it was teasing us and then she was doing all sorts of facial expression again and her whole body was trembling and the bed was trembling as well."

Other reports are that earlier in the week the priest also visited the town high school for a prayer session and that two young girls showed signs of being possessed.� We contacted the school principal but he would go as far to say NO COMMENT.� He added that at no point the students' life or security was compromised.� Our sources say however the incidents did happen at the school.� We could not confirm this with the Priest as we understand he left the country over the weekend.� So far our investigation tells us that five of the six girls have shown signs of recuperation.� No one else would go on record to speak on the incidents but the young man we spoke with had a message for the schools.


"I am calling out to all the schools, the primary schools and the sixth forms in Belize to please implement any religious subject if there is none in the school and I ask them to take care and look over the students.� We are losing this world and we can avoid these things; schools need to guide their students."