Hello everyone, I have created my own page on Facebook, I have posted the link below. Sexual Abuse and other forms abuse have been damaging so many children today. Sad part is many people do not understand the effects of sexual abuse. It is a life long scar. Many individuals need to be aware that they are not alone if facing abuse. And parents can learn how to better protect their children from facing this trauma. I am a former sexual abuse survivor. I am the road to recovery, I have been tackling my personal issues for 6 years now. I feel more in tune with myself because I am no longer in denial, and reclaiming my life. Sexual abuse need to stop in our country, and only we can make this change. Kindly like my page, and you can add me on Facebook as well.

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This is a update going through my recovery process. Feel free to read and Share with your friends. Thank you all for the support. I really appreciate it. As a country we can move forward by understanding the effects of sexual abuse, in that way, you will be able to help a close friend or relative who have been sexually abused.


Thank you smile

Together we can STOP SEXUAL ABUSE!!!