Once again the faculty, staff and students of San Pedro High pulled off another great celebration for Founder's Day. The celebration took place on Thursday, December 5, 2013, as tradition has it, San Pedro High School is always up for a celebration in commemoration of (now retired) Principal Angel Nu�ez every year on December 5.

Now that Mr. Nu�ez has retired and now only a member of the board of directors of San Pedro High, the school has designated his birthday celebrations as Founder's Day and have included Mrs. Martha Guerrero and Mrs. Celi McCorkel co-founders of San Pedro High School.

The school put up another fabulous celebration for Mr. Angel Nu�ez' Birthday and founders of SPHS. San Pedro High School has come a long way and the students of San Pedro High never fail to impress and show case their talent whether it be in singing, dancing, reciting a poem or playing in the high school band. Happy Birthday Mr. Angel Nu�ez and congratulations to the founders of San Pedro High.

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