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The San Pedro Sun

National Garifuna Awareness Day observed in San Pedro
This year marks the 181st anniversary of the official arrival of the Garifuna to the coast of south Belize. Thus, November is marked as the month to honor and celebrate the country’s vibrant Garifuna Culture. On Monday, November 18th, schools at all levels throughout Belize held activities to observe National Garifuna Awareness Day. In San Pedro Town, schools and other organizations held separate events encouraging students and local residents to dress in typical Garifuna outfits. At the San Pedro Roman Catholic School (SPRCS), a Garifuna exposition was held as part of the school’s activities. Featuring music, dance, food, clothing and history presented by the students of the upper division, the expo was colorful and entertaining. Several students were also dressed in traditional Garifuna attire, while different aspects of the Garifuna culture were on display at several booths. From food and their methods of preparation, to musical instruments; the entire atmosphere was filled a fun cultural experience.

Misc Belizean Sources

By Abdulmajeed K. Nunez I am a West African With a proud heritage of Islam That was brought by Mansa Musa to the Caribbean My history did not start in 1491-1493 But dates all the way back to dynasties But let’s start with the 13th century I’m saying this publicly To the NGC, who has been labelling we as a minority When in fact we are a majority Joined together by the Caribbean Sea For years it was thought That African and Amerindian was my ancestry by the NGC Until uncles Van Sertima and Theodore Aranda set me free And taught me my real ancestry Of the Gwanini people from Mali Who were conquerors of the sea? Who came to the Caribbean in the 13th Century? Long before Chris-teef-us Com-bus-us Got lost in the Caribbean Sea

with QueenAl FirstLady at Belmopan City, Belize. (16 photos)

Though commonly referred to as "Garifuna", the people are properly called "Garinagu" and the culture and language are "Garifuna". The Garinagu are recent arrivals to Belize, settling the southern coast of Belize in the early 19th century. The epic story of the Garinagu begins in the early 1600's on the Caribbean island of St. Vincent. The Landing by Benjamin Nicholas In 1635, two Spanish ships carrying Nigerian slaves floundered and sank off the coast of St. Vincent. The slaves that survived and swam ashore found shelter in the existing Carib Indian settlements. Over the next century and a half, the two peoples intermixed, intermarried and eventually fused into a single culture, the Black Caribs or Garinagu. By 1773, the Black Carib was the dominant population of St. Vincent. But, European politics began to exert its influence throughout the Caribbean. A series of wars between the French and British on St. Vincent culminated in a final battle on June 10th, 1796, where the French and their Carib allies where forced to surrender and leave the island. Thus would start a journey by the exiled Caribs in search of a home.

2-3 fresh fish (about 2 pounds) 2 ounces salt beef, cut in small pieces and trim excess fat 1 teaspoon salt 1/4 teaspoon thyme 1/2 teaspoon black pepper 1 large coconut, grated 1 small carrot, diced 1 green plantain or 2 green bananas 1 bell pepper, chopped Lime juice or vinegar (to clean fish) Boil salt beef in 2 cups water until tender. Clean fish, wash with lime juice or vinegar. Cut each fish in serving pieces and season with salt and pepper. Grate coconut. Add 2 cups water and squeeze to get thick milk. Set aside. Prepare vegetables. Cover and set aside. Put milk in sauce pan. Stir constantly until milk reaches boiling point. Add salt meat, onion, plantain or bananas. Cook until tender. Add carrots and fish. Simmer until fish is tender. Taste for seasoning. ENJOY!!

Rotaract Toy Drive
Rotaract is having their 5th annual Toy Drive over the next month. The big night is Saturday, December 21st, at Hode's. They'll be putting drop-off boxes around, so if you want one, or can donate in any way, let them know. Thanks, Rotaract! "This Christmas season help us bring smiles to deserving children of San Ignacio/Santa Elena and surrounding communities!"

Sweet Belize Official Video
Happy Garifuna Settlement Day! David Smith released the official music video for Sweet Belize yesterday to celebrate the holiday. Not only is It a beautiful song, but the video complements it perfectly, and starts off with some Garifuna drumming. Keep up the great work, David Smith! "SWEET BELIZE MUSIC VIDEO BY David Smith Ft. Verlie Lamb, Dale Kevan Guzmand & BAY drummers. Directed by David Smith Produced by Roots and Honor Records Executive Producer: David Daniel Smith Filmed by Trey Cabb Edited by Trey Cabb & David Smith Music by Mervin Budram - MD Lights by Desmond & Shalwa Leslie SPECIAL THANKS to George Price Centre for Peace and Development, Belmopan Active Youth, Carolyn Williams, Roots and Honor Records, Technological Advancement Services, Belmopan public."

