Says It feels so Nice to Keep Belize Clean

t be a litter bug 4t be a litetr bug 5“Don’t be a litter bug.” Almost everyone has come across that famous little quote at some point in their lives but rarely does anyone take much heed of it. �Well today, the Belize Solid Waste Management Authority has taken the initiative and prepared a two day workshop in hopes of instilling a better understanding of solid waste management and also challenging people to get more involved in making Belize a little cleaner. �The first part of this interactive workshop was held today from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm at the Belmopan Hotel Convention Center.� The workshop was facilitated by Luma� Cayetano, of Belize Solid Waste Management, and Kamille Dwyer, from PSEARCH Associates Ltd., a Jamaican research agent. �According to Ms. Dwyer the purpose of these workshops is to educate the various stakeholders of waste management and to foster inter-agent linkages:

Ms. Kamille Dwyer- PSEARCH Associates Ltd., of Jamaica

vlcsnap-2013-11-23-17h07m25s251“We are doing a Social Communication workshop. � This part of the Solid Waste Authority having read the landfill. � So, they are ruling out their new landfill and improving their Solid Waste Management across Belize. � As part of that social communication strategy is to make the public aware about what the authority is doing to improve management. � This first workshop is with the stakeholders from the various Ministries (Education and the Departments of environment). � We want to foster inter agency linkages to say how can you support solid waste management authorities in carrying their daily functions; Children doing cleaning uphow can you get the public involved in the waste management issues from your own perspective. �For example, say the Ministry of Education; one of the things is that we �always encourage children to be good stewards of �the environment. � Another thing that Education can do is that they can incorporate solid waste management issues �into their curriculums or also, they can just have competition and encourage clean up and so forth”.

The professional explained the ground breaking effort that is being undertaken in Belize to implement a new landfill station.t be a litetr bug 2

Ms. Kamille Dwyer: �The Solid Waste Management project just wanted to clean up Belize; just get waste management under control and so, they �decide that they were going forward and designed, get it built and having their trans-versions. � So, they are moving �from a case where they had dumps where litter is just stored everywhere. � Now, they have organized area where you can actually separate your ways where the waste is properly compacted, and of course, they have leashes facilities which controls pollution. � Actually, I was having a discussion with Luma on Solid Waste Authority. � That was a groundbreaking effort that is taking place in Belize because not many Caribbean islands actually�have this of our members of CARICOM. � Most of us have dumps, not landfills. � This in itself is a big step forward which they are taking in solid waste management”.

Ms. Dwyer believes that everyone should get involved� in waste management, she tells us why:

vlcsnap-2013-11-23-17h44m14s48Ms. Kamille Dwyer: �Be knowledgeable; learn about what what exists and what doesn’t exist. � Find out with the solid waste management how is my garbage being collected? � How can I help to contribute to make Belize a more beautiful society. � That’s what I’d really like the Public to get involved with. � One way if I dump it here or if I dump it somewhere else, at the end of the day, it is going to affect everybody”.

The second part of the workshop will take place at the YWCA Conference Room in Belize City between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Something to definitely look forward to.