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The San Pedro Sun

Bicycle Race held on Garifuna Settlement Day
The San Pedro Cycling Club organized the first ever Garifuna Settlement Day Bicycle Race on Tuesday, November 19th as part of the day’s activities. The race was organized by local star triathlon athlete, Kent “Bob” Gabourel in conjunction with the San Pedro Cycling Club, to promote healthy competition and sportsmanship on the island. Several cyclists gathered at Central Park shortly after midday for the start of the race. The race was divided into three categories: juveniles, juniors and seniors. A total of 27 cyclists participated in the race. The race took juveniles and junior cyclists around the town core ending at Central Park. The juveniles completed five laps while the juniors did ten laps. In the seniors division, cyclist rode three laps from town core down to Victoria House Resort and back. A large crowd of spectators gathered along the route to cheer on their favorite cyclists as they raced to the finish line. In the juveniles division, first place went to Andy Rivero who took home a trophy and a $25 gift certificate. Second place went to Johann who took home a trophy and $15, while Zenedin settled for third and took home a trophy and $10.

Holy Cross Anglican Primary School celebrates Belize’s Culture
Holy Cross Anglican Primary School celebrated Culture Day on Friday November 15th. The event is an annual activity in which students get to showcase their knowledge about the various ethnic groups in Belize. Weeks in advance, the students were divided into various groups and were tasked to create a booth displaying the music, food and various visual aids of their assigned groups. The information displayed helped visitors and other students to learn more about the cultural groups in Belize. With the guidance of their teachers and assistance of the parents, the students were able to dress in various cultural outfits and even provided samples of food that are traditional in the Garifuna, Mestizo, Maya, Mennonite, East Indian and Creole ethnic groups.

The Garifuna are strong, united and alive
Belizeans countrywide observed Garifuna Settlement Day on Tuesday, November 19th. Activities to mark the arrival of the Garifuna to Belize in 1802 were celebrated in all the communities where Garinagu have settled in. On Ambergris Caye, the celebration spanned over two days, starting with the typical drumming and dancing on the night of the 18th of November, and concluding with a beach party on November 19th. The celebration started with a short ceremony at the San Pedro Central Park where several speakers addressed the gathering including the Mayor of San Pedro Daniel Guerrero and the President of the San Pedro Branch of the National Garifuna Council (NGC) Elroy Castillo. Masters of Ceremony were Jorge Aldana and Mr. Arana. There were dance and musical presentation from the San Pedro Dance Academy, Mad Skill Dancers, Punta in Belize and San Pedro Garifuna Melody Dance Group. The highlight of the night was the participation of the Bimecacule Garifuna Group of Belize City who performed until wee hours of the morning; bringing on stage typical Garifuna music and dances. From the paranda to jankunu to punta, the rhythm of the drums was celebratory, and even when the rain came down, the crowd stayed to celebrate with the Garinagu of San Pedro Town.

MoH continue to efforts to reduce Dengue cases
The San Pedro Town Council and the Ministry of Health are once again taking measure to control Dengue Fever in San Pedro Town. A team of four spray men have been going along the different areas of San Pedro spraying all of the mosquito breeding sights. This was done in a continued effort to reduce the number of Dengue virus infected mosquitoes in the community. The MoH urges residents to take proper precautions to prevent mosquito bites. Screening windows or keeping windows closed at sunset and sunrise can help prevent mosquitoes from entering the home. These are the prime times that mosquitoes feed. Residents should also avoid having containers that collect water in the yard; such containers should be properly sealed to avoid mosquito breeding sites.

Misc Belizean Sources

Belize River Valley Eco Tourism Expo
Next weekend is the Belize River Valley Eco Tourism and Commerce Expo, organized by the Community Baboon Sanctuary Women's Conservation Group. They'll have information booths from many different businesses and NGO's, and there will also be a county music competition. If you are interested, or would like more information, email them at [email protected] "Informational booth, funding agencies, conservation NGO's, Cultural activities, 1st ever local country music competition, plantation dance, kis-kis, fly brush making, rice and cohune beating. Also get local wine, local eggs, turkey, local chickens, organic vegetables, Christmas decorations, cohune oil, coconut oil, tablata, wangla and much more!"

Entreprenuer and Innovation Expo
Global Entrepreneurship Week was celebrated by Beltraide, the University of Belize, and the U.S. Embassy with the annual Entrepreneurship Symposium. "Yesterday some of Belize's best and brightest youth came out to the Entreprenuership and Innovation Expo to display their innovative projects and learn about education opportunities abroad!"