Cornerstone Jewelry Making
Feelgood news of the day. The Cornerstone Foundation has a new volunteer, and she came up with some great ideas for lunchtime activities: jewelry making. Thanks, Cornerstone, for making the community a better and brighter place. In related news, Cornerstone's new base of operations is coming along nicely, and will be finished in January. They are having their 80's Splash Down fundraiser on December 7th at JJ's. "Thanks to new volunteer, Jackie, the kids are making bracelets, rings, and necklaces with beads! Great lunchtime activity and amazingly beautiful creations!"


O/W East Area Rep. And Town Council Join Hands To Assist Flooded Victims
Last week we aired the story of flooding in the Louisiana Area. With the constant torrential rains, several families living in the area were preoccupied that the flooded waters would enter their homes since their yard was already saturated. As we spoke to a few residents they raised several concerns and pleaded for assistance. Tonight we are happy to report that Orange Walk East Area Representative, Dr. Marco Tulio Mendez, joined forces with the Orange Walk Town Council to assess the situation and find a remedial solution to the problem of flooding in the affected areas. Here’s what they told us today. DR. TULIO MENDEZ – Area representative, OW East “I could see that areas of Orange Walk East have been affected, specially the street, not only here the ones that are close to the riverside but also Juventus, Cuello Street, Father Larry Street that are over to the next side and we are just making an assessment to see which ones we are going to be dealing with first, but of course even dreamed this bad weather I would say within there was time that it looked like the un was going to come up and you could see that there are some areas that they had already been putting some of the white material to try to improve the street, but of course we had more rain and you could see that all the street are all muddy for the vehicles to pass through but this area here very close to the river the flooding has really affected many of the areas as you could see this street here we had to elevated a little bit more to make it more accessible to the children that are going to school and to the parents that are being affected.”

Another Hike In The Price Of Butance Gas
The price per a hundred pound cylinder of butane changed again on Saturday. The good news is that consumers now have a choice as to which butane they want to use: the expensive one or the cheap one. The new controlled price per 100 pound cylinder for LPG imported by Belize Gas Limited and Western Gas Company Limited from Pemex in Mexico will be sold here in Orange Walk for $122.00 instead of $119.00. In Corozal the price stands at $121.00. While the LPG imported from Mexico saw an increase of $3.00, the 100 pound cylinder of butane imported from within Central America by Belize Western Energy Limited, Southern Choice Butane, Zeta Gas and Gas Tomza Limited, now sells for $117.00 in Orange Walk and $116.00 in Corozal as it saw a reduction of $2.00. The prices established for LPG are based on the mixtures of 60:40 propane/butane and 90:10 propane butane respectively. The difference on the prices is attributed to the scarce supply of butane during the winter months which has an effect on the Belizean Market.

Full Gospel Church Holds Dental Clinic
The International Health Outreach volunteer dentists are back in Belize and this time around, they are screening and treating children and adults in San Jose Village. CTV3 News’ Maria Novelo was at the Full Gospel Church where the dental clinics are being held and filed this report. Maria Novelo- - Reporting More than a hundred villagers from the community of San Jose took advantage of the visiting teams dental clinics that opened today. A total of 4 Dentists, 2 General Hygienists and other volunteers make up the International health Outreach team that is visiting from the US and providing free dental care to those in need. ERIC SEREMSKI – General Dentist “Primarily we came down here to teach other dentist from the United States, how to treat children in a better way without having to take their teeth out, without using drill, we use a mini sand blaster and we use ozone which kills bacteria that caused cavities so it is easier than using drills and shots, so that is why we came down her to try to teach these dentists how to use that.”

Man Detained Pending Charge For Indecent Exposure
Man from the village of Concepcion in the Corozal District is tonight detained pending charges of exposure in public and out of all places at the Catholic Church. A 64 year old female Mexican National, residing in Corozal Town, reported to police that at about 8:00am on Saturday, she was at the Corozal Town Catholic Church compound situated on 1st Street South, when a male person unknown to her approached her and uttered the following words in Spanish “I do not want any kind of help what I want is to rape you”. The individual, described as being of clear complexion, then brought down his pants, held his private part and told the woman that he was “ready”. The woman ran into the church and locked the door. Even though he tried, the individual was unable to open the door. Police have detained 40 year old Eduardo Grant, Belizean laborer of Concepcion Village, pending investigations.

