Caye Caulker residents 28 year-old Edwardo Lanza, and 20 year-old Clara Ack are awaiting arraignment at Magistrate Court after police busted them with marijuana today.

At around 8 this morning, Caye Caulker Police officers were patrolling the South Point area when they stopped Lanza and searched him. They discovered 27 small transparent plastic bags which contained cannabis, to a total of weight of 1.71 ounces. The officers decided to escort him to his apartment on Luciano Reyes Street, where they conducted a search. His common-law wife, Clara Ack, was present at the time, and the officers found a plastic bag in a bucket under the house's water vat. Inside that bag, they found 14.5 ounces of marijuana.

Lanza was charged with drug possession, and both of them were charged with drug trafficking. They will arraigned at the earliest convenience.

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