Vandalism at the Lord Ridge Cemetery is a perennial practice by mischief makers who set out to desecrate the resting place of the dead.  While the problem had eased off for some months, criminals are back to breaking headstones and graves.  Belize City Council’s public relations officer Kenneth Morgan says that they are looking into the matter and that the council takes the offense very seriously.


Kenneth Morgan, P.R. Officer, Belize City Council

Kenneth Morgan

“We are experiencing a reoccurring problem with vandalism in the cemetery. People are going in and breaking the headstones, pushing off the little houses that are build on top of the tombs, breaking the crosses. We will like to ask to please respect the remains of many loved ones that lie in this cemetery and cease and desist to this behavior. We especially like to reach out to the teachers of the primary schools in the area if they can assist us by getting this message across to the students, by informing them, letting them, making them aware that it is a very disrespectful act they are committing and it needs to stop as soon as possible.”

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