BSCFA Gets Tough With BSI
Will there be a meeting between the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association and the Belize Sugar Industries Limited in Belize City tomorrow? Our best guess is there won’t. In a response letter sent to BSI today and made public to the media, the BSCFA states that the only way the meeting will take place in Belize City tomorrow is providing that the agenda for the meeting deals solely with the conclusion of the negotiation of the new commercial agreement including the payment for Bagasse. Now, viewers might recall that in their letter sent to the BSCFA on Friday, BSI categorically stated that when it comes to the Bagasse issue, all that will be discussed is the basis on how the dispute between the parties on the matter of the claimed payment for Bagasse can be dealt with. With both parties playing hard ball, there is no telling when a compromise will be reached. In the meanwhile, what we can tell you is that the opening of the 2013/2014 crop season, tentative for November 25th is in jeopardy and the stability of the Sugar Industry is at stake. As previously mentioned, the BSCFA is asking BSI to pay cane farmers $10.00 per every ton of Bagasse used by BELGOGEN to produce electricity which is sold to the national grid. BSI, on the other hand, maintains that cane farmers have made no investment in BELGOGEN hence there should be no revenue sharing. We understand that up to news time BSI has not responded to the BSCFA if included in tomorrow’s agenda will be the payment for Bagasse.


BTL Park Will Be Done By the Christmas
Exactly three weeks ago Belize City Mayor Darrell Bradley updated the media that the renovation of BTL Park would be completed in 41 days and that the newly refurbished park would be officially opened on December 7th. Well the rains have been almost constant since then so we took the opportunity to ask Bradley if this has affected the scheduled re-launch of the park. DARRELL BRADLEY “In relation to BTL Park, we have noticed that there has been a setback. The date that we have set, 7th December to launch the park has been forecasted, all things being even, including the weather. The three weeks have really held us back. One of the things that we are looking at is that the contractors are really working well, they worked on the weekends; they worked this weekend, I did an inspection out there and so we are going to make a final decision as it relates to the launch but even if there is to be a delay, I don’t expect that it will be more than a week or so and we are expecting that the park will be opened before the Christmas holidays.

Caye Caulker Chronicles

Tour company in SP looking for catamaran (E2) captains
New tour company in San Pedro is searching CAPTAINS with E2-license (CATAMARAN LICENSE), please apply to [email protected] or call 6217245


A Beautiful Morning for The Garifuna Landing, Music and Dancing in Punta Gorda, Belize
Today is a holiday in Belize – Garifuna Settlement Day to commemorate the landing of the Garifuna people in Belize. This morning we woke up EARLY to join the dawn re-enactment and parade to the Catholic church in Punta Gorda. It was pretty special. But since I am off in just 20 minutes, I’ll keep it short for now and fill in the details. Here are some pictures.

Aji Tapa Bar and Restaurant opening party
Aji is ambient any time, the pathways and tropical jungle feel are great for daytime dining, at night the trees are all lit up and it looks beautiful. I love how even though there is room for lots of people, it feels so private, like you have entered a secret garden with a great DJ. The surroundings are not the only thing that is amazing, Chef Hugo, Victoria, Susan and their staff always make us feel welcome, full and content. Aji Restaurant is open daily 8:00am – 10:00pm and it is worth dropping by in the afternoon, Aji offers great food and drink specials with their a daily tapas happy hour from 1:00pm – 4:00pm. Follow link the full Aji menu including breakfast, lunch, dinner and Tapas. Info for fist time visitors – Aji Tapa Bar and Restaurant is located 2.5 miles north of the Boca del Rio Bridge and bike-able for the more adventurous. If you are driving a cart to Aji it will cost you $10 BZE to cross the bridge and $2 by bike, there is no guarantee what the roads will be like. If you are taking the Coastal Xpress water taxi, the dock to get off at is Grand Caribe and walk a minute down the beach. Any way you choose get there, Aji is well worth the trip.

