In November 2011, the Government of Belize and the Inter-American Development Bank signed onto an agreement for a loan of Ten Million U. S. Dollars (US $10.00 Million) and an additional Seven Hundred Fifty Thousand U.S. Dollars as Counterpart for a flood alleviation and mitigation project for the Belama Area of Belize City. This project titled, "Flood Mitigation Infrastructure Project," consists of three main components to be implemented over a period of five years. The first component is Engineering and Administration, this includes the establishing of an Execution Unit along with Operational Expenses.

The second component is divided in two sub components which are First Year of Civil Works and Second Year of Civil Works; First Year of Civil Works is further divided into outputs such as street improvements (No. 4), Canal Construction (No. 2) and upgrading of two parks. The design for the parks has been completed and tendered and the evaluation process is ongoing; the parks are Albert Hoy and D'Nest Inn. Some of the activities to execute are: change damaged lights, build sidewalks, construct drains & benches, repair both basketball courts and fix the football field. The streets to be improved are: Albert Hoy, Juliet Soberanis, Link Road (Apollo St.) & Loop Road (Delcia Goff St.), the activities to execute are: widening of the carriage way and apply a bituminous double surface chippings, construct drains, wide walks and bike paths plus other ancillary works. Two canals will be built also as part of the civil works these are Maheia's Canal and Bill Lindo Canal. The Second Year of Civil Works includes the construction of Douglas Jones Canal and Upgrading of North Side Canal.

Component Three is for Institutional Strengthening; the studies to be considered are: A Maintenance Management System for Belize City Council, a Risk Assessment Study and a study for Dredging of Belize River Mouth and Haulover Creek, and a study for the Geographic Information System for Belize City (from a Technical Cooperation).

Once the First Year of Civil Works is completed, the living conditions of the Belama Area will be directly improved by the upgraded drainage and street networks resulting in significantly less flooding of streets and properties. All the nuisances that come along with flooded neighbourhoods, such as increase of mosquitoes, illnesses and the loss of workdays and schooldays, inconvenience of walking flooded streets and yards, will be reduced. With the completion of this project, the aesthetics of the entire Belama neighbourhood will be improved.

The Guardian