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In yesterday's newscast we reported on the land dispute between Senior Counsel Rodwell Williams and the Yearwood family. Today we are reporting on another land dispute. This one centers on a plot of land near the corner of Seashore Drive and Buttonwood Bay Boulevard. The land presently houses a small gazebo and residents of the area have been investing time and money into improving the space and turning it into a public park.

Love News understands that the dispute has arisen because Giovanni Blease has issued a claim that he owns the portion of land which was has been cleared and filled recently. Documents provided to us indicate that on 25th April, 2013 the Belize City Council got wind of a possible controversy with regards to the parcel of land and lodged a caution with the registrar of land. The caution prevents anyone from purchasing or taking any action with regards to the land without a hearing before the registrar of land.

On November 25 a letter was sent to the Belize City council on behalf of the Registrar of Lands stating that an objection to the caution was filed by the Proprietor, Giovanni Blease and that the caution would be removed in three weeks on December 16.

The City Administrator, Candice Burke, then wrote back on November 27to state that the Belize City Council confirms that the parcel in question is a Public and Municipal Reserve Land and is slated for usage as a public park, and that the council is objecting to any private development.

The residents of Seashore Drive and the Buttonwood area are concerned because they have been working along with City hall and have made a significant investment to fill the land. The Belize City Council has provided an additional 8 loads of sand, The Rotary Club of Belize has painted the Gazebo and benches and swings are about to be installed. The residents are hoping that this matter will be taken seriously and that they will not be left without a public space that has been there for more than 20 years.

Love News attempted to get a response from Giovanni Blease on the matter but he had no comment. We will continue following this developing story.