Feeling like an “Englishman in New York” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.
Not a great deal to ‘report’ on about yesterday. Goes without saying (so why am I saying you are probably thinking) that I got up (early – think it was around 04.45 hours. Must get batteries for that clock and fix it on the wall!), made the mug of black coffee, unplugged the iPad, grabbed the chair (how do I manage so many things at virtually the same time?) and ‘hit’ the veranda. Spent some time looking at the lists (and I mean LISTS given the number of times we have attempted to place orders with Walmart) of stuff we are going to ship from Miami for our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize to make certain that we hadn’t overlooked (a kind way of saying forgotten) anything. And we had! What about the folding chairs for when we want to fish from the sea wall at the end of the garden? Oh, and the wrench and ratchet set so that I can easily remove (and replace) the cargo box on the golf cart. And the projecting alarm clock (don’t need it to wake me up but it would be good to know when I wake up if it is tomorrow or yesterday, if you understand what I mean. No? Well have a few mugs of black coffee and you might!).

The Big Cats of Belize
Of the five native species of big cats prowling the Belizean jungle, it is the elusive and magnificent jaguar that everyone touring Belize wants to see. It is only a very lucky few who have actually seen any of these beautiful feline predators in the wild. Jaguar – - – Felis onca coati One of the largest of the Central American carnivores, it was once fairly common in coastal mangroves, lowland savannas, and wet and dry shrub lands and forest up to about 3000 ft. elevation. But because its conspicuous tracks, the high value of its pelt, its reputation as a stock killer, and its vulnerability to hound pursuit and still hunting, this cat is now rare except in parts of large unhunted reserves.

Settlement Day '87
Garinagu Settlement Day 1987 in Dangriga, Stann Creek, Belize. A segment on Belize All Over, Great Belize Productions.

Garifuna Settlement Day 2013, Seine Bight
The holiday celebrates the settlement of the Garifuna people in Belize after being exiled from the Grenadines by the British army. I was particularly impressed with the guys that pulled the boats the whole way- about 1 mile.

International Sources

Shyne Shows Off His New Wife
Former Bad Boy rapper Shyne is now a married man. The Belizean rapper became an orthodox Jew after his released from prison in 2009. He was deported to Belize and later immigrated to Israel. Shyne posted these photos on his Instagram of his wife.

New World Oil & Gas Says Continuing To Work On 75% Share Subscription
New World Oil & Gas PLC Wednesday said it is continuing to work with Niel Petroleum SA to finalise its proposed subscription for over 75% of New World's shares. The oil and gas exploration and development company, with operations on Belize and Denmark, said it will make a further announcement when all matters have been resolved and it expects to be able to do so later this month. New World Oil and Gas has repeatedly announced delays to the investment, approved by New World shareholders on September 12. Niel Petroleum is buying 2.19 billion shares in New World for USD25 million, while also providing a USD25 million debt facility.

The Moroccan-EU plan for sustainable fishing exposed
Watch how the fishing vessel, the Moroccan fishing vessel, Adrar, flying the Belize flag, sucks up literally tonnes of fish, then sprays them all overboard back into the sea, without using them, steeped in their own blood and guts. These photographs were taken, as you can see in the document scanned below, at 24º South, meaning inside Western Sahara waters. In these photographs it is estimated that sixty tonnes of Saharawi fish were literally wasted by Morocco. Why did the Moroccan's do this?

Jaguars Obsessed with Calvin Klein Fragrance
Calvin Klein Obsession for Men doesn’t just attract also works on jaguars (actual jaguars). Rather than paying an army of field assistants to observe the elusive cats, wiildlife biologists often deploy cameras in jungles from Guatemala to Nicaragua to capture images when these solitary, nocturnal cats pass by. But how do they lure the big cats in front of the camera? After testing many different fragrances, one researcher now swears by Obsession, which, according to The Guardian, contains synthetic "animal notes" similar to those secreted by cats. Every bottle of Obsession is made with a chemical called civetone, which is derived from the scent glands of the cat-like civet, Miguel Ordenana, a biologist with the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles, told Scientific American. “What we think is that civetone resembles some sort of territorial marking to the jaguar, and so it responds by rubbing its own scent on it.”