The British High Commission is having a cycle race this morning from Belmopan to La Loma Luz and back, or to the Orange Gallery and back. It starts at 9:00am, so if you're driving, be on the lookout and cheer them on. "We hope to see you all on Sunday to celebrate the 1st anniversary of the London 2012 Olympics."

Detainee escapes from police; found dead later
A criminal and internal police investigation is underway in connection with the death of a man who was in police custody in Placencia village, Stann Creek district. Tyson Rodriguez, a resident of Dangriga was found dead around 11:30 pm in a small pool of water. The story, according to a source on the Placencia Peninsula, is that Rodriguez was detained on Friday by police in Placencia, pending investigation for a burglary earlier in the week. Reports are that around 10:30 pm on Friday, while he was being transported to the police station, Rodriguez allegedly jumped out of the police pickup truck and made good his escape from authorities. About an hour later, Rodriguez was found dead in a small pool of water. The Commander of the Professional Standards Bureau, formerly the internal affairs department, Mr. Leal, Southern Regional Commander Senior Superintendent Robert Mariano, the commander of the Intermediate Southern Formation and the commander of the Placencia police are part of the team conducting the criminal and internal investigation into the incident.


Don’t be a ‘Litter Bug’ Campaign says It feels so Nice to Keep Belize Clean
“Don’t be a litter bug.” Almost everyone has come across that famous little quote at some point in their lives but rarely does anyone take much heed of it. Well today, the Belize Solid Waste Management Authority has taken the initiative and prepared a two day workshop in hopes...

Popular DJ Suffers a Burglary and Theft to her Apartment
Popular DJ and producer Linda Blease became the target of a home burglary on this past Thursday. According to Police reports, sometime between 2:20 p.m. and 6:30.p.m., someone broke into Ms. Blease’s Belize City apartment and stole a laptop valued at $1,000.00, a Pro studio Beats valued at $600.00 and...

Media Worker Still Alleges Belize Coast Guard Used Excessive Force Against Him
On Monday, we told you of a shootout between the Belize National Coast Guard and suspected drug peddlers, north of Ambergris Caye, near the Belize/Mexico border. One of the perpetrators was wounded in the cross fire and transported to the a local Polyclinic. While that was the central story, what...

Rise and Shine Determines Appreciation Telethon This Saturday
This Saturday, Plus TV’s Morning Show, Rise and Shine Belize is hosting its second annual appreciate telethon. Rise and Shine has become an increasingly popular local program in the country and offers extensive analysis of current affairs as well as entertainment and just your everyday tips for living. The...


MayaBags in Punta Gorda, Belize: All I Want For Christmas Is You
I found the #1 item on my Christmas list for 2013 in Punta Gorda, Belize. Seeing these bags in person, feeling the amazing quality only confirmed my desire (I’ve been wanting one for about a year now). Check out these GORGEOUS pieces of art made in Belize by Mayan craftswomen and sold locally but also internationally. Featured in magazines like Vogue, sold by international companies like Anthropologie. LOVE. I spent a decent amount of time prancing about the shop with my desired item (and, for some reason, a strange T-Rex hand.) Isn’t it perfection? But let me back up a tiny bit. I first heard of the brand when I visited Hidden Valley Resort last year. They carried a few small beautiful MayaBag items in their gift shop and I was intrigued. I took a look at their website and immediately emailed to find out where I could see them being made…

Perfect Pie Crusts Made Easy: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Making Pie Dough
In this video, I share with you how to make 3 easy sweet pie doughs and 1 salt pie dough.You can find the BELIZEAN SWEET PIE DOUGH at 1:41 in the video. SIMPLE PIE DOUGH for Apple Pie at 4:54...SHORT PIE CRUST DOUGH at 8:44 and POT PIE DOUGH at 14:18. I also show you the right and wrong way to load the pie dough into a pan and blind bake to prepare for filling.

Visiting Belize’s Xunantunich Maya Site
One of my favorite Maya archeological sites in Belize, Xunantunich (pronounced Shoo-nan-too-nitch) is nothing short of breathtaking. Loosely translated as “maiden of the rock” or “stone woman” in Maya, it’s situated about two hours’ drive from Belize City along the Western Highway and across the Mopan River, in the village of San Jose Succotz. Its location translates into beautiful views of the river—where you’re likely to spot swimmers and horses by the banks–and the entire valley below. Easily accessible, the adventure to Xunantunich begins by getting on a hand-cranked ferry, for a short ride across the Mopan, followed by a short but steep hike towards the site. Spending three to four hours here is not impossible. The grounds are beautifully kept, and the structures are numerous: six plazas, dating from 200 to 900 A.D., pyramids, sculptures and carvings of jaguar heads, and much more.

