Have you ever wondered how Belize developed from a logging colony to a country which has vibrant industries of agriculture, tourism, and even a budding BPO sector? Well, Franz Smith an educator, a researcher, and writer, has put together a book in which he explores Belize's history for the last 380 years of all the industries and entrepreneurs who trail blazed taking bold risks to establish industries which exist all the way up to today.

Today, Franz launched the book, called "A History of Enterprise in Belize" and gave us a preview. Here's what he told us about why you should buy the book:

The book is available for purchase at Brodies, the Image Factory, Belize Book Center and Angelus Press for $30. Additionally, it can be purchased as an Ebook on the Amazon Book Store for 9.99 US dollars. Smith's next book is called "Facts and Figures", which he plans to release in about a year from now. In that book, he says he'll have important facts on from the tax system to the ecosystems of Belize.

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