Yesterday CISCO construction created a stir when the company moved into the Collet Canal area in front of the Michael Finnegan Market and installed an unusual prefabricated concrete structure across the canal. Some thought it was another fish market, but Cisco Woods explains that it's only a new way to utilize dead space:..

Cisco Woods
"Actually it's a donation that we did towards the city. It's really business; it's a market that goes over the canal. If you notice this is a busy spot on Saturday morning, they actually block-off the street so that vendors can lay out their products and sell it. We made the recommendation to the Mayor to put something across the canal where really it's just wasted space and get the vendors off the street onto that for different stuff; selling clothes, vegetables, you could sell anything off of it."

"It will give enough space for either two or four vendors, depending on how the city wants to divide it up and how they will charge. It's an opportunity to hold vendors that are on the street right now to be able to be in a very neat and controlled area and very sanitary as well. It would be nice to get all the food stuff off the street getting it on to proper shelf, so it's away from the dirt."

Cisco Woods says the stalls can have different designs to spruce up the look of the area.

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