You’ll Never Guess How Biologists Lure Jaguars To Camera Traps
Field biologists are increasingly turning to camera traps to collect data. The set-up is really simple: when an animal passes in front of a camera, an infrared sensor becomes activated, and the camera silently snaps a photo. Sometimes – especially for camera traps designed to detect nocturnal species – an infrared flash, invisible to most mammals and birds, is used. The photographs generated from camera traps can then provide researchers with far more data than they would be able to collect themselves with more traditional field observations. Often, this allows them to generate photographic evidence of a species’ natural behaviors without the confounding effects of direct human observation. It allows them to collect data continuously, throughout the day and night. And a camera trap can help researchers collect evidence of rare species or rare behaviors, as was demonstrated last week when a camera trap captured a golden eagle preying upon a sika deer. Or they could help researchers come face-to-face with an animal that might otherwise be dangerous or harmful. An array of camera traps is also more cost efficient than paying an army of field assistants to observe animal behavio or to conduct a census.

You Can Have Either Climate Justice or a Climate Treaty
In the wake of the devastation to the Philippines caused by Typhoon Haiyan, a long-standing claim for “climate justice” has re-emerged with new force. Countries vulnerable to more devastation, as temperatures rise, want rich countries that have benefited from industry that produces greenhouse gas emissions to pay them reparations. Advocates argue that climate change negotiations, currently being held in Warsaw, should aim for a climate treaty that forces the climate wrongdoers to pay the climate victims. This would mean countries like Bangladesh, the Philippines, and Kenya getting money from countries like the United States so that they don’t alone bear the cost of a global carbon dioxide overload that they did little to cause. It sounds great—but such an approach would doom the prospects of a climate treaty, and the argument for it doesn’t add up. Climate justice trades on a powerful moral intuition, embodied long ago in Aristotle’s principle of corrective justice: A person who wrongfully harms another person owes compensation to the victim. The greenhouse gases in the atmosphere today are mostly the result of fossil fuel consumption that goes back more than a century, most of which took place in the United States and Europe. These countries are thus disproportionately responsible for the harm being visited on poor countries. But there is less to this argument than meets the eye.

The Effect of Cannabis on Pregnant Women & Newborn
It’s almost too taboo to discuss: pregnant women smoking marijuana. It’s a dirty little secret for women, particularly during the harrowing first trimester, who turn to cannabis for relief from nausea and stress. If you were to inquire about pot and pregnancy on the Web, Baby Center offers a strongly worded warning from Gerald Briggs, pharmacist clinical specialist. Briggs says that pot affects the baby’s growth and development and—gasp!—may even cause childhood leukemia. But there are no facts or studies attributed to back up the claims. More than 50 pages of comments were posted to the site about Briggs’ statements. Some proclaimed the virtues of smoking marijuana while pregnant, offering proof of healthy children and stories of functioning during pregnancy thanks to cannabis. Other comments viciously showed disdain for pregnant patients, resorting to name-calling. Pregnant women in Jamaica use marijuana regularly to relieve nausea, as well as to relieve stress and depression, often in the form of a tea or tonic.

Go Wall Diving in Belize on the Sun Dancer II Liveaboard
Associate Publisher David Benz traveled to Belize to dive Lighthouse Reef and Turneffe Atoll aboard the luxury live-aboard Sun Dancer II during an owner's trip/wine appreciation week. And he made the most of it! See his trip in a stunning photo gallery. DIVING IN BELIZE ABOARD SUN DANCER II Three of the four only true atolls in the hemisphere, Turneffe, Lighthouse and Glover's Reef lie just over the horizon from Belize's mainland, beyond the barrier reef. These living rings of mangroves and reefs aren't volcanic like Pacific atolls; they're the result of thousands of years of coral building upon coral. Because of this buildup, Belize is a wall diver's paradise. Sheer walls like Painted Wall, Half Moon Caye Wall and Quebrada are adorned with huge crimson gorgonians and giant orange elephant ear sponges. Moray eels, spiny lobsters and tiny arrow crabs hide in every crack, crevice, cave and tunnels of these beautiful coral formations. The five-and-a-half diving days aboard the Sun Dancer II are spent along sheer walls interrupted by sand channels, where you'll encounter cruising pelagics — eagle rays, Caribbean reef sharks and more. At Half Moon Caye, you can go ashore to see one of the world's largest red-footed booby colonies.

KUBULI Belize/ Garifuna Drummers Commercial 2013
Kubuli Belize_ This November, Enjoy Belize's Unique Garifuna Culture & Music and Celebrate with Kubuli ! Kubuli is the NEW Up and Coming Beer in Belize! Directed by Richard Holder. Filmed & Edited by Richard Holder & Kenneth Grant. Kubuli Lager is Distributed in Belize exclusively by RC Imports Ltd.