The hurricane season is officially closed and with it there is some good news to report from the north. For weeks residents in the northern and southern villages in the Orange Walk District have had to face several difficulties travelling into and out of their homes due to flooded streets or yards.

Today, North Regional Coordinator for the National Emergency Management Organization NEMO, Elodio Aragon says that the water has receded in the San Antonio and San Roman areas allowing the smooth flow of traffic once more.

Elodio Aragon – North Regional Coordinator, NEMO

“On Saturday we took out the tractor that we had in San Antonio and we had a vehicle transporting the teacher to San Roman everything has been close since Saturday, right now the water is very low that all vehicles can go through small and big vehicles, and as you know that the ending of November is the close for the seasons for hurricanes, so they are over which means that the season for flooding is over also but I want to tell you that I am happy that everything is over nicely done and I think we were fortunate that nobody lost a life and that few properties were damaged, at this point I would like to take the opportunity to thank all the chairpersons of the committees in Orange Walk and especially the committee chairpersons of the different committees in the villages, I must state here that the chairpersons in the different committees in the different villages responded well to the call to assist and I think they did a wonderful job; the chairman especially from San Roman, Douglas, Santa Cruz and San Antonio were excellent and we have to make a special mention for the chairlady in San Antonio.”

A few families in Orange Walk Town, the Louisiana and Trial Farm Village areas are still receiving some support along with at least five households in Carmelita Village. For the most part however, the situation has shifted back to normal.