A group of about a dozen Maya women from rural Toledo district yesterday took part in a cacao/chocolate training course. The training took place at the Ixcacao headquarters and chocolate factory in San Felipe village.

Everything from cracking the beans to "winnowing" is being taught to the women in theory. Later they will be applying it in practical.

This little boy is having a blast at the chocolate training. He is helping his mom to sample the chocolate making ... and from the look on his face, this batch came out just right!

All in the family: While her mom and dad conduct the training on making chocolate, the daughter ofthe proprietors of Ixcacao does not idle herself. She is studying about lines of latitude and longitude and about Belize's Independence from Great Britain.

Practically speaking ... the women taking part in the chocolate training put the theory into reality and are making chocoate. Here they are grinding the cacao beans.

Patrick Jones