By Abdulmajeed K. Nunez

The Garinagu are the backbone of Belizean society
We gave Belize its first sugar and cotton factory
In the southern part of the country
When the expatiates came to set up Industry
Before the floods came and gave us great difficulty
Most of our communities had to be rebuilt after Hattie
which hit the south savagely and killed many
Not to mention destroyed Belize City
The British came in ships to help wi
And we rebuilt relatively quickly
We even help George Price get his first victory
And Thomas Vincent Ramos championed the
Cause with Marcus Mosiah Garvey

My people were stalwarts in the rice and citrus industry
During the early Commerce Bight Port days
We strengthen the economy
Having the only natural deep water port in the country
During the 'Suba worker' days in Pomona Valley
We were exporting canned citrus internationally
And Dangriga was a thriving community
God'sman Ellis and the Jamaicans gave us our first
Agricultural show, bringing the farmers out the shadows
He set up the infrastructure for Trial Farm
Where Cynthia Topsey was born

So much so that the Jesuits recognized us
Instantly for our teaching gifts, knack for language and high spirituality
They used us to spread Christianity
During that time the British controlled the Legislative Assembly
Free blacks and coloured were denied any commission in the army
Due to Creolization over a century
We lost some of our cultural identity
Knowing we are decedents of the Carcoli, Africans from Mali,
Descendant of royalty, intolerant to slavery and captivity
The British devised a plan to marginalize and segregate wi
Afraid we would incite mutiny
They made up a story that we eat pickney and called us Kerobi
Fi mek we Creole brothers afraid a wi
They forbade night time to meet us in the city
And forbade that we intermarry

The Jesuits took our men from our communities
And placed us in remote parts of the country
To educate the wider society
We educated the Mayas, Hispanics, East Indians and the Ketchi
We were teachers, Alcaldes, lay priests, post office attendants and judiciary
The Mayas know that we are all brothers
With similarity in the way we worship ancestors

By 1955 we were vanguard of the teaching profession in the country
And even account for the most PhDs, despite being only 7% of the population
We were even first appointed first public service Inspector
And should have given Belize its first black prime minister
Today we can be found all over
In many professions including, teachers, educator, lawyers, nurses, civil servants, politicians, religious and social leaders and judges
We even dispute many grudges
Gave Belize its first black bishop
Despite George Price railing up
Refusing to attend his coronation
and tried to block Belize from seeing it on television
We have survived Creolization
Show resiliency during urbanization
And now we are embracing globalization

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