The Human Impact of Climate Change: Personal Stories from Belize, Bolivia, and Brazil
Hosted by Al Gore and The Climate Reality Project, "24 Hours of Reality: The Cost of Carbon" shows the personal costs of carbon pollution to communities across South America and the Caribbean struggling with the impacts of climate change on the water they depend on. In Brazil, torrential rain washes away mountainside communities. In Belize, coral dies off in warming waters, threatening both wildlife and local economies. In Bolivia, heat claims the glaciers that towns rely upon for water.

Howler Monkeys, Stingrays, Coral, Dolphins...Belize Oh My!
Although a small country, Belize is host to more than 87 distinct types of ecosystems, which make ecotourism and agriculture the lifeblood of its economy. Slightly larger than Massachusetts, Belize is located in Central America at the southeastern tip of Mexico and east of Guatemala. The parliamentary democracy, which is part of the British Commonwealth, is well known for its Mayan temples, tropical rainforests and boasts the world’s second longest barrier reef. There are 150 identified species of mammals found in Belize ranging from the jaguar to the howler monkey. In addition, more than 618 species of resident and migrant birds have been identified. Not to be missed though is the sea life of Belize. Due to having the longest continuous barrier reef in the Americas, Belize can be counted on for great snorkeling and scuba diving where manatees, stingrays, sharks, dolphins, coral and turtles are easy to spot. Lastly, there are many family ecotour destination activities offered including caving and kayaking tours.

International Sources

List of Airlines Allowing Personal Electronics Below 10,000 Feet
The FAA officially gave the green light to lifting restrictions on using portable electronics in flight, but before that can actually happen each airline needs to get government approval. How long will it be before you can start using your iPad during takeoff and landing? That day may be coming sooner than you think because Delta and JetBlue both started yesterday, with more coming soon. Following a months-long investigation into whether or not handheld electronics like iPads, iPhones and Kindle ebook readers, posed a risk to avionics during takeoff and landing, the FAA concluded that there wasn't any reason to block people from using the devices. The announcement came earlier this week, and now it's up to the airlines to apply for approval before they let passengers play games and read ebooks through all flight phases.

Global Warming Fight Advances With First Steps on Treaty
Diplomats from almost 190 nations endorsed a set of measures on global warming, laying the groundwork for a treaty to be adopted in 2015 that would limit pollution by all nations for the first time. The delegates at a United Nations conference called on those who are ready to make pledges on emissions by the first quarter of 2015. They authorized work on a “loss and damage” mechanism that would help the poorest cope with the impact of climate change, took in $100 million in aid pledges to fund adaptation programs and agreed on a forest-protection deal. Richer nations have offered aid to entice poorer ones into joining in limits on fossil-fuel emissions. Japan pledged $16 billion in aid over the next three years. Norway promised at least $500 million a year through 2020. The U.S. said it’s paying out $2.7 billion this year. The $100 million for the adaptation fund will help pay for projects in Belize, Cuba, the Seychelles, Myanmar and Uzbekistan.

Leaders in self-denial and Caribbean economic crisis worsens
St Lucia’s Prime Minister Dr Kenny Anthony says that there is a grave economic crisis gnawing away at Caribbean countries and “governments are busy looking inward—each busy with their own agenda rather than pursuing a Caribbean solution to the economic crisis”. Not for the first time Dr Anthony has dared to tread where many other Caribbean leaders have shied away. Describing it as a “tragedy of the times”, he charged that governments are “engaged in one form or another of self-denial” while the Caribbean is “in the throes of a major crisis like it has never ever experienced before”. The picture is no more encouraging on the wider Caricom front. On the debt-to-GDP ratio, at the low end is The Bahamas at an all-time high of 49.9 per cent, Guyana 60 per cent (but with the second lowest per capita income after Haiti), Belize 78 per cent, Barbados 116 per cent, and Jamaica highest at 147 per cent.

ATM: Creepiest Places on Earth
ATM came in at number 2 on this creepy list. They might be confusing 'creepy' with 'other-worldly' or 'amazingly unique' though. "The cave of Actun Tunichil Muknal is also known as 'The Cave of the Stone Sepulcher.' The cave plays host to numerous skeletons, but what makes it even creepier is the fact that most of the skeletons belong to sacrificed children. Many of the remains and artifacts are completely calcified to the cave floor. One of the cave’s most notorious features is the skeleton of a teenage girl, whose bones have been calcified into a crystallized appearance. This skeleton is known as 'The Crystal Maiden.'"